Motel 6 / cleaning

I know for a fact that motel 6 does not change out their blankets and coverlets every 3 days nor do they change the linen on every bed daily. Theres no regime for the shower and the floors are disgusting. They have managers playing favorites and no proper training. I was just recently terminated for a property being lost or stolen and i didnt do it. With no training and figure it out or dont environent no wonder i was. Well ill let you guys know this my lawyer is loving it. I intend to sue for wrongful termination due to no evidence i was never trained and the fact that the new managers husbands friends are the people i was wrote up behind and terminated for. Oh lets see what else. Im sure theres tons more but i also am going to write the BBB and inform them of the housekeeping and conduct of motel 6 and its employees. Drugs, stealing, favoritism, long hours and not enough money, lack of integrity and hard workers and company compassion. I always stayed to help and or did extra stuff for people. I wouldnt steal from them.

Jul 26, 2018

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