Motel 6 / cave city, ky - 102 gardner ln, cave city, ky 42127

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I called Motel 6 several weeks in advance to make a reservation for one night. We were discussing which night I thought I'd be coming through the area (traveling from Central Florida to Central Indiana). I ended up deciding on Thursday, July 21st. It turned out I had a closing to attend on the 21st around 4pm, so there was no way I would be to Cave City, KY on Thursday late afternoon as originally planned and I decided I would drive straight through to Indiana. I called earlier in the week and canceled the Thursday reservation. I didn't check my credit card statement for a month but found I had been charged for Friday, July 22nd. The individual must have booked Friday inadvertently during our conversation. No big deal, I called and figured the charge would be reversed. The female I spoke to on 15 occasions over the next few weeks never resolved my issue. She was supposed to have the manager call me, who never did. So, I am out $52 for a reservation I never made. I will be going through the area early 2018. I have 20, 000 fliers printed so far that will be put on cars in rest areas close to the area and around Cave City telling CONSUMERS BEWARE OF MOTEL 6 and a much briefer story than this one about the fraudulent charges I have been refused to be refunded. It's a large undertaking, but being a business owner with integrity who would never EVER do this to a client, I have a principle to uphold. I am considering contacting a local TV station as well. Here in Florida, we have a TV station that "gets results" for good people who encounter frauds and businesses that cheat people out of their hard-earned money.

Nov 29, 2017

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