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Morongo Casino Resort & Spa / security

1 United States

My family and I went to go to this casino for the first time to celebrate my 21st birthday, and generally we were having a good time, eating at the buffet and playing the slots. While we were playing at some machines, my parents and older relatives started to chat with a friendly guard about our experience so far at the casino. My cousin, who is twenty, was on her phone sitting at a nearby machine. Her ID was checked and confirmed by the guard chatting with my relatives. In short, the older adults were having their own conversation, and my cousin was just sitting nearby.
Then, another guard approaches my cousin to reprimand her for resting her feet on the machine and being on her phone while the older adults and the friendly guard were conversing. My cousin quickly apologized for resting her feet on the machine, yet the guard emphatically insisted that her being on her phone while our elders were talking was "disrespectful". Despite more apologies, and the friendly guard's repeated assurance that she was not part of the conversation and that she was of age to be on the floor, he continued to aggressively insist that she was disrespectful, according to his "observations." Naturally, my parents and older relatives were very insulted and our first experience at Morongo ended on a very sour note.
Perhaps the guard first approached my cousin with good intentions, but I believe he had no right to accuse my cousin, or any of my family members, of being "disrespectful", especially over a matter as insignificant as a young woman not joining a conversation that she wasn't a part of in the first place. I find it very "disrespectful" to reproach a person over a biased generalized "observation." The reason I am posting this matter is to bring awareness this situation, and to hopefully prevent other similar incidents.

(This incident occurred at the perimeter of the floor at around 8:30 at night on August 24, at the machines past the food court, next to the chinese guard dog statue and the security guard station closest to the food court.)

Aug 24, 2018

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