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contacted Morgan and Morgan about receiving numerous calls to my cell phone because they advertised they would represent anyone for this. was told I could not get them to help because I do not know the name of the company calling. the same numbers are on the Internet for the same reason so the callers are actively calling people and not giving out the company name. made a list of calls to provide to Morgan and Morgan. wasted my time. they treated me like a number and also do not try to help prospective clients with the very thing they advertise. simply bogus or maybe perhaps in the pockets of the callers. don't know but it is flat out false advertisement.

Aug 01, 2016
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  • Ru
      Dec 02, 2016

    same exact issue with calls to my cell phone. I'm getting like `10 unwanted unknown calls a day on my cell phone a day and they won't do anything about it. Morgan & Morgan kept asking me for the company names and I said I only have #s, so they said they can't help me and schlepped me off to a referral service, which I knew to be the brushoff so I said "so you want the easy cases that require no work" and hung up. In Morgan & Morgan's initial contact about this, the representative said she would call me back the next morning at 9 am to get the list of numbers that have been harassing me, but she never called back. the next call was 2 1/2 days later and yet another initial contact and this one told me Morgan & Morgan can't do anything unless they have a company name/ Very unprofessional and still after all these years i think this firm is ambulance chasers just as they started out as in the 1980s, but with more ambulance chasing lawyers on staff. Clearly their advertising is bogus based on this experience. I'm getting like `10 unwanted unknown calls a day on my cell phone a day and they won't do anything about it.

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  • Jc
      Feb 23, 2017

    Yes they lied about this I had the number and name and calls from 6am until 11pm dozens a day and they said the intake person assured me it was a valid case etc. they sent me two letters of refusal on was registered which I did not waste my time to go and pick up. Liars.

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  • Sa
      Oct 16, 2017

    Called and a slow-moving, low level clerk takes his time making note of my name, DATE OF BIRTH, phone number, and email address. When he finally approached the subject of my call, he replied he could not help. When I asked why, he said he was not able to give me that info. FCC accepted my complaint. How frustrating is Morgan & Morgan.

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  • Pi
      Nov 07, 2017

    my be the law firm needs to have a class action against them. False advertising is the first charge, incompetence is the next. Misleading and inexperienced. We have had 5 interns and nothing has happened in a year. Rear-ended, not our fault. Insurance company totaled the paid for truck, doctors took the PIP and we are left with outstanding expenses. They play the game, well if we sue and win but its less than 30% of what we sued for we still loose. Why do we pay for insurance only to have them tell you, you still have to pay and the accident wasn't your fault. And now the telemarketers, I need another employee to answer all these calls, Robo calls, asked to be removed, still calling are against the law. I myself found they hide behind VoIP carriers such as Inteliquent Inc. Morgan and Morgan picks and chooses if they pick at all what they want to handle. It's selectively picking after massive false advertising claims. John Morgan says on TV and radio but the inaction has got to be false advertising. Find another Firm. TV self promotion is as bad as telemarketers.

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