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my name is ronald grasha my wife victoria and I are currently suing the morgan and morgan firm for legal malpractice case # 2008-ca-000676-0 filed in orange county florida. there is way to much to relay on this site so we have developed a website entitled please visit this site and you will see why you will never want to use this firm. we have provided numerous exhibits to show we are being truthful documents such as court records, letters, deposition testimony, affidavit information, conflict of interest letter, expert witness information and even the mug shot of one of the morgan and morgan attorneys etc.

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  • Dr
      9th of Feb, 2011

    Morgan and Morgan are not for the people they are for themselves. No other law frim will go against Morgan and Morgan they are scared. So what can you do when you cannot even trust your lawyer? What ever you do donot hire Morgan and Morgan. They are liers and they all suck down to the owner. I repeat donot hire them the lawyers and the stuff are rude and they will try to bully you to settle your case when you are the one who got injuried. I wish I never hired them I will never go back to them ever.

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  • Do
      17th of Sep, 2018

    @DRE WHEE They all suck! They screwed my case up so bad annulled me to settle half the case and then dropped it . They lie and charge for things they never used and no other attorney will take over the case of go after then!!! I can't believe they are still in business with so many complaint and same complaints over the years!

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  • Wa
      18th of Feb, 2011

    They tried to bully me into signing that ridiculous contract and I said NO WAY! This is a warning to anyone considering Morgan & Morgan, the so called For The People Attorneys.
    Here is the breakdown for all of you considering hiring these clowns. They will take 33% up to 40% off the top in most cases. Then the out of pcoket expenses with an 18% markup on those expenses if your case takes at least a year. If you read carefully, they are charging you 1.5 % PER MONTH on all expenses. To break it down for you, that's 18% a year just on the expenses, because they WILL drag it out at least a year regardless of how small your case is. They dont tell you what they are charging for those expenses, so if you sign you're agreeing to whatever price they put on those costs. If it takes 2 years, then its 36% and so on. If you are involved in an automobile accident case, then the doctor will take a 20% or about $2, 000 or more out of your settlement for the PIP. Are you doing the math yet? You end up getting less than 25% of YOUR MONEY, IF you are lucky! All of this for lousy service. Look around this board and you will find multiple complaints. They do not call people back and you will be treated like a number and will end up with almost nothing for the pain and suffering you have experienced.
    Good luck and just remember, you can get your own settlement if you give the insurance company a chance. As long as you prove to them that you are truly injured, you can get them to make a decent offer. You must have patience as with anything in life. Why go through the headache of hiring an attorney that will get all of your money anyway? If you choose not to take this advice, unfortunately you will find out for yourself, the hard way.

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  • Ya
      28th of May, 2011
    Best Best Advice

    Wow I wish I would have known more but Im 24 years old with a family and my thought was hey if Morgan&Morgan is repersenting theres no worries cause they are one of the leading law firms in florida well they for sure did'nt get that way by being for the people hahaha yea for the people in there firm maybe but heres what I went thru and its was ruff I'll try to keep it short I was a billards/pub and a bouncer just threw me a haymaker for using a max out credit card to run a tab i didnt know it was maxed well when I come to the damage was 2 metal plates in my jaw where he crushed it up close to my ear and broke at my chin so then im left with a scar on my neck from surg jaws wired shut and brain damage effecting my memory forever cause my jaw bone was shoved in that section well now I hook up with you know M&M and this was pending for 3years or better and for 2 and a half of those the paralegal is tellin me that i'ma get no less than 500, 000 which I deserved im only 24 and now on disability had a framing job making 13 an hour b4 this happen well I guess I cant tell ya all of the 3 years of horse ### I put up with but the main part is I go to mediation think 500, 000 and my lawyer nick buniwhatever his last name is say ummm i think ne think north of 100, 00o thousand u better take well thats what I got a lil 100, 000 but after all they charged lol at first it was o we r gonna take 40% cause ur gettin such a large settlement then o nevermind where gonna pretend we r doin u a favor an tell ya well what we can do since I see u got a baby and I like that ur a family man ill see if we cant drop it down to 33.333 % so they got just as much if not more $$$ then I didnt and hey i'm the victim charged me 8 hundred dollars for xerox copies and i was paying for those pre paid postage letters being sent to everyone man I thought thats why they get a % is to do that stuff with nawww my check was 30 thousand and now I cant work 3 years of bills piled up and that lil 30 thou is gone not only that my lawyer tellin me well i cant ask for lost wages for three years thats allmost 500, 000 just for that and u look like you could work ur young and strong yea well i thought he was supposed to be on my team so right there i took what he told me to take cause hes tha guys thats supposed to be for the people and I got no future medical Im now lookin at a life of depending on pain meds all thru out the day and at the time I signed my disability was still pending so o no we can say that this accident disabled u and thats why i got no lost wages man I could keep goin on an on bout how ### they did me I struggled for 3 years an the only think keepin me goin was the thought of well i tuff thru this and at least when i do get my money man i can relax a lil well no i was wrong and i was lied to o yea they held 10 thousand of my money for 90 days and that was up on may 9 and i call em and there worried bout tryin to pay everything an clear my credit i told them no i need to eat and feed my family now ill worrie bout good credit later if yall r that worrie bout my credit pay it out of ur share ya know i'm not some fancy lawyer in a big building with plenty of clients to rob i'm a dad with three kids and now cant even work so pardon my language but ### MORGAN&MORGAN they are nothing more than thugs in suit with shinny shoes rob the ### out of ya every corner they turn so if u jus took the time to read this please dont trust em I had an open an shut case patrons of the pub gave statements of this incident and I tell ya no joke he hit me for no reason and one statement from a totall stranger who has no reason to lie witnessed the bar lock the doors an try to get most the blood off the floor b4 cops showed up and even see the guy go grap a gun from his truck now this is a bouncer that works there hes supposed to stop this form happening but o well

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  • Sc
      15th of Jun, 2011

    Empty promises, poor care for their clients, misleading information to everyone. My case happened on private property and I was a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle. I have been promised reimbursements and months later as debt is pounding every penny out of savings to the point of facing eviction and unemployment, the promises do not stop but the results thus far have been short of what a middle school student could accomplish. So if you are having problems with your case contact the two owners, go for it, they will not call you back either. They tell you everything is fine, the checks in the mail, they are working for your best interests. Thus far I have had to do all of my own foot work. I have missed work and this is substantial because I am in public safety. I hired them because most insurance companies I have dealt with are completely terrified of them, but trust me, many more know they are only out for themselves and could care less about the client, the financial hardships they cause you, the pain that they are partially responsible for. When they finish your case, and during the process, you will be lucky to maintain the shirt on your back. What about legal funding options- forget it, they do not endorse them because they know they are getting the majority of any settlement and this would mean that the legal funding company would be paid out of gross proceeds, reducing their take so they will not sign. Instead of pursuing every reasonable option in my case, they are half ### pursuing one. Do I anticipate anything for this pain or the fact my career is tanking to an end, I might get a pat on the back and a retirement certificate from my employer but from this law firm I expect nothing but more lies. To put it straight up, they screw you and dont even kiss you on the back of the neck as they are shoving your ### out the door. The only people they are for are the ones who have multi-million dollar settlements because they get 33-40% before you see a dime. They charge me to drop off copies I paid for as a receiving fee. The ABA should dismantle this bs firm and everyone who has been screwed by them should sue them.

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  • Jo
      15th of Jun, 2011

    World Finance is aware of the law however these parasites do whatever they can to get around it. As for the woman who said that it is ok to go to people's place of work you are dead wrong! This practice is illegal! And as for Ms. Ferranti ...It is ok to look down on people and be sanctimonius until you find yourself in a desperate situation...don"t be so quick to judge. Example: unexpected medical bills...even if you have insurance!! . I had a loan with these folks and was happy I finally paid it off and did not renew.

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  • Se
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    Mr. Grasha, I checked your site but I could not find any information regarding your case.Would you please post as to how to use your site "not for the" thanks.

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  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2011

    I also am guilty of stupidity, but one better with my accident I received a severe head injury that leaves me memory gaps from day to day. Being on disability already and then to take advantage of my head injury disability, they violated my civil rights as a disabled person using my disability against me. This is by far the ### of the earth. Lawyer that never talked with me ever was Reynolds E Pitts, Jr. and his side kick Paralegal Shelonda Y Berry who never called once. I called several times and did get after leaving message after message Shelonda on phone just to find out that they were not going to help me because I call to much? I get a letter from lawyer saying we are closing are files and will procede no further. What does that even mean? I called Mr. Morgan and left a message and someone else called me back and asked if there was something they could help me with. I told them that I never once got a call from the Atlanta office and I have called several times just to ask a simple question and when I get someone on the phone I being told they will not represent me anymore. Why because I am wasting to much of their time? I wanted nothing else than to know why and could you please call me back. I still never have received a call from the Atlanta office where incompentence runs wild or Orlando office to explain what their problem is its been 2 months and I am still waiting. I called a second time to Orlando office to find out what is going on and this time I was connected to the same people that are trying to get away with something that they legally can't. I spent 2 hours calling back and every time they would transfer me to the same person that lied in the first place what do they think this person is not going to just keep lying. If you live in Georgia do not go to Morgan & Morgan for any legal matters I am from Florida I know this kind of petty crap would never happen, but Georgia they do what they want and get away with it.

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  • Hu
      25th of Jan, 2012

    I have a Workers Comp accident at work and contacted there office.
    They will not return calls.I have 2 doctors and a physical therapist that they will not supoenia or deposition that are critical to my injury.
    And of coarse the Workers Comp Doctors will not write down any facts that might make them liable for any malpractice they have caused.
    I am going to fire this attorney and find a new one who is not best friends with the Insurance company ! Location Atlanta GA office.
    Another unhappy client who has a DUD for a lawyer !

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  • Ju
      11th of Apr, 2012

    My son was hurt due to electrical shock on the job. Since the employer was giving him a hard time, we decided we needed a attorney, he has suffered plenty with headaches, numbness in his hand & arm for just over a year. We had to go to mediation to get him paid, because the company wanted him to travel and give him light duty, understand he was seeing doctors and no way could he leave the state. Finally after mediation he received weekly checks. The gas was never entirely compensated and we live two hours away from the doctor that Morgan& Morgan wanted us to see. After fighting to get phone calls answered and be reimbursed for just the gas issue. We are now at a settlement, my son has permanent nerve damage and who knows what will happen in the future with electrical shock. We are being told that Florida state law does not pay well to injured workers., and I guess they don't because my son is being offered 13, 500 and after they get theirs he will get just about nine thousand. Siting in the mediation room them going back & forth was so stupid, when they knew along what the outcome would be. Our attorney stated he is taking less than the required amount because he feels bad that my son is not getting ### !! Well I am not sure if I have a reason to mistrust or not. But I do feel like my son is getting screwed with no enjoyment ! Please excuse my reference, I am just really pissed because I don't feel his attorney did much at all for him !!

    The Justice is not been on my side threw all of this:

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  • La
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    Don't trust Morgan & Morgan for the people phony t.v. ads. I put my trust & faith in them & they have betrayed me. I thought they would be different then KN who i also hired but two weeks later his attorney dropped my case. But Morgan & Morgan did take my case & had it over 5 months know all of a sudden they drop it. My attorney Reynolds pitts with Morgan & Morgan became very nasty toward me, he used to work for the other side defending them the last 20 years. Well he still does after how they have treated me. Lawyers are nothing but back stabbers. I will file a complaint with the Georgia Bar.

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  • 1s
      21st of Aug, 2012

    I am so glad i fire morgan & morgan before they procceded with my wife case, the paralegal asighn was the most rudes person i had to deal with very very nasty person. they think of them self very high anb mighty, but i have made it a promise to tell everyone i know about my dealings with them.

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  • Sl
      18th of Apr, 2013

    The worst so called professional business i have ever experienced. They stopped my case and did not want to continue. I have never been through any kind of legal litigation before. After 10 months of doctors, knee surgery, hess spinal center, hospital, $540.00 in gas, $33, 000.00+ in medical expenses paid by my medicare and doing everything they asked of me the paralegal says the attorney no longer wishes to proceed with my case and that they were offered $450.00 by the adjustor. These people never represented me. I never talked to the attorney in my case. Do not use these people. Find a used car dealer first. At least you will get to talk to him. And if he screws you, you will at least see it coming. Mr.Morgan your enterprise is running it's course. It's your name

    I have found true proffesional representation. Talk about gross negligence and malpractice. I will keep you all updated on my new case

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  • La
      25th of Jul, 2013

    People don't know how the legal system works. I work for the court system and whenever an attorney files a suit it can take months, even a year or two before they get an answer. Have you ever read and seen murder trials? Do you know that when someone is accused of murder it can take years before the case goes to trial? There is a lot of investigation involve, papers needed to be obtained and much more that people don't know. Civil cases are no different. People who expect their case resolve in weeks are simply stupid.

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  • Cl
      12th of Jan, 2014

    ronald grasha. When I try your link I just get an ad page! I'm so disapointed! Have you moved it somewhere else???? !!!

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  • Dj
      27th of Feb, 2014

    I hired Morgan and Morgan after a slip and fall accident at a local walmart, at the time I was pregnant with twins. I slipped on what appeared to be milk but dry on the top so it had to have been there for ahwile, and there were alot of employees around the area. After falling I just sat there because i fell so hard and felt pain in my lower back and ankle. My grandma went quickly to get someone to help, while they were walking back to me the employee was cleaning up some other substance on the floor even though my grandma informed her I was pregnant. I then waited and waited for a manager to come to the aisle. While I was talking to the manager (sitting still on the floor) another employee was cleaning up around me. They got me a motorized wheelchair and didnt offer to help me or call an ambulance. I had no idea what i was in for because ive never had this happen before. I went to the ob area of the hospital and had the babies checked out then went to the er to have my ankle and back checked out. They would not xray anything but my foot because of my pregnancy. They said my ankle was sprained and by the look of it they thought it was broken. I had to wait from january to may to get any answers about what was wrong with my back. The day after I had fallen I contacted morgan and morgan...big mistake. they called at random times, sent me to a chiropractor which of course helped while i was there but the next day i was back to the same pain, then to a neurologist who tried injections and that didnt help and I didnt want to proceed because i didnt want back surgery I have twin infants and do not have the option to be laid up. My back is still the same and they informed they settled my case without my knowledge for 17, 000 which I will get about $3600. That is terrible for the amount of pain and suffering I took and the fact i am FOREVER left with a bad back and my ankle still swells if im on it too long. I made a HUGE mistake hiring them because they were not caring and were only out for themselves. I wasnt expecting a million dollars but come handled the situation so wrong and i had to wait months before even finding out what was wrong with me. i will NEVER refer them to anyone!!!

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  • Cl
      19th of Apr, 2016

    I call Morgan & Morgan to see if I had a case against my employer. They took all my information, SS#, supervisor's name and phone #, company's name and address . After 4 days, they sent an email saying I can have a case but they don't take it, I have a limit time to make a claim but they did not give advise about the frame time nor even a name of a layer and I'm still in limb. What kind of law system is this?

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  • Sa
      1st of Aug, 2016

    There Billboards should read Not For The People cause they don't know what it means to represent or care for there clients best interest and the Morgans themselves are spread to wide and to many cases and the attorneys are not preparing for court or doing there jobs and Mr. Morgan just condones this behavior and doesn't stand behind his slogan, he is to wrapped up in the passing of the marijuana law which is fine but he needs to make sure his offices in other states are doing there jobs.

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  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2016

    I hired the Morgan and Morgan law firm for SS disability case and while representing me, disability denied my claim and told me it was because they have received no responses from my primary care physician. I called Morgan and Morgan law firm and asked to speak with my attorney after finding out from SS why my claim was denied. Over a year now waiting. I have not talked to my attorney yet. The receptionist for my attorney will not let me speak to him and says that they will do nothing until SS decides the appeal and it could take up to 18 additional months. MORGAN AND MORGAN IS THE WORST EXCUSE FOR A LAW FIRM i HAVE EVER HAD KNOWLEDGE OF. I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE. THEY ARE DISGUSTING TRASH AND NEED TO BE DISBARRED AND SUED FOR LEGAL MALPRACTICE. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND SOMEONE TO HANDLE SUCH A CASE?

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