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When I initially contacted the sales team I was assured that the web design that I was looking for was within their scope. I even gave the sales agent specific examples of web designs that I liked and wanted for my site. I was happy that I finally found a web design company that would handle things and give me the design and look that I was looking for. I initially paid the upfront cost of $1, 500 which included a video production that they would also handle. During the process I was given a web designer that not only was very difficult to work with since she seemed to always be rushed during our telephone conversations, but when giving her all material including sample drawings of the site that I wanted she not only wasn't able to assist but instead passed me along to another web designer that advised he was more advanced and can assist with the changes that I wanted.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Irvine, CAAfter working with him not only was he not able to design the site to the way I wanted but finally admitted that the design I was looking for was out of their scope and that I would need to work with the templates that they used. All of this time 6 months had flown by and I was being charged $149 a month during that time (original sales person did not mention a monthly fee during the process). In addition every time I tried to communicate with the web designer there would not only be days but also weeks that I wouldn't hear back from them. When I finally decided to end this nightmare I was given a 3rd sales person who I shared my experience and took 3 weeks to get back to me to tell me that they would only refund me $298. As a small business owner I was so disappointed that not only was my case not given much attention, but Mopro management did not want to take full responsibility for what had happened. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!! There are better web designers out there and MOPRO IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!

May 01, 2017

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