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Moncton SPCA / Terrible service!

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I am just trying to get my message out their. I want to warn people about the SPCA... Especially the Moncton SPCA. I am posting this letter everywhere's. I don't want anyone's animal put down for no reason... just for trusting the person answering the phone at the local shelter. I recently had a very disturbing experience with the SPCA, which made me realize that my previous beliefs about how that organization works were mistaken. I wanted to tell my story as a cautionary note to other people.

My cat disappeared last week. She had all of her vaccines, tags, and a collar. A neighbor lost her cat at the same time. As part of our frantic search for our cats, she called the local SPCA with a description of her cat, and other relevant information such as when the cat went missing, her contact information, etc. The people at the SPCA told her that the cat was not there.

We later learned from our neighbors that there is somebody in our area, who picks up cats that he finds, and either dumps them at the SPCA, or abandons them in the middle of nowhere. Alarmed, my friend went to the SPCA, in spite of having been told her cat was not there. She was stunned to find that, indeed, her cat was there. Based on the dates, she learned that her cat was, in fact, brought in earlier on the day that she had called. Moreover, the location of where the cat was found matched her description of where the cat was lost. It is painfully obvious that, when workers there told her that her cat was not there, they really just never bothered to look. Considering that unclaimed strays are euthanized, it is stunning that they would do something like this.

There are approximately 20 cats at this shelter at any given time, and my friend’s cat was the only one that clearly matched the description she had given. Because she was told her cat was not there, the poor thing sat at the shelter for four days, while she continued to frantically look for her.

It is fortunate that my friend did not accept as truth what the SPCA workers told her. I wonder, however, what happens to other beloved pets that end up there. The shelter is in the middle of nowhere, so those without easy access to a car may very well have to rely on the truthfulness of what they are told when they call. I find this chilling.

When she visited the shelter, my friend also brought in a picture of my missing cat. They told her there was no cat that matched that description. When I went in and looked, however, I saw a cat that did, indeed, seem to match the description I gave on the phone and the picture my friend gave them of my cat. Sadly, it was not my cat, but the point is that she had been told that no such cat was there. They then told my friend that another cat, who matched this description, was euthanized earlier, because it was ill. Like my friend, I had called the SPCA, looking for my missing cat. When I called, I was told there was no cat there matching that description. It is apparent that there were, in fact, two cats who matched my description. One of them was euthanized. You can imagine my distress at thinking that the cat they euthanized could have been my own beloved pet.

This experience was especially distressing for me, because it is not the first time this has happened to me. In 1999, I lost my cat, and called the SPCA with all of the relevant information. I continued to call on a daily basis. The following week, when I called, they said they had, in fact, had a cat matching the description, but that they had euthanized it, because it was ill. I had called repeatedly, obviously distressed that my cat was missing, and had given them a detailed description. When a cat matching my description was brought in, they euthanized the cat without ever contacting me. Again, it is clear that they never bothered to check in response to my phone call. I believe the cat they euthanized was, in fact, my beloved pet.

I need to be clear that, to me, my pets are not just animals. They are members of my family. I am very careful with them, and I do not allow them to wander. Sometimes, however, accidents happen. The SPCA is supposed to be set up to provide a resource for reuniting lost pets with their people. I am dumbfounded at the level of callousness that is necessary for somebody working there to tell a distraught pet owner that they do not have their pet, when they really might have the pet there. I do not know why this happens. Is it laziness? Is walking a few feet to the cage more than the people answering the phone wish to do? And if they work at an animal shelter, shouldn’t they be committed to animal welfare? And yet they would allow a beloved animal to be euthanized, rather than making the token effort of checking when somebody calls, to see if the animal is there.

My story has a happy ending. After two weeks missing, my cat suddenly reappeared. I do not know where she was, but my gratitude at finding her is immense. I have spent the last few days believing that the cat euthanized at the SPCA was, indeed, my cat, and I cannot tell you how upsetting this was.

When we lose our pets, there are many hazards to give us fear. They could starve, or be attacked by other animals, or be hit by a car, or be hurt by humans. The SPCA is supposed to be a resource to help us. What I have learned, however, is that the SPCA in my area may be the greatest hazard of all for a missing animal.

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  • M1
      19th of Aug, 2014

    You need to understand that while it's their job to take care of strays and lost animals until they're reunited with their owners, it's YOUR job to make sure you take every precaution to make sure that if you pet runs away or is lost, that it can be identified and returned to you... A microchip, hell even just a collar with your contact info would have saved both of you (as well as the SPCA) a great deal of time, effort and grief... Those who work at the SPCA are mostly volunteers, they don't get paid for the time they spend there helping animals, and so many of them are overworked, and with the huge amount of animals coming in, they simply don't have the time to try to identify a cat over the phone, YOU should have gone to the SPCA instead of calling, if you really cared for your pets, you would have done exactly that rather than try to get someone else to do it for you, so that's on YOU, no one else... Lets not even mention the fact that ALL animal shelters/SPCAs are severely under-funded, they simply don't have the space or resources to take care of all the pets/strays they find until someone comes to claim or adopt them...

    As for the others who are complaining that the SPCA doesn't care or that they don't do their job, instead of whining about it on the internet, how about you volunteer your time to help them? Go in for 20-30+ hours a week to help with taking care of the animals, feed them, take them for walks, bathe them, help the vets with necessary procedures and so on, all without being paid to do so, like some already do, then maybe you'd realize that it isn't as easy as it seems... Taking care of a single dog or cat is fairly expensive and time consuming, now imagine taking care of several dozen dogs and cats (among other animals), it's not nearly as easy as you all assume it would be, they don't have unlimited money, nor do they have enough cages and space to keep all these animals, and lastly, they don't have nearly enough manpower to take care of all of them, so what are they supposed to do? They put down the animals that are sick (because it would cost too much to treat them), as well as those who aren't likely to be adopted or retrieved like older animals, those with disabilities, specific breeds that people don't want (pitbulls, dobermans, rottweilers etc...), cats in general (unless they're kittens) and so on... They do this because they don't have the resources to care and provide for them and because it would be a waste of resources on animals which will never be adopted, it may sound cruel, but it's the sad truth, the SPCA and other animal shelters aren't there to house animals indefinitely, they want to move them in and out / find them permanent homes as quickly as possible so they can bring in more animals who may need their help, the longer an animals stays there waiting for someone to adopt them, the fewer animals they're able to help in the long run...

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  • Va
      16th of Sep, 2012

    i think spca in moncton is great . we got a cat boo he is a silver tabby and we love him dearly.he was adopted 3 times and brought back 3 times.why i dont know but it was our lucky day because we love him. they do the best they can with very few resourses and money .

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  • Li
      16th of Mar, 2012

    On my way home from work a few weeks ago i found a white cat nearly frozen to death on the side of the road.I tbrought him home, but since i already had 3 cats i was hesitant to keep him.He was also in good condition so we figured he had a home and had just gotten lost.I brought him to the spca in hopes he would be reunited with his family.I told them that if nobody woild pick him up i would take him so i brought the cat adoption application home.They told me he would be evaluated for 4 days before putting him up for adoption.Two weeks after i went to see if he was still there but he wasen't .Turns out they put him to sleep because he failed to use the cat litter!!!I was so angry and upset!I would of brought him home and TRY to train him to use the the cat [protected]@!You can train a cat to use the toilet sooo im pretty sure u can train them to use the cat litter! I am so angry and disgusted with the spca...I am really not taking this well, iv'e been crying for 2 days and all i have is the image of the beautiful cat in my head :(.if i could charge them and bring them to court i would.To me it feels like i murdered a person and i am still grieving.I know that the spca do with what they have but if i would work there i would have never killed that poor innocent cat.

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  • Th
      27th of Oct, 2010

    Well, last winter I found a stray dog that was obviously sick. He was so full of mange that he had no hair left. He had no tags or anything so I took him to the SPCA in Moncton. Well the more I thought about the dog the more worried I got so I emailed the SPCA telling them who I was and what dog I had dropped off and that I wanted to check on him. Well, they did take the time to email me, and he was still there and this was well over a week from when I had dropped him off. So he wasn't put down right away just because he was sick. They also continued to email me on how he was doing, and they worked hard and found a rescue group for his breed who drove from Nova Scotia to pick him up. Then after he was rescued they still emailed me to let me know how he was doing and then when he was adopted they emailed me again to let me know. You can't tell me they don't care, they are busy and overwhelmed but they definatly care.

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  • Sa
      9th of Apr, 2010

    I need a phone number that will direct me too someone that can help me out. I recently took my pets to get fixed. The Hanford SPCA gave me back my dog and cat all peed on. They told me that they dont take the animals out to pee. My animals were there since 9 a.m. in there own pee. So 5 hours! It upset me cause c'mon! they just got out of thier procedure. WTF!! They just appologized. and said that we couldn't wash them for 3 days! Ya, like im really going to let my pets stay in their own pee for three days at that. I need to complain about this, cause its not right. If they are the SPCA, you think they would take better care of there animals. So if anyone can plz help me out I would really apperciate it. Remember this could happen to your one of your family members. They are not just our pets they are our family. Please help me get this resolved. This is inhumane.

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  • Jo
      9th of Mar, 2010

    You know, you are totally right. The conditions at the SPCA are unacceptable. When I lost a dog, I saw an advertisement on the newspaper. It was the exact descriptions of my dog. I went all the way there and when I went there, I was shocked that the conditions for the animals were very poor. That totally made me have a bad impression of SPCA. Initially, I thought SPCA was a very efficient animal shelter, but when I went there, I was disgusted. Thankfully I found my dog there. And they said I had to pay a fee of $100. I am really disappointed that they are treating the animals that way. And I heard from my friends that they put animals to sleep for no apparent reason. I just wish I can do something about this. I am an animal lover, and I simply can't stand to see innocent creatures being treated this way. even when I complaint, they do not do anything about it.

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  • Di
      17th of Jun, 2008

    Oh, so many things to agree and disagree with here.I have a cat that my husband got from the Moncton S.P.C.A.I have dealt with the S.P.C.A on a few occasions, and never had a problem.Like the person in this letter said, she treats her animals like family, as I do to, and would not have it any other way. I have heard many nasty stories about the Moncton S.P.C.A, but I personaly have not had this experience, and am sorry for the people that have.
    If I would have lost one of my precious kids{I have two cats}, I would have made the trip to the shelter to look, and not just call, to me that would be a responsible thing to do.My kids don't go out, and are fixed and declawed. They are just as happy sitting in a window talking to the birds, than going out and chasing them.
    I'm glad she got her cat back, but she should have gone in, and o the person on the phone... her response should have been.. COME IN AND LOOK.

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  • Bo
      30th of May, 2008

    The person on the phone should have said we don't have time to look for your cat or a picture is not good enough for us to locate it. If the original poster had of been told you NEED TO COME IN. I am sure she would have.

    I think of the seniors with no cars, believing the person on the phone and that breaks my heart.

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  • Ca
      30th of May, 2008

    If someone's kid goes missing or is taken you never hear people immediatly calling them bad parents. I am disturbed some of the immaturity. I had a dog stolen right from my yard. Was it my fault. It is not any more my fault then someone that their kid is snatched by a predator.

    I have had many issues with one of my cats. I have had 4 all together but not all at one time. Some cats just have the natural instinct to run out a door. I had a elementary school child at the same time as I had a wild cat that as soon as that door was opened bam it was out the door. I was lucky my cat never went missing and always came back if I didn't catch her right away. It did not make me a bad pet owner. I tried my hardest to not let that cat escape. I always picked her up when I answered the door or put her in the other room, but I was not always prepared if someone like my child came in the door or opened the door.

    I do not see any bashing or hatred of the SPCA from the original poster. All I see is someone issuing a warning and telling their story so others are aware.

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  • Ra
      16th of Apr, 2008

    Althought i agree with you on one hand i aslo agree with the comment posted by George. The spca was in fault for not looking for the cat you and your friend described and telling you it wasnt there when it really was, but in agreement with george's post...KEEP YOUR CAT IN THE HOUSE and if you leave it outside put it ona leash!! I really dont understand how anyone can "loose" an do you just loose an animal?? I dont get it..i hope if you have kids that you keep better tabs on them than you cats!

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  • Ge
      13th of Apr, 2008

    You are calling the SPCA irresponsible. You are the one who keeps loosing your cat? Why don't you keep it inside so that people don't have to waste their time and resources on YOU!

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  • Bi
      19th of Dec, 2007

    It sems to me people should take better care of their pets. I also belive thhat strays should not be euthanized ACTUALLY NOSAFE/ HEALTHY animal should ever be euthanized.

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  • Je
      2nd of Nov, 2007

    I also volunteer at a shelter, but not in Moncton. You'd be amazed by the number of people who call with a description that doesn't actually describe the dog/cat we have to us. I would NEVER just call the shelter, I tell them to come down and see for themselves. I am also not aware of all the cats that may have come in on a particular day that may be at the vet, in transit etc. You or your friend should have gone to the shelter, taken a photo and looked for yourself. Tired of this B.S. all the time, shelters can not be the be all and end all for you finding YOUR pets, make the same effort or more than you would expect someone else to do.

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  • Lo
      15th of Oct, 2007

    I volunteer at a shelter and believe me we take lost cat reports very seriously. Lost cat or dog reports are best to be made within the first 48 hours of the pets disappearance, most are made a month or more later when we can only hold strays 5 days. Not every lost cats report is checked immediately though we try, as we have to assume strays are sick only certain people are allowed to view them. When we check the reports (several times a week) we check them all, even ones dating back a year (some animal are found many months after going missing) Please keep in mind that shelter staff are often over worked and mentally and emotionally fatigued from what they see every day. It's always best to come in yourself and bring a picture it helps them remember your cat and clears up any misunderstandings in the description (such as the brown tabby that was described as grey)

    Have you considered microchiping your cat? Unlike a tag it can never fall off or be taken off.

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  • To
      4th of Oct, 2007

    I really don't see the need to be an immature child. Hoping a cat [censored] seem a little bit odd. Why read the complaints that involve animals if you have no regard for them?

    I for one would not have rushed right in. Our SPCA is on the outskirts of town also and there is no way to get there unless you pay for cab. So if I ever lost one of my pets I would have believed the person on the phone also. Now I know not to. So I thank you.

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  • Sa
      17th of Sep, 2007

    you need you get a life . if i was your cat id [censored]

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