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I joined ModelMayhem and payed their annual membership fee. Two weeks after charging my card, they closed my account, claiming MY Photos which I took myself were owned by another photographer. I was NOT permitted to show proof that they were my images. I asked for the account to either be reinstated or a refund given. They refused stating that it is in their terms and conditions that they do not give refunds EVER.

Additionally, there is no phone number you can call nor no method of disputing. So now I have to go through the hassle of doing a chargeback with the bank to get my money back, as no services are being rendered for the funds. If they were a UK company, the SFO states this is Theft by Deception and would be able to prosecute; however, as they are a foreign company, we have no rights.

Thank you for listening, and I hope this helps someone else to not lose their money.

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  • Za
      May 31, 2010
    Modelmayhem - you can't complain
    United States

    my original complaint became mixed up by the fact when i went on a similar web site to complain a photographer from mm found me and told me off. it's like they can treat you like crap and if you stand up for yourself they have a huge high school temper tantrum and bullies you to shut up.
    i do not think taking away my right to free speech is a sign of a legit business.
    i won't be surprised if someone here tells me off because i do not like model mayhem.
    i wonder why it's so important to attack people who are disatisfied with them and also how the mods are mods in the first place?
    please don't attck me here to. if you do you are a low down worm who has nothing better to do then be a monster. get a life... peace out

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