Mjayeli Security ServicesTwo security officers bumped my car & threatened me

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I am a black South African lady aged 23. Two security officers scratched my car and the parking bay in Campus Square, the parking instructor noticed and approached them. He advised them to wait and speak to me as I have walked in to the shopping centre; they refused and told the parking instructor that they did not do it. I came out and waited to speak to them and they started shouting and threatened to beat me up, saying that I am crazy how can they have scratch my car? They said to me the paint on my car came out on its own. They kept of shouting and telling me and my lady colleague to go to hell. One Gentle man intervened and asked them why they were shouting that they want to beat us up, the security officers then threatened to beat the man up and the parking instructor who was trying to explain to the man that intervened what had happened. The Security officers refused to give us their names, we took down their car registration number and the car tracking number together with the contact details of the company that was embroidered on the company vehicle that they were driving. They drove off! What kind of Security officers are those? Their behavior is appalling.

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  • Mt
      Jan 08, 2013
    Mjayeli Security - Want to know how much is my funds.
    Mjayeli Security
    South Africa

    Please want to know how much do I have in my Funds and when am I get paid?

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  • Ah
      Mar 01, 2016

    To whom it may concern
    I am currently residing in Glenwood on Helen Joseph Road and have the misfortune of living directly across Majayeli Security Services. There are buses parked outside on the road that cause traffic and could potentially cause an accident. Not to mention the loud noises that disturb us. And fumes that are given off from these many buses that are making us sick. I don't even think this is legal to park buses all over the road. I think the police need to be informed of this situation immediately.

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