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Yesterday I purchased the $14:99 upgrade package on the King Q. I decided to upgrade it again. So today I put another $14:99 purchase down on the 2 piece upgrade of the King Q. It didn't say anything to warn me off. I received the other things in the package, but unfortunately I didn't get the upgrade again. I should want a refund with a full return of the 2 golden spin coins and anything else. Maybe it's just a glitch.You should have refused my payment or programmed it so I didn't see this offer again. I await your response As always your customer. Danny

  • Updated by Daniel Prestwich, Dec 09, 2018

    A few days ago I purchased the $14:99 upgrade of the King Q. I noticed that it was offered again two days later. I looked at the pool Q stats and they were 2/4. So I figured another upgrade on the same King Q was available. I got greedy and purchased another upgrade. I didn't get it. So refund the purchase or upgrade the King Q again. I looked to see if it was a one time thing. I didn't see anything. I have had an immense amount of trouble contacting you. The password no. you sent doesn't work.So let's resolve this matter.
    Thank you, Daniel [protected]

  • Updated by Daniel Prestwich, Dec 09, 2018

    It's been several days and all I have received is an email with a password number which didn't even work. I have left my 8 ball pool ID for you.
    Thanks, Daniel

Dec 08, 2018

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