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Hello all! I’m writing here to tell everyone to stay away from doing business with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. You’d think they are a legit company given what you see on their website (, but my friend got scammed by them. Even though they were supposed to help cancel her timeshare without upfront fees, my friend told me that they ultimately requested payment in order to supposedly do the cancellation. She trusted Mexican Timeshare Solutions and paid the fee, and then they never did anything to cancel the timeshare. They even told my friend that her timeshare was cancelled but when my friend contacted the club, the club said that her timeshare membership was still in effect and she owed money to the club for unpaid maintenance fees. This is going to hurt her credit. Of course, she couldn’t get her money back from Mexican Timeshare Solutions, and I feel really bad for her. Save your money and avoid timeshare cancellation scammers like Mexican Timeshare Solutions (! Has anyone else been scammed by Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

May 10, 2017

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  • Ta
      Jul 17, 2017

    I disagree with you Betty, ive already canceled my timeshare with them and my experience was pretty good, they offered me a free consultation and i didnt had to pay anything until i my timeshare was canceled.

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  • La
      Jul 17, 2017

    This comment must be an angry resort, saying all this things because they dont want to let Mexican Timeshare Solutions to cancel people's timeshare just because they're losing money (money from all the frauds they do).
    I also had a nice experience with them by getting rid of my timeshare with Mayan Palace, and i dont regret it, they helped me A LOT!

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  • La
      Jul 24, 2017

    i'm wondering if your comment is legit betty, they've helped me to cancel my timeshare and i had no problems at all, i've read the other comments above and i think that maybe this post could be from another timeshare cancellation company that wants to steal their potential clients...

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  • Si
      Jul 25, 2017

    i think your friend didnt told you the truth or you didnt understand it well because i've also hired the services of Mexican Timeshare Solutions to get rid of my timeshare with Royal Elite and my experience was super good, i didnt pay anything upfront until i got the cancellation of my timeshare

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