Metro Public Adjustment INC / Insurance collections

Nn Jun 25, 2014

Jamal the public adjuster was called in to assist with a small electrical fire in the basement that resulted in some damage after the fire department was called in. Jamal informed my family that we had nothing to worry about and that everything would be handled by his company. He then proceeded to call a clean up company (CPR) to help with the issue that was left behind. We decided to let the public adjuster deal with the situation since my parents had a good experience with a different public adjustment company in the past. Everything he said was far from the truth. The company staged my home to get maximum insurance reimbursement, took their portion of it, left all of the trash and staging at my home, deferred the companies that they hired and were supposed to take of to me and disappeared. Now I was stuck with the trash that the cleaning agency piled in my backyard and the bill for work that wasn't even done. This is one of the worst experiences with a company I have ever had. I tried calling the company several time but they always defer me to Jamal who conveniently sent me to voicemail each time.

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