Merry Maids / Fraud

United States

I would like to recommend that no one get service from the office located on 6101 Idlewild Road #135 in Charlotte, NC
The Franchise office managers there are cruel. They have previously discriminated employees due to their accent even though they are US Citizens, from other countries but clean on a background check. Also they supposedly put office employees on salary but they hardly give them breaks and work long hours. How can customers and business partners trust such unfair people like that? Just remember you two
bosses there, what comes around goes around, you should be ashamed of how you have treated employees there. What a coincidence that now that this SB 1070 law is trying to come out, you are now showing your true colors. Someone shoud report this to a major newspaper or news channel to show how this SB 1070 would start giving these kind of people reason to discriminate more. Shame on you for abusing your employee's! May God have mercy on you, you can't hide what you do from Him, hopefully one day
you will realize and accept your unprofessional rotton attitude and treat all employees with dignity and respect like you would like to be treated if you were in their position. If you are a Merry Maid employee and are going through something I urge you to report it, the reason why these work discriminations keep happening is because people don't want to report it and have it stopped. If you are a good employee and get treated bad, then you have rights to be defended, remember that. These two bosses at this locaton give this company a bad name! Thank-you!

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