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Meritline / abcink or meritline ink cartridges don't work, no one speaks understandable english

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I went on Pricewatch to find cheap Canon Pixma ink cartridges. ABCink in California came up cheapest. They arrived fine but are impossible to install.

Instructions are terrible. When you fire up the printer, it can't read the new cartridges and thinks they are empty. The ABC instructions tell you to "go ahead and print until the out-of-ink error message comes up". You can't print anything in color because the cartridges aren't working!

After a week, two cartridges started. The cyan never did. So I get red cast prints. Useless. ABCink is apparently Meritline but no one speaks English or can read an email.

My first email to ABC was never answered. Finally I guessed that the foreign voice on the ABC recording was saying "Welcome to Meritline". These emails followed. Look at their answers from "customer service! They can't speak or write English.

Message: I'm just trying to figure out if Meritline is somehow connected to ABC Ink. I'm been having a problem with Canon cartridges I bought from ABC. When I call the 800, I get a recording of someone who can't speak English very well. I think she's saying "meritline".

Thanks in advance, Rob

Dear Valued Customer,

Thanks for your shopping with us.

Meritline is a brother and sister company with abcink. Would you pls email back for details about your problem ? We will check for you . And you can follow the installation instruction to install the cartridge again fist .

Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else in future.

Once again thank you for shopping with us and have a pleasant day!


Customer Service Representative

Dear ABCink,

I immediately ran into problems trying to follow the instructions included with the ABCink cartridges. I went to ABC's online instructions you refer to in your email below. They are identical to the print instructions enclosed with the cartridges. The most polite thing I can say about them is they do not cover many details of

1. Removing the chip "carefully using a blade".

2. Using double sided sticky tape.

3. Continuing printing "till another dialog box pops up".

So I went to ABC's website and called the 800 number. The voice said welcome to some name I didn't recognize which was apparently "Meritline".

NO ONE calling ABCink expects to hear some other company name! So I'm wondering if I have the right number. I hung up and called back. Got the same voice. The voice does not speak English clearly nor correctly. I couldn't get a live person to talk to so I left a voice message pleading for help with a printer that would not work. Then I wrote the email below.

Subject: instructions and install problems

I'm a first time user. Your instructions online and in print with my cartridges are wrong and inadequate.

Order #A-260306

I can't get my Canon Pixma ip4200 to recognize your cartridges.

Magenta was blinking, an error message described in your instructions came up, I followed instructions and it is working fine.

Yellow and Cyan are blinking, will not print (all prints come out magenta), there is no error message and a nozzle check shows all colors printing fine.

Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you, Rob

I never heard a word or got any acknowledgement of any kind.

Nothing. Zero. Nada.

So now it's two months after I attempted to install the cartridges. I need my printer so I simply tore out the ABCink cartridges and installed Canon factory cartridges and I have a working printer with ink monitoring also working.

Just a few of the PROBLEMS WITH ABCink:

1. Your instructions say to "remove the chip carefully using a blade". They DON'T say you have to cut the head off a plastic rivet, pry the chip off that rivet and slip it out from under the other pin since there is a slot, not a hole, on that side of the chip.

2. Double sticky tape is useless. Doesn't stick to either the chip or the cartridge.

3. The chip snaps into place anyway.

4. The error message never appeared for my Cyan cartridge in a months time. It eventually appeared at various times for the Yellow and Magenta. THE PRINTER DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT ALL CARTRIDGES OPERATING. WITHOUT THE CYAN, ALL MY PRINTS WERE RED.

In short,

1. Your instructions are no good, practically useless.

2. Your ABCink site apparently leads to Meritline but does not tell me. I thought I had the wrong number.

3. There is no response to my attempts to contact you through the ABCink website.

4. I've spent hours fooling around with your site, voicemail and ink cartridges so whatever I paid for them, they have turned out to be VERY EXPENSIVE.

My ABCink cartridges would not work until the 'ink-has-run-out' dialogue box came up. I was able to get them installed without any help from you or your instructions but I was never able to get the 'other dialog box' (picture 2) (ink has run out) to come up so I could 'click the yes button' and follow the rest of the instructions to get the cartridges to work in my printer.

After all this baloney, I have one question:

Can I force the out-of-ink dialogue box to appear so I can get the ABCink cartridges working?

Thank you for your concern Sarah, Rob (email back or call me anytime... this has been a nightmare for me. Who cares how cheap they are? I'm ready to put it all in a box and send it back to the ABCink owners.)

Dear Valued Customer,

Thanks for shopping with our store.

As our return policy is refund in one month, replace or instore credit in six months, we are afraid that we can not offer refund for you now. Could you please tell us if you would like to return for replacement or instore credit which can be used in your next new purchase and no expire date for it ?

Anything else we can help, please feel free to email back.

Best regards,



I never asked for my money back. I've lost so much time trying to get them to work and trying to get ABCink to answer my calls and emails, the money is of no concern.

I asked how to get these things to work.

My long email below is full of questions about your cartridges and suggestions for improving your instructions, which I found to be very poor.

Here's my one question, which is at the end of my email below:

Can I force the out-of-ink dialogue box to appear so I can get the ABCink cartridges working?

Dear Valued Customer,

Thanks for shopping with our store.

Thanks for your email again. The chip may broke. We recommend you to return.

Anything else we can help, please feel free to email back.

Best regards,


Customer Service Representative

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  • Ha
      25th of Jul, 2008
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    For someone who do not understand how it works:

    Why they (abcink) are the cheapest?

    Because the cartridges has no smart chips but full of ink. You need to put the OEM smart chip on their cartridge and the printer will recognize the abcink cartridges.

    Why the cartridges do not work?

    Couple reasons, the smart chip is damaged, misplaced, ...etc. Nothing could help if the smart chip is damaged. As long as you have a good smart chip and it's put correctly in the right place, you are good to go.

    Their website has an instruction with pictures you all can reference to:

    In conclusion, the smart chip is the key, not the langauge of those ppl speak. Follow the instruction and you will get it done.

    I am happy with my IP4200, quality print with low cost.

  • Ra
      15th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree about abcink. I decided, for the first and last time, to try a recycled cartridge since I was spending so much on my canon cartridges for my MP830 printer. Mind you, I've had two other canon inkjet printers over many years with absolutely no problems. Well, I got what I paid for. The cyan and magenta cartridges ruined the printer. I had to get a new printer because a big black (smeary) line kept running down the middle of the backs of the pages. Not all pages, but enough that I could no longer trust the print quality. I cleaned and cleaned all parts of the printer after removing the cartridges, but to no avail. It seemed to work for several pages, then started all over again. In addition, Perhaps it's just this vendor, but I'll never try recycled cartridges again. I'll stick with name-brand Canon. I get the best prices I can using

  • Do
      8th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Oh my GOD. I just posted my own review about my nightmare experience with this company, so-named "".. After I posted my own complaint I noticed the red-colored font area (above) inside the box-border area labeled "MORE MERITLINE.COM COMPLAINTS" and I just clicked one at random, and this was it.. I am so sorry for you Valerie. And to anyone who is reading this, these complaints on here are REAL.. They are not "buyers remorse" or ramblings-on from "disgruntled" consumers are just a few dumb rednecks who expect directions to take the cap off a tube of lip balm.. We're not incompetent ###s. And I have confidence neither are you. Be wary of doing business with this godforsaken pitiful excuse for a "company".. More like "###"pany... Dreck.. ### of the Earth... See my own post at --->> One final word, many kudos to you Valerie for taking your time to post a very elaborate and detailed accounting of your experience... That required a considerable amount of effort... You didn't HAVE to show that level of consideration in looking out for anyone other than yourself, BUT YOU DID... for that I think very highly of you... I KNOW you are not exaggerating or embellishing a single vowel of it... I hope that "karma" or the law of natural selection or WHATEVER YOU CALL IT sorts this all out and rewards you somehow in the way of "what goes around, comes around"...I think you deserve it.

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