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Mens Warehouse / Poor customer service!

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I bought a brand new suit and it needed to be altered. I brought it to Mens Warehouse as i thought they will do a good job. I've bought suits from them before. However i got a better deal so i bought this suit in a different store and they did not provide any altering services so i went to Mens Warehouse. They gave me bill for $106.87 to alter which i did pay upfront.I was asked to wear the suit so that the tailor could measure accordingly. Everything was done and i was given a date to pick up which was a wait of a week and a half. While waiting i called in to find out the status. (If the suits was almost ready). I was told that its still being worked on. The day before collecting my suit i made visit to the place in person to see if the suit was ready , just in case. But i was told that its still being worked on. Finally i went to pick up my suit the day it was supposed to be picked up. And they show me a STAIN on my pants and tell me that was already there and there are not responsible.

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  • Di
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I bought a "Lord & Taylor Herringbone Sport Coat at Men's Warehouse for $295.00. The Lord & Taylor logo was yellow on a green backdrop, I thought nothing of it. I took the coat to JC Penny to match shirts and ties with it. The salesman asked if I bought the coat there. I told him where I bought it, he seemed skeptical. He came back after a few moments with HIS jacket. They looked identical except on the inside pocket his said Izod. Upon further review, I looked at the made in tag with the warehouse code on the label. The labels were identical, both made in china at the same ware house. The I.D. #'s were off by the last 2 numbers. The manager of JC Penny came to see what was going on. We showed him the 2 jackets. He said Lord & Taylor is white lettering with blue background, the green is used for their cheaper versions where they buy in bulk from a ware house and sell it under their name at a "lower" price. JC Penny's price for the same coat...$99.00. So I returned the jacket to Men's warehouse. They happily refunded my money. I like the Men's Warehouse overall, just be careful and buyer beware!!

  • Co
      20th of May, 2009
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    Recently my husband, son and I were in a wedding. The tuxedos were rented from Mens Warehouse. We had a previous experience with this company when my husband needed a suit right after college. They were horrible to us and therefore went into this knowing I did not like the company. We rented my husbands tux but had to BUY my sons b.c he wears a size 2T and they dont rent that size. When we picked the tux up they informed us that the tuxedo had to be returned the day after the wedding, this is ridiculous. We live in CT and the wedding was in upstate NY which is 4 hours away. So the day after the wedding we had to drive home 4 hours and then 45 minutes in the opposite direction to return the tux. I will never go back to Mens Warehouse and would not recommend using them for your wedding.

  • Ca
      27th of Oct, 2009
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    To "concerned customer", I am a Men's Wearhouse employee in Ohio, and have worked with the company for over 6 years... You actually paid MUCH less to "buy" the 2T tuxedo! They are priced at $69.99 for the complete outfit (except shoes) and our tuxedo rental's range from $119.99-$159.99. So you should be HAPPY that you HAD to buy the tux bc you spent alot less AND you got to keep it!! And also, about the return date of the tux being the day after, that is the SAME for ANY tux place you rent from! My son was just a ring bearer in a wedding and the bride went with President's Tuxedo. His tux cost $130.00 to rent and it ALSO was due back the DAY AFTER. BUT, they charge $25.00 for a late fee, while we only charge $20.00! It just drives me nuts when people knock us without knowing the policies of other tuxedo companies! Our policies and prices are actually better! We own 80% of the tuxedo business so I know that we will obviously have more complaints since we work with WAY more customers on a daily basis. I didn't say any of this to knock ya! Just wanted to clarify the reality of your situation and that its actually alot better than you perceive. Oh, and you had also mentioned how you had to drive 4 hours to return the tux to make sure it was back the day after, did the employee's at whatever store you went to inform you that you can return the tux at ANY Men's Wearhouse location?? It does NOT have to be returned at the store you picked it up at! And if the nearest one to you is 4 hours away (which is highly unlikely bc we have 1, 000 stores nationwide). Then I guess you would just have to pay the late fee and drop it off Monday. Also (just for future reference) you can ask them for an "extended rental" which gives you a couple days after to drop it off free of charge! Just an FYI. =)

  • Su
      15th of May, 2010
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    Men's Wearhouse has a pretty bad reputation about upselling, adding conditions to the purchase/rental order that the customer does not need or want.
    It's a fact that Men's Wearhouse employees are judged on the percentage of customers that get 1) alterations and 2) permanent crease (an upcharge) sales.
    Men's Wearhouse employees do not get a commission on rental sales, which is why they don't care anything about rental customers - it's a waste of their time!
    Men's Wearhouse can afford to offer Buy One, Get One Free Suits, because the (so-called) "nested" pants and jackets will all require expensive alterations! That's where they get you! They will also do price changes, upping the price when it's B1G1, lowering the price after B1G1 and calling it a "Sale".
    Call the store to ask about how much a tux rental costs. They'll say that the rentals START at $59.99. When you ask for an exact cost for a total rental, they say, "DEPENDS". What they mean is that you better be wearing DEPENDS when you find out the total price!!
    GOOGLE search "All-Inclusive Tux Rentals" to get places that will give you a straight answer.

  • Mi
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    Men's Wearhouse has awful customer service. What is even worse about them is that they buy smaller competitors because they cannot beat them. Instead of using these small companies that obviously do a better job in the tuxedo rental business, all they do is fire everyone.
    Their Manager meetings that take place in California is a 4 day booze fest that no person should feel comfortable letting their spouse go. Married people cheating left and right, people throwing up everywhere. Highly unprofessional, and it shows in their stores. Very rude employees that cut corners and do whatever they can to get the customer out of their store without coming out and saying it. DM's and AM's abusing their power and sexual harassment every corner you turn.


  • Qu
      30th of Dec, 2010
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  • Jj
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    Concerned customer: I am also as mens wearhouse employee, I am on my fourth year the the company. It is important to understand the difference between a bad company, a bad employee, and a bad decision. Current tuxedo rental prices are 99.99-149.99 for an "all inclusive" package. There is also a 7 dollar damage waiver and tax. While I agree that the damage waiver can be seen as a "hidden cost, " it is still better than the 10 dollar damage waiver charged by other companies such as Joseph A. Banks. We also charge less for our late fees than they do. Compare our rental terms side by side with any company and you will see that you are in fact receiving a fair deal. Also, even with the damage waiver, you would be hard pressed to beat our prices anywhere. No other company will aloow you to receive a free PURCHASE tuxedo with 5 paid rentals. No other company will be able to allow you to get measured in Dallas, pick up in Miami, and return the tuxedo anywhere else you can imagine.

    As far as our retail pricing goes... Look at our retail price for a Jones New York suit. Now go compare it to Macys. The only time they beat us is when they have it on sale. Even then, when you compare quality suit to quality suit, our sale beats theirs 9 times out of 10. To top that, we do our alterations in house instead of sending them out and charge less for them! Employees are never taught to try and upsell you on alterations (with the exception of permanent creases). They are not graded on that statistic and there is no comission paid for them. They are however trained to spot imperfections in the suits fit that may escape a less experianced eye. You are more than welcome to decide not to do an alteration if you want to live with the imperfection.

    When it comes to our manager meetings in California, that is as much a reward for working hard throughout the year as it is to discuss the current state of the company. If someone chooses to cheat on their spouse than that is a bad personal decision and something that the company does not encourage. The place that we stay for meeting offers awsome scenery, a gym, pool, massages, and plenty of other activities. No one forces you to drink while staying there.

    When it comes to customer service, many of these complaints sound like bad decisions on an employees part rather than the result of bad company policies. Unfortunately, this is a very complicated job and it takes months to correctly train someone to do it. I would personally never call a customer fat, to their face or not. On the other hand though, if one of my employees had said that to another employee not thinking that the customer would hear... I would have to look at the employees record to see if firing them was justified. It may have very well been a momentary lapse in judgement rather than an accurate reflection on the employees true attitude towards customers.

    In conclusions, I highly suggest that those of you who have had a bad experiance give the company a second try. Go into a different store, request to speak with the store manager, and voice your concerns. Do not accuse him of any wrong doing, just tell him "I had a bad experiance last time but I would like to give it another try." You can even show him these posts. You will be pleasantly supprised with how well you are treated... I guarantee it.

    Typed for my android phone. Please forgive my mispellings.

  • Le
      5th of Jul, 2011
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    I have been a Mens Warehouse customer for over a decade. I recently bought some slacks there. The salesman who was totally uninterested in my business (which was new to me as they used to be excellent) should have told me:

    1. Now they charge for the tailoring of new slacks. I was not told until after they measured and had me at the counter.
    2. I wish he would have reminded me these slacks were dry clean only.

    The guy who rang me up was a little better than a McDonald's employee. He didn't seem to care much for my business either.

    While #2 is my fault ultimately. The reminder is nice. Anyways after a long business trip, tired... I threw them in the wash. There goes over $200 in slacks as they shrunk and died. I was ready to get a few new suits, but am going to take my business elsewhere now. Perhaps I will find staff that actually care about their customers.

    Huntington Beach, CA

  • Mm
      1st of Sep, 2011
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    Mens Warehouse - Rude
    Mens Warehouse
    United States

    Went to Men's Warehouse and has some questions and the employees there were not helpful and did not seem to want my business.

    This is no way to treat a customer.

    How can i make a complaint directly to someone at the company?

  • Ex
      26th of Sep, 2011
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    I worked for the Wearhouse for just six months. I felt I gave it a fair chance but retail was not for me. What alarmed me was a presentation I witnessed in training whereby a customer is given a coupon for renting a tux. The coupon is dated for three months and is good for 50% off anything in the store. The coupon is not presented to the customer initially so as to take advantage of the opportunity to do a suit presentation, along with shirts, ties, belts etc. Supposedly because the customer has not seen the coupon yet, the demonstrator said to approach the customer as..."today and today only everything you see on this table will be 50% off." Even though the coupon is dated for three months. This I felt was misleading some might even say lying. My thoughts were that if it is OK to mislead the customer it would be OK for upper management to mislead employees. Sorry time for me to bail.

  • Ro
      17th of Mar, 2012
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    We were one of 10 sets of tuxedos. None of them came out right. Shoes too small, collars big or too small, coat arm length. even the grooms pants off by 2 inches, and they tried to charge him for "redoing" it, though it was to be free. This is not just one store. My fitting was in Florida and the wedding in Michigan. Another was an out of state and still a problem. Good business to start. They need some competition.

  • Fr
      1st of Jun, 2012
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    I went in to the Men's warehouse store near Stonebriar Mall to have 3 pairs of trousers altered. They were kind and measured them and I left. Went back to pick them up there was a problem with every pair so we remeasured and then the store manager got involved and very strongly displayed his temper and was very rude to me. 2 days later I went back and picked them up, 2 pair were fine. NOW the 3rd pair is unique. They were to take up the material to reduce the waist size and the cuff was coming unstitched. When I returned home I checked them and realized the hadn't been fixed. Today I went back to the store, a young lady took them and went to the back, finally returned about 20 minutes later and told me the were repaired. As I reached the car I decided to check them before I left. THEY WERE EXACTLY AS WHEN I BROUGHT THEM BACK TO THE STORE. She left me standing at the front of the store letting me think they were being repaired(A BIG LIE) So I went back inside and showed them to a man who asked if he could help, showed him, he went to the back came out directly and said that is the way they are supposed to be due to a baggy leg or something. I said let me have them I will take them to a tailor and get them fixed. He continued to try to convince me that that was right. I said I have 40 pairs of trousers and not one other pair is like this. I said look at your trouser they are not like that are they are they, he agreed. That was the end of the conversation, the idea I got is "Do you think we really care?" I have no choice to shop elsewhere and will definitely spread the word and enlist all the help I can get.

  • Tu
      10th of Sep, 2012
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    Recently rented Tuxedo for self and son for Wedding. When we went to pick up we were treated as if they were in a rush. Pants didn't fit right they were not concerned. Mentioned twice pans were sagging at the crotch, still no concern. Very bad customer ethics. I will never return to this store.. it wasn't cheap or free. We paid for poor service. I don't recommend this store in Palmdale, CA to anyone. Not friendly, poor attitudes, serious attitude adjustments needed. And these people represent Men's Warehouse.

  • De
      14th of Jan, 2013
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    I've been in and out of this compny and I must say, it's a company of wealth. . No body wouid believe that I wouldn't be working for this company.. When the customer arrives in your store front they're looking for some hellp. They want service! Why would I wait for 20 min? Why not use the Taylor's? They'll make life easier and or just have the customer be seated. Rush. Rush. Please be patient.

  • Wi
      3rd of Feb, 2013
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    I am a first time mens wearhouse customer. I bought a complete tails outfit. I kept asking if the clothing was new since I was buying. They told me repeatedly that is brand new. They were lying their butts off. There is a bar code sticker inside the jacket that they scan for renting. The tag is filthy. I don't call this new.
    One employee did tell me to call back Tuesday, and she will make some calls to see if she can locate a particular tails I liked because of the fit. Hopefully they will do me right.
    As to added charges, the definitely do this. It ended up coating me another 40 bucks after they tacked on alterations and a couple other charges I had no idea about. I think the girl saw a first time buyer and took advantage of it.

  • Th
      30th of Nov, 2013
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    men"s warehouse has lost what they had and its not even funny .there is a place in THE A T X (A U S T I N T E X A S) called M O D A .there is one in the domain and there is one in the lake line mall .this is the best place they will take care of you like the good old days.ever one there knows what time it is .its all about you the customer it is the best i have ever seen .just call and tlak to some one. the domain 512-821-9330 and at lake line 512-257-0779 you will never go any were after this .oh ya moda has everything you a well dressed man will need slim fit suits real hot stuff .now you will be able to pull all they girls when ever you want too .DO NOT FORGET M O D A AUSTIN TEXAS

  • Th
      30th of Nov, 2013
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    moda rocks i have bought 5 suits and i will never go any were else .they will work with you in what ever your needs might be .if you have not heard of theme you will real soon.they are real good and care about your needs .customer are the only thing they care about

  • De
      1st of Apr, 2015
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    My son is getting married on the 19th of April. He went to mens warehouse and picked out a suit which required alteration. He came back to pick it up after the allotted time and found that it had been altered completely wrong, he is a 36 waist and the suit pants were about a 46 and the coat was not correct either. They assured they would fix it and gave him a new time to return. He return again only to find that it was incorrect again. They gave him a new date. He returned again only to find that his coat had been replaced by a different coat that was for a extremely heavy man and the pants were still wrong. The lady at the desk assured him that this was his coat and he replied that doesn't she think the coat is a little to large for him and her nifty reply was that some people wear coats like this and it should be OK. My son asked to speak to someone that new something about suits and she called a male salesman over, the salesman agreed with my son and said he would have it all straightened by the 14th just 4 days before he had to have it for the wedding. Now we cannot take a chance anymore and really just need our money returned and in the meantime go to a place we know will get us a correctly fitted suit in time for the wedding.

  • Be
      21st of May, 2016
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    Watch out for their "Damage and Handling" fee of $10.00; hidden charge scam. I paid for my son's prom tux and noticed the $10.00 additional charge on top of the $252 rental. The clerks said it was mandatory and that you could not rent a tux without paying it. They tried to explain it away as saying it was for changing alterations, dry cleaning, etc. I would think paying that much for a one night rental would include everything associated with the rental. When I rent a car, I'm giving the option of turning down their insurance; and, they sure don't charge me for cleaning when I bring it back. I can only imagine how much they make by charging every customer an additional $10.00. Perhaps some States' Attorney General should look into their practice.

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