Menardsonline pay, menards pulls and customer picks up

Menards Alpine NW Grand Rapids, MI.
This morning. May 7. I purchased materials online for a job in progress. Intent to have my employee, whom I pay, pick up the materials and bring them to a job up north. My employee sat and waited for a half hour for someone to help him with this order that had supposedly been pulled and ready to pick up. He said that two male employees were just sitting around shooting the ###. Finally my employee confronted these fellas for assistance, he said they were rude. My employee asked if they would just point him toward the area where the materials were and he'd go pull them himself. At this point he finally got the help he needed.
Time is money. If you intend to offer this service you should operate more efficiently than this. I'm out probably 40 dollars just for the amount of time this cost me. Time is money!
Next time I'll either come pull materials myself or maybe see if your competition has the same issues.

May 07, 2017

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