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To whom it concerns,

My name is Kim Potter and I recently made a sizeable purchase at your facility in Topeka, KS. Unfortunately it has not been a pleasant experience. We are in the process of remodeling our home, and on 7/20/18 we went to the Topeka store to order cabinets for our kitchen as well as items for our bathroom…a tub, shower, surrounding walls, vanities, and a counter top, among other items, which added up to nearly $7, 000.

We received the cabinets and began the installation. Over the past 9 days of this portion of the project I have had to return to the store 7 times because something was either wrong, parts were missing, or items were broken.

The first issue arose when we learned that we did not receive the support wall that would go next to the dishwasher for countertop support, which we had paid for.

Next, in reviewing my order, I found that I had not received any of the shelving for the cabinets, which we had paid for, which meant another trip to the store to pick up missing items.

Then, while trying to install one of the bottom cabinets, we found that it would not line up properly. After closer inspection we found that the mechanism used to adjust the cabinets was stripped, so I had to make yet another trip to the store so that the cabinet could be replaced.

Next I installed the upper corner cabinet, put the door on, and when I tested it I found that the door would not open all the way. I called the store and spoke with Stephanie, who told me that I was supposed to use a 45-degree hinge that I was never told about, and that they don't even carry that hinge so it would have to be special ordered. That was going to take another 7-10 days.

I then attempted to install the lazy Susan cabinet, however, I found again that the door wouldn't line up correctly. I decided to go back to the store so I could look at the identical cabinet in the showroom. After seeing the unit in the showroom, I found that I again did not have the correct type of hinge. After talking to Rachel I found out that I had to have that hinge special ordered also. At this point I told Rachel about the other hinge that Stephanie had special ordered for me to fix the upper corner cabinet hoping that they could be shipped together. However, Rachel informed me that Stephanie had not even placed the order for the hinge as she said she would. This obviously upset me very much and I respectfully asked to speak with a supervisor. Rachel tried to contact Jennifer, the manager of the cabinetry department, but she was nowhere to be found. Rachel then contacted Bruce, the GM, and told him that she had an upset customer that would like to speak with him. At this point Bruce told Rachel that he was busy right now and he would come deal with the situation later, if he had time.

I decided to wait for a while because I felt like I deserved to speak with a manager and get an explanation of these issues after spending a large amount of money with your company. After a bit of time Jennifer finally shows up with a very unpleasant attitude, treating me as if it was putting her out that she had to come and speak with me about these problems. I explained the hinge situation and she told me that there was no order in the system for the hinge I needed for the upper corner cabinet, which meant I was going to have to wait even longer to be able to complete the cabinet portion of the remodel. She told me that the correct hinges are supposed to be included in the box and was I sure they weren't in there. I explained to her that if they had been in the box, I would not be out here at the store right now, I'd be at home installing my cabinets. At this point Jennifer said, "Well, I guess I can go up and take the hinges out of another box of cabinets." When she came back with the hinges she again questioned me about whether they were included in the original packaging, with a tone that suggested she thought I was either stupid, or lying, which I did not appreciate. After she handed me the hinges, I asked her politely to initial the bags so that I could leave the store with them. Again she acted like this was a big inconvenience to her, and that I was putting her out with my request. I felt totally belittled by her actions and attitude so on my way out of the store I stopped by the customer service area to ask the associate for the phone number to the Menard's corporate office, specifically the complaints department. While the associate was looking up the number for me the store manager, Gary, came up to her and asked what she was doing. She told him that I was unhappy with the products and service that I had received and wanted the number to the Menard's corporate office, to which he responded, "oh, " and walked off without asking me what the problem was, if there was any way he could assist me, or if there was any way to resolve the problem locally.

I left the store and went home to complete the installation of the upper corner cabinets. When I went to put the shelves in, I realized that I was not given the shelves for this cabinet either, which I had also already paid for. So, you guessed it, back to the store, again, to get the shelves for the upper corner cabinets. Now I'm home, putting in the shelves, and I get to the last shelf, take it out of the box, and it's the wrong shelf. It was supposed to be a 30"w x 14"d x 15"h, and what I got was a shelf 15"w x 14"d x 30"h. I took the shelf back and I asked to speak with a manager. I explained to the manager, Andrew, that I received the wrong shelf and that this was the 7th time I had returned to the store with an issue. Andrew treated me like I was just another complaining customer, and not a customer who'd had to return 7 times due to the ineptitude of the store he was managing. At this point he called back to the cabinet department and asked that someone come to the front to assist me, to which they told him they were too busy to come. Andrew decided to go back to the cabinet area himself and see what could be done. When he returned he told me that he was having the cabinet pulled, turned around, walked away, and left me there to wait unattended.

During my 7 unnecessary trips to Menard's, in a 9 day period, having talked to 4 different managers, never was I offered an apology for my troubles, no apology for my continued inconveniences, nor was I ever treated with a modicum of respect. Instead I was faced with managers who emoted the attitude like I was somehow putting them out that they had to assist me in any way. In reality, I was the one who was constantly being put out by having to return to this store on the opposite side of town, wasting my gas, wasting my time, and having to deal with rude personalities when my order should have either been correct the first time, or corrected after the first issue.

This horrifying experience has just been for the cabinets. I have not even started on the bathroom order yet, so who knows what issues I might find there. I am actually considering returning the bathroom items to the store, but have not yet because I fear the hassles, and frankly, the management team, that I would have to endure if I do. Needless to say, I don't have much faith in any transaction that takes place at Menard's.

My experience with your company has been outright horrible. This is my first, and last, experience I will have with Menard's. My friends, family, coworkers, and followers on social media will all know about the constant unpleasant actions of your store, and know not to shop there if they want their orders to be correct and to have positive customer interactions.

Kim Potter

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    Spend a tremendous amount of money at Menards for a house remodel project. Had to go back 7 different times to get parts of my order that I did not receive and the management staff were rude and lack customer service skills.
    Will not shop there again!!!.

Aug 07, 2018

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