MenardsI fell while I was exchanging an item in you store.

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I bought a paper towel holder Sunday June 3, 2018z at the Miller Parkway store in Milwaukee. The towel holder was so stiff it didn't allow the paper towel to move. After work Monday June 4, 2018 around 6:00p I took the paper towel holder back to the store to exchange for another one. I asked a store employee if I could just pick up the exchange and get back in line. I was told yes, leave your item at the desk, which I did. After selecting a different paper towel holder a $14.99 one instead of the $3.97 one I was walking back to the customer service desk. My foot just started to slide and I came down hard on my left knee. I screamed, beausebit hurt and I was calling the security to acknowledge what happened. No one offered to help me. The security guard met me halfway as I got up from the floor so he could see the resize on the floor which caused me to fall.
A department manager named Brenda cane over. She said after your done you can walk to the back to complete an incident report. I wasn't walking anywhere. I wanted to go home and ice my knee. I got out of line to show this Dept Manager the residue tonhsve to stand back in a longer line.

Once I could return my product I asked for a store manager. I waited 15 minutes to meet with him. I explained what happened, that I was not walking to the back of the store to write an incident report. I just fell remember.

I asked him to acknowledge what happened, simply discount a $14.99 product and call it a day. He said he could not discount the product but he could sell it to me. He said if I wanted to come back to the store to complete the incident report I was welcome to do so. I believe the GM on duty was named Brian.

I have a very swollen knee that is turning a dark purple. I've since taken photos of it. I was told the cameras in set store should show me falling.

I want to be made smoke. I left your store differently from how I walked in. I merely asked that the item be discounted. My knee isn't broken it is however badly swollen and sore.

Menards needs to acknowledge some type of compassion for your customer. I just spent about $1000 after Christmas replacing my cabinets frotndy. I just switched out 3 light fixtures in my house in April. So I am a loyal and steady customer. I left feeling I was shopping in the wrong store. I felt that Manager should have offered me the $24.99 paper towel holder actually free or offer me a gift card of some sort.

So my complaint is that I fell on your store, I have a badly swollen and bruised left knee and I get no compassion or acknowledgement whatsoever. I truly after spending 45 minutes in the store for a five minute exchange wanted to go hone, get off my leg and ice my knee.

Come to Menards and fall and we could care less. Keep shopping with us. I don't want to go back in the store. I've lost all respect for you. I was going to go hone and mow my front law. Not able to do that tonight. Thanks to Menards.


Marsha Ward-Johnson
2829 N Grant Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53210



Jun 04, 2018
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  •   Jun 04, 2018

    Did you trip or slip on something or are you just a klutz? And, what is, “I want to be made smoke.”? “I merely asked that the item be discounted.” You fell so want a discount? Let me run to Lowe’s and fall, I need a new TV at a discount.

    File a claim for medical reimbursement. Oh, you didn’t go to the doctor or ER. Nice try. You want a $14.99 item for $3.97 due to a fall you claim happened.

    Good luck, shnorer

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