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Menard's inc. is a HORRIBLE place to work the don't care about their guest or there team members they care about making money like the rest of America, so tell Menard's to stop ling in all there advertisements about caring about quality and service. They are full of s***, they force you to stay after they close and clean even when your schedule off at a time and tell you u cant leave until u finish. They wont let you take lunch unless u stay an extra half hour to make up for you taking a lunch. The owners of Menard's are piece of *** and need to learn how to help and take care of their employees Menard's inc. is a sweet shop of modern day. I hope Menard's goes out of business soon. and john and Larry Menard have to live on the street. Menard's *** and Larry and john r going to *** for their greed and how they treat people!

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  • Mr
      Oct 20, 2008
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    I second this. I hate the ###ing place. Treated like ### and people that shop there treat us like ###.

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  • Be
      Nov 20, 2008

    Well you know what they say on Karma, payback comes sooner or later...I was hurt 8 yrs. ago and pretty much hung out to dry, John Menard and his managers put me under even kept my earned Profit sharing, have been living in next to poverty not able to work full time or even Pt after they payed attorneys to change injurys in court, ended up on ssdi living on 1/4 on what I was earning.It was shown in ssi hearing with University Drs. with there own menards Dr. Records that they "were" work injurys .I live daily taking pain pills and now stomach meds. I pretty much lost my marrige even though I am still here they only thing I have left is my dogs and half the home I am this economy is like natures payback for me..every bit of stock and stores he looses is like 5 minutes of the life they took from me...

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  • Me
      Nov 26, 2008

    I've been here for 15 years and have never had a problem. Obviously the problem is with you. If you had any type of work ethic, you would get along just fine. Its people like you that think Menards, and anywhere else you will ever work, owes you something. They gave you a job, prove that you deserve it.

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  • Ra
      Jul 29, 2019

    @Menards man I agree as well. I worked really hard to learn as much as I could about the products, store policy and about how our products should be used. I took ALL the in home training classes--including Spanish and Contractor Desk. The department managers and store managers were really good to me and when my mom was dying the HR coordinator took time out of her day to help me fill out paperwork so I could take emergency medical leave. When I needed more hours, they gave me all the hours I wanted. If it hadn't been for their kindness, I would have lost my house. There's no such thing as the perfect place to work, but I worked really hard for them and they recognized my hard work. It's the kids that constantly call off sick, walk in late or goof off that resent being told to work. It isn't a social club, you're there to do a job not hang out with your buddies and goof off.

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  • El
      Feb 16, 2009

    I agree with the above comment. I have worked there for 1 1/2 years and have NEVER had any problems whatsoever. I get the hours I request, I get the days off I request, my managers are very understanding of my school schedule. If I have to stay late (tonight I had to stay a half hour late to process a return) I just think of it as more money in my pocket. If you have a good work ethic, you will do just fine. Menard's isn't like other actually have to work when you go to work there!

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  • Lo
      Feb 26, 2009

    I have been with Menards for about 8 years. You say that they treated you like crap, I find that hard to believe unless of course you were being helped by the lady who posted below you. Everyone at Menards has one objective everyday. That objective is to help the guest and make sure that they are happy with their purchase and continue to shop at Menards. As for the guy who is complaining about haveing to stay a half hour late. Your the reason people have to stay late, because you are too busy crying that you actually have to do something then actually doing it and getting it done. Your getting paid, its not like your putting up your own time for nothing. Menards is more than a paycheck, it teaches you responsibility and the value of a good work ethic. It teaches the importance to got the extra mile not just for the guest but for yourself. I wouldn't expect you to understand that because you like many other people think that everyone owes you something instead of you proving yourself to someone else. Your scared!!

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  • Mc
      Dec 03, 2016

    @LockJawCowboy Dude, you crack me up. You seriously must be delusional if you think Menards is such a great job. Menards is by far the worst job I have ever had! Most of the people who make Menards their "career" are lazy workers who know how to kiss-up to the right manger so they can do the bear minimum, their too lazy to find a worthwhile career, and/or let the profit sharing and the bonuses trap them. I admired the culture of hard work at Menards, but the overall talent level of the company is lacking. Anyone that is a decent employee only stays to get the minimum experience to move on to a better company, quits for a better job, or works at getting a college degree to better themselves. Unlike what LockJawCowboy says, most of the complaints that you see here are valid and these workers are NOT LAZY. In truth, Menards is a disorganized hell-hole that acts unprofessional toward employees and doesn't give them the training or tools to succeed. Favoritism and verbal abuse from both co-workers and customers runs wild at this place. Whether you have a good work ethic or not, managers promote and give out the best schedules and more hours to ones who know how to kiss-### the best over someone's qualifications and their work performance. I think your the one that is scared to move on to a "grown-up" career like I did. I'm glad I got a college degree, so I don't have to make this "dead-end retail job" as my career. The company I work for now is a complete 180 of this place and I couldn't be happier working there.

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  • Mc
      Dec 11, 2016

    @MC15 Also, letting the employees that you cannot count on continue to pick up a paycheck while you're working the ones that you can count on will only leave you with employees that you can't count on. The company is hurting for people all over given the ridiculously high turnover rate. My advice to Menards is that they should focus on fixing their current issues & look at the operations of a similar successful employer (i.e. Costco) and mimic that.

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  • De
      Aug 03, 2017

    @LockJawCowboy Earn you keep, "Upper Management. Straight fact! Menards is crap in totality.

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  • Ka
      Mar 04, 2009

    Menards hires people to surf the web and prevent any bad publicity. They even own
    Most of what you see here are the uppers trying to put down the complaint. But the complaint is true. They treat their employees HORRIBLY. They even make you sign a contract stating you will pay them if you cause damages for more than 500. Which is not legal in wisconsin but they dont tell you that. Even if you sign it, since the contract is against the law the contract is not valid so the excuse "you signed it" doesnt even work.

    Menards also is known to dump haz waste, or burn treated wood, and will rather pay the DNR the fine then dispose of it. Dont belive me? Look it up, theres been cases on it.

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  • Fr
      Jun 19, 2018

    @KayTee the damages doesn’t exceed that $500. Last I heard it’s $260. Haven’t a clue where you got $500.
    And I don’t think they really hire people to surf the web and put positive reviews to compensate negative reviews. They have more things to do with their time n money. There’s a place for workers like you. It’s called Home Depot and Lowe’s. I’ve been to Lowe’s once. Never again. Went in Home Depot once... never again. Only one person approached me and pointed where the restroom was.

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  • Fo
      Apr 04, 2009

    I completely agree that Menard's is highly unfavorable towards its employees. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very hard worker and have a solid work ethic. The fact is that Menard's essentially trains its higher-ups to find ways to scam the most money out of guests (customers) and overwork team-members (employees). And, as you can see, they sugarcoat it. There are complex ### procedures that you basically bar employees from ever attaining fair pay and conditions at work.

    Although I'm a head cashier now, I started out as a carry-out, and believe me, they get the worst of it. Most of the labor-intensive stuff, or the duties that none of the other departments want to do is directed towards carryouts. There's so much to do in a shift that you have to rush to complete your job, and then department managers get angry if you make a mistake. For example, Carry-outs do returns for the entire store, which means about 200-250 a day. They, even though they are at the bottom of the totem pole, have to know where everything in the entire store is.

    A few years back, when I was carry-out, I misplaced a pack of screws. A few days later a customer tried to buy them and complained that the price was wrong. In less than five minutes we had it sorted out, but the guest filed a complaint, and I was nearly fired.

    The bottom line is that Menard's is nothing but a spiteful web of greed and blame, with a filthy-rich spider slavering right in the middle.

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  • Me
      Apr 24, 2009

    I work at Menards and find it pretty difficult to tolerate. Many kids who are "playing" boss ordering me around. I have two managers but it seems the kids who have been there a month or two are the people running my dept. I will probably be forced to insult and embarrass the kids to get them to focus on someone else. I will stick it out a while longer to see how it goes but I can definitely see a "walk out" in my future.

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  • Sa
      Jun 06, 2009

    menards wrties people up for every little mistake you make, and they do force you to stay after your [censored]fs a lot.

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  • Ma
      Jun 29, 2009

    grow up and work on your work ethic. menards is a good job for someone starting out. they pay well and are pretty good with working out a good schedule for students and part timers.
    just stop whining and maybe you'll get ### done faster and not have to stay late.

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  • Ga
      Feb 04, 2018

    @mabaeb You are a PUPPET A MENARDS PUPPET

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  • Ma
      Jun 29, 2009

    oh and by the way... your *'s don't even make sense in your complaint... figure out how many letters are in a word before you start throwing out s***.

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  • Me
      Jul 07, 2009

    i agree with the complaint. my manager sits around talking on the phone for hours and complains that he is bored. Are you fricken kidding me! do some of the jobs on the laundry list of tasks that you gave me. he also has me do the morning paperwork and other jobs that are supposed to be completed by the manager. i am sick of it and will be glad when i get out of there-soon. the only good thing are my coworkers and the special order discount.

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  • El
      Aug 31, 2009

    At this point, I have been there for two years, and I kinda have to agree with what people have been saying here. Management has been going down hill, the employees are getting lazy, and everything seems like a joke to everyone. There are CONSTANT power struggles between managers.

    I had one of my managers yell at me because, according to her, we couldn't do a phone-in credit card order, period. [censored]. I had the paperwork filled out and the customer waiting. She just didn't want to call the GM over to approve it, which he happily did without incident. If I hadn't stood up for myself and the guest, we would have lost around $300 in profit and a customer. I'm no saint myself, and I know that the loss of of one customer isn't going to matter, but honestly, when all you have to do is call someone's name over the radio, JUST DO IT!!

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  • De
      Sep 10, 2009

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  • Re
      Sep 20, 2009

    To those up above saying they love Menards and blah blah blah, you're tools. I've been there over five years now and can't possibly wait to get another job with my degree due to the complete utter disrespect from superiors ranging from the FEM, to the HR, and even at times the GM. They allow blatant examples of sexual harassment, verbal harassment, and favortism. I was recently called an extremely foul name over the radio and humiliated simply for asking for help at the service desk and after going to the 1 st GM about it I was repremanded for complaining about the superior who had said it to me, which just happens to be against Federal Law. I will agree that this is a good job to have if you're in college or even high school as it'll give you some extra money but as a career it's a complete joke. Most managers who even think of making 45K+ a year are working stupid hours each week that include long, long, long (13 hour a day) weekends as well as averaging 50 hours a week. Yea no thanks. I'd rather work 8-4:30 Monday through Friday with my degree and make the same if not 5K+ more a year and not be harassed and treated like trash by my superiors.

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  • Me
      Nov 07, 2009

    I've worked for Menards for a year, and while it's not the worst thing I've done, I can confirm that overall, it is a really terrible job. Managers are condescending and rude - even in front of customers. Training is non-existant except for their "in-home" program where they offload what should be paid on-the-job training, and require you to do it for free in your spare time at home (no thanks). Speaking of home, forget about ever being there if you're a good employee. They'll dump task after task on you until you're living out of your car in the parking lot. My managers routinely put in 55+ hour weeks. As a part-timer, I was told 10-15 hours. I average 30 and have been scheduled as many as 54 despite my protests.

    Compensation sucks during the week... barely over minimum wage. They do give a reasonable premium for weekends (and I have to admit that I do love weekly pay checks). Keep in mind that this compensation level was what I got despite having construction experience, two higher degrees, and lots of relevant experience. The ###ed janitor makes as much as I do. The worst part is their "Profit Sharing" pyramid scam. They really push it during interviews as if it'll make up for the lousy hourly wages, but it's idiotic as it's not based on performance, talent, contributions, ability, or any other reasonable metric. It's based solely on time. That means that I might get a bonus of $400 at the end of the year IF I work enough hours to qualify and the store as a whole is profitable. The ###ed janitor, on the other hand, will get a bonus of nearly $6, 000 simply because he's been there pushing a broom around longer than me. I average over $3000 in sales per day worked (roughly $750, 000 in sales this year), and complete hundreds of tasks with a high degree of proficiency, but the ###ed janitor, who frankly sucks at cleaning, is rewarded more simply because of time. What a stupid concept - it's like a built-in pyramid scheme that benefits upper management (since no one else can stand to be there long enough to cash in on the higher bonus levels).

    I generally like my customers. Sure, they try to nickle and dime us and get discounts on everything, but all in all, I like them - they're the good part of the job, and the only way I'm able to maintain my sanity. The way the managers treat them is another story. Department managers appear to loathe customers and will do EVERYTHING in their power to disallow returns - even very reasonable returns with receipts and all. It's some of the worst customer service I've ever seen. I would never buy a high dollar item from Menards. If there were anything wrong with it, they would do their best to prevent you from being able to return it - even if they knew about the issue beforehand. Take my advice - buy the big stuff (mowers, power tools, etc) at Lowes. If you have a problem, they'll take care of you.

    I am greatly looking forward to quitting my job. I'd love to do it in a storm of fury in the middle of an extremely busy day (maybe black friday). However, I've been taught to not burn my bridges, so I'll probably slip out peacefully with a 2-weeks notice. I've not enjoyed my time there at all, and every person whom I've believed to be a quality employee has moved on to greener pastures. I will soon follow, and I won't miss Menards at all... in any way... none.

    P.S. If you do any research into the company, they are led by a group of horrible, polluting, cheating, corrupt, unfeeling individuals who do anything for money, and sue anyone who questions their ways. If the love of money is the root of all evil, that explains the Menards leadership team. There's a way to make good profits in business with ethics and integrity. Menards just doesn't do it that way.

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  • Di
      Nov 18, 2009

    from the store mgr and all staff are completely rude to blacks period

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  • Fa
      Dec 14, 2009

    I was at the Madison WI Menard for 2 year while in college. The management was run by people with no degrees or any knowledge of business what so ever. It was like high school without teachers. They punished people by demoting them then promoting them. It made no sense. They played musical chairs with the staff, so no one knew anyhthing about the department they worked in. It lead to terrible service, which supposedly they strive on. If they didn't like you they fired you, if you were a another race, they didn't hire you or they fired you, if u were late once or twice they fired you. They should go down in hell as the worst corp ever. Why do people even shop there. Its all junk from China and they claim to be an American company .

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  • Au
      Jan 23, 2010

    Whine whine whine boo hoo they treat blacks poorly...get a life ### they are rude to everyone.

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  • Du
      Apr 17, 2010

    they are prob. rude to mexicans, asians, american indians, west indians, and white of european decent. THERE ARE RUDE PEOPLE IN RETAIL. thanks for bring up the "black issue" yet again. (yawn) (this is me being tired of hearing about it!)

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  • Ak
      Aug 06, 2010

    Menards is really good at using their employees to excess without giving the proper compensation. When I was working as a cashier I was written up for wanting to count my till. I counted it before I would start my shift and the front end manager yelled at me saying I wasn't allowed to count the money. On one day after being yelled at I counted my till again and the till came up 12. 00 short. I immediately called the manager on the walkie talkie and told her but she just yelled at me over the walkie talkie, later that day I was written up for counting my till. I ended up going to the Human Resources Guy and expressing my concern that if Menards wants me to be responsible for their money then I should have the right to count it to make sure that it has the amount of money that it was supposed to have. I was told I was able to count my money before I take it to the register in front of the manager. So the next day I went into the counting room thinking I was going to get to count the money in my till. But instead the manager weighed the money then handed me the till and told me it was fine. I pushed the issue that I was told I could count the money before taking the till which made the manager very angry at me and from that day forward it was obvious I was going to continue to be treated poorly. The harrassment continued from the management until I finally quit 6 months later.

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  • Ro
      Sep 17, 2010

    The Unknown
    I have applied at the Menards Warehouse Distribution Center in Eau Claire, WI. on quite a few occasions when they have numerous warehouse jobs open. My applications have been returned not interested- even though I have the qualifications to do the job. I have even pulled and delivered loads to Menards in the passed. I feel that Menards is practicing age discrimination due to the fact that I am over the age of 40 and that my application has been returned NOT INTERESTED. I feel that saying not interested says that do not apply here again, we will not look at your application again. Laura the receptionist didn't even say come back and resubmitt my application. Just like so many customer complaints about MENARDS, I feel MENARDS is rude and disrespectful and will not shop with them again. The owners of MENARDS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their workers to treat customers and and people applying for jobs at menards in such a rude manner. Owners of Menards beware- everytime people out here read the complaints and experience them themselves, you are loosing business and profit, think about what you are doing and make the right changes to make your image better.

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  • Du
      Oct 14, 2010

    Unfortunately, i can relate for most of the stories told here. I'll step a little out of the box for this comment. There are many injustices done at Menards; discrimination, favoritism, internal thefts, hatred, its all there. But, although very few, there are one or two people in the store that do have good intentions. This is life, it has its good and evil. It is just too bad all the backbreaking duties you make for the company, and how little they care. But then again, attach and extra 4-5 dollars to my hourly pay, and im willing to sacrifice it all.

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  • Me
      Nov 20, 2010

    I strongly agree with this! I work at Menards and it SUCKS! They are very unfair with their guests, and even their TM's. I too can agree with most these comments on here. The people who wrote the nice comments about Menards.. get real. You're probably from the G.O. Who looks up websites bashing Menards is you don't have a problem with them?? You crack me up. Menards will go down hill eventually.. maybe not anytime soon but they will. They don't sell anything with quality.. it's all cheap versions of popular items. Such as the Snugglie, and all those infomercial products. They didn't want to pay for the product being at their store so they just decided to make a crap version that will only get the guest coming back to the store to return in a few days, and end up pissed off when they're told they can't return it blah blah blah. They are so "grey". I've gone to seminars for many years now and there is NOTHING black and white with their return policy. And the dumb Protection Plan is never going to get very far. Guests are smarter than that to know that Menards will just return it depending on who the Manager working that day is. I also 100% agree with how dumb those Manager contracts are! You can't build a house, you can't work retail so many years after leaving Menards, you get fined for so much [censor]. Nothing about that is legal. Who's to say you can't build your own god-damn house?! There's actually a Manager I know that built a house, but he's the GM's pet so nothing will ever happen to him. And this is the only store I know of that they only way to use your discount is having your entire purchase come out of your pay check. Sure there are ways around it, such as purchasing gift cards, but it's a hassel. They def. don't think about their employees. lol, i'm sure John Menard is constantly looking at facebook and the internet to see what bad stuff people write about his buisness. That cracks me up to envision it. I hope you see this site John! Reality check.. YOU SUCK!!

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  • Qu
      Nov 27, 2010

    okay the person who posted this complaint first makes me embarrassed that i work there. are you in high school? why the hell is your spelling so awful? and your *'s are waaaay off. menards isn't a bad place to work. its the customers that make that place unbearable.

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  • Lo
      Dec 17, 2010

    I worked for Menards for over three years and at two different locations. Honestly, I had no real qualms with the first location in Northern Illinois, but I put in my two weeks after two months of working at the other location in Chicago. Management was terrible. Policies were not followed- they never recycled. Plastic bags, mercury bulbs, scrap metal, shrink wrap, hazardous materials were all thrown away with regular trash. Even after I talked to ALL managers (Front End, GM, and all assistants), the problem still went unresolved. That ultimately was the reason I quit. I'm sorry, but I care about the environment and I feel like that's offensive to some people for reasons I can't understand? I mean, just watching the waste that ONE store accumulates in a single day is appalling. How can people be so thoughtless about that? The thing is, a majority of it can be recycled! I don't get it. Is it really that much of an inconvenience to throw a bag into a recycling bin as opposed to a garbage? I couldn't convince anyone to do it. On the days I worked, I would collect everything that could be recycled and take it back to receiving where there are bins, but I'm one person going against an entire store. That Menards is too "ghetto" to be concerned about things like the environment. And I'm not making that up.. that's what employees would tell me when I asked them why they didn't recycle. Why did it have to be so hard to get anyone's attention? The funny thing is, even after writing a letter of resignation explaining my extreme disappointment with the location, nothing will be done. I know that. My managers told me they didn't want to see me go. Then why didn't they fix the problem? Educate your employees! Just imagine how the customers feel shopping there. Customer service at the Chicago store was a joke. Employees were so apathetic and clueless. Not to mention loud. They just yelled across the front end and talked about inappropriate things in front of quests. Lines were always long and they were understaffed. Does that make sense to you? Every day traffic was like the day after Thanksgiving at most stores, yet they didn't have enough payroll to hire new cashiers? No wonder guests were always complaining about the place and comparing it to Home Depot. I wouldn't shop there. As a cashier, I never dealt with so many unhappy people in my life just in a single day. It's emotionally exhausting. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but being forced to go against my beliefs and being treated horribly every day was affecting my life. That treatment isn't something you can just leave at the workplace, either. It's awful.

    On the other hand, I can't really say enough good things about the store I used to work at. What a stark difference now that I know how bad management can be. The managers at the first store were excellent- accommodating in all aspects, really. I received the hours I requested; they were willing to do schedule changes in cases of emergency; they were quick to fix internal problems and problems guests were dealing with. The people I worked with were very knowledgeable and overqualified, in my opinion. I wasn't embarrassed to usher guests over to department managers, or head cashiers for questions because I knew that they would be helped. Also, they were very good about listening to problems and not seeing everything in black and white. To elaborate, I worked at the returns counter for a good majority of my time there and while most cases seemed to be the same, they really weren't. You and the managers both have to have good discernment in order to know when something doesn't sound right. I once had a man who tried to return a small water heater, but instead of using it's original packaging, he taped it inside a box of a larger water heater which was hundreds of dollars more expensive. In that case, the guest was more or less called out on what he was attempting to do, the product was never returned at the store, and an incident report was filed. In lesser cases, and to avoid petty arguments, most things are refundable.
    If there was one thing I've learned working retail, it's that people can be real shysters sometimes. It's unbelievable. Trust no one.
    On top of that, I've had innumerable accounts of dealing with [censor] [censor] people at registers. I'm telling you, people can be so frustrating with blatant disregard for anyone. But the most frustrating part of it all is that you just have to deal with it, or don't- but then you'll have to deal with the consequences. It just amazes me how poorly some customers treat cashiers. As if the cashier isn't even human but instead some incredibly life-like robot that responds to human commands. Not to sound hypocritical or like I'm over-simplifying things, but I've noticed that there are types of people who shop there. This is based on the few minute interactions I have with them and some are not pleasant. The most unbearable types of people to deal with are the ones who are always in a hurry, never polite, telling you how to do your job, then getting offended when you ARE doing you job by double-checking/counting things. Because if you don't take your word for it you're accusing them of stealing or lying, right? You're trying to catch them in the act, right? No. Wrong. Stop it. It's because people make mistakes. Simply as that. I'm just trying to keep inventory right, and if they do miscount or get a different product other than what they thought, the checkout line is the last opportunity they have to get that all sorted out. It's just saving them a trip. I don't know why they have to make it personally. But try explaining that to them. They get all huffy puffy.
    At the next tier of horrible human beings are the old, smelly, creepy men. Some of them are just awful. I cannot tell you how many times I've been sexually harassed by them or objectified. It's like, "I'm a third of your age, why are you talking to me like this?" Honestly, does that ever work for them, or is it just entertaining to be viewed as someone with pedophilia potential? I'm borderline illegal and that didn't stop him. It just blows my mind the things people say and do. Then there's the crotchety old people who want a million bags and the housewives who ask too many questions and never believe when you tell them that window seal is in wallcoverings, but they are tolerable. Literally, the only thing worth complaining about are the people that shop there. It's funny though, because it's not like people like this lurk in Menards parking lots across the Midwest just waiting to ruin your day. There are people like this everywhere. That's retail for you. That's interacting with humans on a daily basis for you. It sucks that people like this have to exist, but they do and they don't just shop at Menards.

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  • Ch
      Mar 21, 2011

    Menards is one of the worst places to work. I've always been a very out spoken person. My friends and family would say I tell it how it is. Partly because I can't lie. Your probly thinking to yourself "[censor]", but no Ive never been a good lieer so I don't. I gave up three years of my life for this company and how did they repay me, hmmm your fired for good guest service. Long store short I was a amzing sales man who told guest what was good that we sold and what wasn't. I never sold a guest something they didn't need because I wouldn't want someone to sell me something I didn't need. My GM use to seat me down on countless times telling me I couldn't tell people whats good and not. He also wrote me up for that and for standing up for employees. What I mean by that Is when he emotionally damaged a employee I would step in and stand up for them when he was wrong. They tryed to forced me to go against my beliefs when I became a manager, but I wouldn't. Who wants to be treated horribly every day? Do you? I was brought up that theres two ways you can go out in Life, On your knees or On your feet! I choose to go out on my feet...
    P.s. I've been blackmailed, emotionally damaged, and worse of all not threated like a human. I figure this company is going to [censor] themselfs, because they keep firing anybody who has a brain & cares about people.

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  • Se
      May 31, 2011

    Menards is awesome. Seany P is not.

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  • Se
      May 31, 2011

    Menards is awesome.

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  • Sa
      May 31, 2011

    Menards is a joke. I wouldn't spend one finsky there. They treat all of their customers like dogs!

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  • Je
      Sep 22, 2011

    A simple piece of advice. If you are not happy move on to something that makes you happy! If you do not like your workplace and stay with a negative attitude you are only part of the problem. With a company as large as Menards there is a range of Managers and many different ways stores are ran.

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  • Ye
      Nov 23, 2011

    I agree I worked at Menards and thought it was a good company. Until I found out the hard way that there greedy and backstabbing all the managers must be trained to treat employee's like trash. There horrible people. They fired me saying I'm not friendly when I know I'm a very friendly outgoing person. So don't trust Menards. Don't shop there either because they are all scammers.

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  • Ol
      Jan 25, 2012

    I was a Menards store manager for a number of years until the 70 hours work weeks (on avg) and the constant relocations didnt coincide with my goals to start a family.
    Many of the above claims do have some merit.

    Age discrimination:
    Partially true -- I was once asked to "eliminate" multiple ###. manager positions. This was because Menards wanted ast. managers that would agree to relocate for the company. The people whose positions that were eliminated were all older people with homes and families that had no plans to move. The positions were recreated a few months later with new "young" employees.

    Calling the aware line:
    -- generally NOT a good plan if you still want a job there. It is not all that anon. and the store managers are given clues (sometimes the transcript) and advised to weed out the problem employee.
    The Chicago area stores (at least out of the stores I was moved to/from) did tend to have the worst cust service and employee conditions. The store managers had other duties to worrie about, like bribing the city officials

    As far as shifts being cut short:
    -- true, managers are paid a bonus if they stay within a certain payroll percentage. They are fined if they go above that percentage. If sales are up there is more payroll to spend, just like any business.

    Menards does have a fleet of lawyers that will be sent out if Larry Menard feels slighted in any way, no matter how little the dollar amount involved.

    Menards is very anti-union... Ast store managers are sent to an anti union training seminar. Store managers also loose a large portion of their pay if a union ever gets involved in an individual store. They are not allowed to hire any employees that have ever worked for a union, which may also provide some insight as to why many of the employees there have no experience.

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  • Kw
      Mar 17, 2012

    to add to the already overwhelming proof that menards if a money grubbing establishment where only gm and managers reap the rewards we are trained to not only ask for add on sales but expected to get add on sales, as well as selling the most expensive products over more affordable choices. Gm and managers must also have no life cause they work 50 plus hours a week and twelve hours days are the norm, heck even low level employees (manager too) often close at ten at night and open the next day or at least very early ins the next day. And because our company did badly on an inspection (what is this the military) managers and employees are having to stay after close even if they are only scheduled to close and even if they have done all their tasks. If is freaking ridiculous as i have basically stood around waiting for other departments to finish their work and punched out up to an hour late, it should be against the law to keep employees after their schedule is over unless they haven't completed their work. and previous, complaints are right, basically a bunch of kids on power trips manage and don't want you to get better because you become a threat

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  • Ka
      Apr 04, 2012

    I worked at menards for little over a month. I agree with everyone on here that says Menards treats their employees like dirt! I was fired because my drawer was always coming up short even when id count out the "change due" to the customer. They dont tell you for days if/when your drawer was shirt. All in all Menards is a crappy company to work for.

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  • Tr
      Apr 25, 2012

    I totally agree menards is crap to work for. They are supposed to give you three raises every 3 months the first three months they are there, and i never got them. Big surprise right? I filled out the paper work for the first raise never heard back from anyone, and never got the paper work for the other two. What the hell? I work hard for my money as a matter of fact I have two jobs! So nobody can accuse me of being lazy. All these managers that are posting here need to ###in realize that if they want loyalty they need to treat the little people right before someday somebody gets fed up, and they ###in jack your mother ###in jaw! I started out as a carryout and let me tell you we got the ### end of the stick they don't let those guys have any down time, or a cart pushing machine ###! The managers are also always on their ###. I would go find another job but between going to college full time, working my second job, and trying to preform a major vehicle restoration its kind of hard. Another thing that is ### is the fact that if damages are done over 200 dollars you the employee have to shell that money out of your pay check. Uh? Ever heard of insurance [censored]s? Not to mention this is illegal. So i'm sure you'll be hearing from someones lawyer very soon you ###s

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  • Me
      May 13, 2012

    The managers are ###en kids who think they are better than you. The come into work every day and play "boss" even though they are younger, lazier, and definately much less intelligent than I am. I hate seeing dumb ###s with these management jobs. Also, basically everything that goes on operationally is absolutely inpractical. As a cashier, I am supposed to do returns to all of the departments after my shift is over, keeping me around for an extra hour as I look to return a basket full of stuff that I have no clue where it goes. Even though I usually just throw it into random places, the managers should have the returns organized by department, and then the departments can return items to their proper places which they should know so well, since they are in that area about 24/7. I hate being paid less than people I do so much more than.

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  • He
      Aug 17, 2012

    Sara is spot on! I've had that happen before too. It's beyond rude. I was out side the store with my vest off on my lunch heading for my truck and this little old lady started screaming at me GO GET MY CARTS FOR ME. I'm like what carts I'm on my break. She said I know you are BUT GO GET MY CARTS. I ignored here and walked away.

    Marcia I know its been 3.5 years, but you have it all wrong. There is no reason to tolerate rude people, if you do they will just continue to be that way. They are now owed a service if they are total jack ### self entitlement is the core problem with them. They think they deserve something they can't give others.

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  • Mo
      Oct 18, 2012

    I have worked at menards for a year now and have heard many horror stories of the place! I have hated all my previous jobs, but I can honestly tell you that I love my job!!! I have noticed that the people who make the bad remarks about this company are the ones who do not want to do their job. The benefits are great, all the staff is great to work with, and the training is great. This company is willing to work with you as an individual and help you grow and succeed! Yeah they have you stay longer, but only if the job you started is not done!!! I have learned so much from this company that other companies could not or were not willing to take the time to teach!!!This world is full of lazy people who don't want to put forth any effort in their job, they are only there for the paycheck... If that sounds like you then don't work there that is not the company for you! If you are willing to put the effort in and care about the job you do in any job then you will be treated right!!! So get off your butt and quit being a cry sac and motivate yourself to be an upbeat motivared employee and actually care, then and only then will you be treated right! I have made mistakes here and have always had the opportunity to explain myself and correct my mistakes and have not had a single writeup in the year I have been working at menards. Like I said... I LOVE MY JOB!!!

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  • Gu
      Nov 09, 2012

    No military discount and i am service connected

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