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. I want to complain and explanation about my bitter experience with Meineke, Colmbia, Missouri (2001 Rangeline St # C, Columbia - [protected]).
I went there with a leak in my AC. I knew it for sure that there is a leak and asked them to fix it. The manager (I knew it later ) said he need to hook up a machine to check the system to see where is the problem or leaking and gave me a price of $130. I asked if there is any other way (comparatively cheaper) to do it as I know there is a leak and asked if it is possible to put some die in to check from where its leaking. He said “no, he won’t do that”. --- Understandable …. He wants to follow his policy…
After 2/3 hours he said he filled gas and die and asked me to come the next day so that they could find the leak. I went there next day and they said the “O-ring is bad”… and charged me $60 to fix it… then let me go with Freon filled up….. I drove for 30/40 minutes and AC stopped working ….. went to their shop again 2 day later and they said the clamp the hold the joint of 2 pipes (where the O ring is) is bad and need to be replaced... so come next day since they don’t have it in stock like that O ring ….
So I went there next week and after spending a long time they said the evaporator need to be replaced – reason is – the outer end of the pipe got deformed … WHEN THEY SHOWED ME THE PIPE I HAVE NOTICED SOME SCRATCHES AND MARKS OR ABUSE THERE.. I asked if they did it as it was covered and did not happened by me…. They said NO offcourse … but who did that ..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbia, MO if it was deformed why they could not notice it any earlier… they did it and ignoring their responsibility.. The mechanic also left a pliers on my wind shield that caused a small chip on my wind shield as I started my wiper and it bumped on and dropped on my glass. Next day he was asking for the pliers and I gave it back to him .. but when I mentioned the incident he said that chip was from a stone came off the road….. …. What you could say …
Anyway, to fix the AC they asked for $500 as the outer end of the evaporator got deformed (and I claim that they did it but I can not prove it as)and they want to replace the whole evaporator which is $500 plus $60 for labor….. when I said I found one in ebay for $80 … they said they wont accept it and asked me to leave the shop as I am asking too much of questions…. Regarding if there is any other cheaper way to do it. He also gave me an example – “as if I go to the same restaurant and ask for if they can give me a burger for less every time” …. Is this how a manager should treat a customer even if he asked for alternatives (cheaper)….
I spent over $200 and 15 hours waiting in their shop without any result ….. without knowing my rights on misbehavior, mistreat by the employee…. Money back issue due to job has not been done (I went there 5 times and everytime they came up with a new thing how could it be sure that this time spending $500 would solve the problem)…. Who is going to pay for fixing the chip on my wind shield as it happened due to the carelessness of the mechanic ….

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  • Le
      Jan 26, 2009

    This sounds like a common "do-it-yourselfer" that screwed something up and didn't want to pay somebody else to fix it.

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  • Pa
      Jan 27, 2009

    Thanks for posting. I won't be doing business with them.

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  • Ji
      Jul 03, 2010

    I recently used Meineke in columbia, mo and found there services to be exceptional. They have recently been acquired by a new owner and there service staff works hard for the customer. I recommend them to everyone.

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  • No
      Oct 27, 2010

    @ripped off, You failed to mention the year, make of car, how many city, highway miles & if the car has a clear history of regular interval checkups. You did state Freon but did you say Freon loosly or the newer refridgerant. In today's world A/C is a big issue with the theory of depleted ozone. The Gov believes it so if you (as a mechanic) have better follow standard protocal. Keep in mind these systems are very sinsitive. I assume you did not buy the car new because if you did, you should have a report with your dealer's service dept. They should know your name when you come in. Meineke, as well as any mechanic, is not allowed to emit any cfc's and the act of doing so can be very costly. That is why there are so many fees associated to simple auto tasks today. If your A/C system had been low or dry for some time or if someone had attempted to prime an older system with the newer refridgerant this could/would damage your system. which is subjected to all kinds of elements . Those rings dry out & shrink, those fittings become corrosive & tight. The tubular ends tend to twist when attempting to break free the fittings, etc.
    I can hardly believe that pliers left on the wiper could impact the windshield to crack it unless a fastball pitcher threw the pliers @ the windshield. Are you sure the glass chip was not preexisting. They can be hard to find & with any bump an existing chip can grow very fast.
    I am not affliated with any local shops. I just restore old vehicles as a hobby & I have worked on fery fragile parts. In my hobby I have the option to let a part soak for months. I have even let parts soak for over a year to get the parts to free up. Your mechanic does not have that option. These issues are not always the case in a properly maintained vehicle.

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