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meest California / did not deliver shipment as promised

1 500 E.HARVARD ST., GLENDALE, CA 91205Glendale, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8185474910

On November 12, 2007 we paid Meest Company to send shipment to Russia. They charged us Air fee, delivery fee, insurance fee and custom fee and promised to get our shipment to Russia in 2-3 weeks. It's been almost 5 month and our shipment is still not delivered as it was supposed to be. Plus now company is saying that they do not deliver and person in Russia has to go to the Post Office to pick it up.
Meest Company totally failed to do their job and refuses to give us any kind of refund.

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  • Mu
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    The Meest is Ukranian company, it's poorly managed: rude customer service representatives, doubtful service, empty promises.
    Always use credit card to pay for this kind of service. If they fail delivering in 2 months (they usually promise to deliver in no more than 6 weeks), initiate credit card dispute through your bank. It helps.

    If you paid by check or cache - file report in a City, report to BBB or go to small claim court.

  • An
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Meest is unprofessional shipping outfit. I shipped 332lbs shipment to Ukraine. When it had arrived it weight 70lbs registered by Ukrainian customs on arrival. I paid extra shipping cost and customs fees for overweight limit and when it arrived it was missing items I shipped and only weighted 70lbs. After numerous phone calls to corporate office in Toronto, I gave up. The customer service is the worst nightmare you can imagine. The staff basically laughs in your face when I tried to resolve the issue, the managers at meest told me that I was a looser and I should stop calling them. I learned from my mistake and never using them again.

  • Lp
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I completely agree with the previous posts. I have ordered a "fruit gift basket" to be delivered to Ukraine as a New Year's gift, and when it arrived, the fruits were in ripped supermarket bags shoved into a cardboard box. I have attempted to resolve this issue on several occassions, however, the representatives just ignored my phone calls and did not return my messages. What a professional way to deal with the problem, just hoping it will go away. I disputed the charge through credit card, however, I think that more negative exposure is appropriate in this case.

  • Jo
      17th of May, 2010
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    WOW! Either you people haven't done business in Eastern Europe or you have unrealistic expectations. I'll give it to you that they aren't that professional; but you have to see where these people come from - it isn't the US, its the old soviet union.

    To "lpo" you're lucky your fruit got there at all. Shipping perishables internationally is a bad idea #1, #2 they have to be concerned about foreign insects that could destroy the local agriculture so the pretty packaging was probably ripped to shreds; at least they put it in a bag.

    To "Andrew" - they informed up not to ship anything over 70 lbs for a reason - and you found out why. Ship multiple boxes, while more expensive, ensures they get there. Good thing you got the insurance.

    To the anonymous 1st poster; Russian customs is a nightmare. The local post offices can't even guarantee things will get delivered. eBay is making a run to try and get into that country, however the biggest issue they're concerned about is shipping; from locals to locals. Now add Customs (from the US - who they're not a big fan of anyway) into the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster.

    To the original poster; Same as the previous.

    We had computers shipped through them and they delivered fine. Its possible they've changed their way recently but I wouldn't expect them to have changed that much. Your talking about shipping to a country with whom capitalism, democracy, and western standard awareness is less than 20 years old. The gov't use to do everything for these people, and not very effectively. there is rampant corruption, bribery, and lack of technological infrastructure; which makes tracking almost non-existent.

    Half of it is the countries to which you are shipping. I'm not saying Meest gives me the warm fuzzies. They are crass, rude, curt in response to questions, and have little sympathy when things go wrong. I get that; We dealt with the same thing. However, realize that you are shipping to a country where a streamlined system of delivering goods has not been created, customs inspection is random and unpredictable at best, and the people who work for these (agencies, gov't groups, private companies) are making very little for what they do and have little incentive to care because that is the world they live in. It can't changed because the politicians take bribes to benefit themselves and not the commonwealth they are suppose to serve. Its part of doing business in that part of the world.

    Spend 6 months in that region of the world and you'll get it; and have a new appreciation for the way things work in your home country/cities.

  • Bi
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    Wow...I was just reading this for the first time after mailing package to my niece is Ukraine from the California Office in Glendale. I sent the package to them from another state and I input the invoice they sent to me fill in the box, I had all the goods that was sent in the box to my niece. I called them that the invoice is on top, very top of the box but they open the box took out some of the goods and sent. The box weight 28lbs but when cousin received it, it weight 24lbs. And they refuse to deliver the packages to my cousin, she have to go and pick it up. I'm asking for my missing things and $20 that was collected for delivery fee. I can't believe this because I've been sending packages from Chicago Agent and no problem but in California they have issue of stealing, I think so. Please, refund my $20 and amount of my missing things worth $100 a total of $120.00

  • Ko
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    I'm living in Ukraine. I bought 4 iPods on Amazon and asked Meest in NJ to deliver my goods to Ukraine. They charged my card air and delivery fee. Several days later they said that my parcel arrived, but I can't got it because they didn't found it. I called Meest company in Ukraine many times. No results. I think my parcel was stolen in their office in Ukraine. My shipment is still not delivered and no refund was made.

  • Ma
      10th of Dec, 2011
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    I was just reading the various complaints about Meest. I have been shipping through Meest to the Ukraine for more than 10 years. Occasionally, it seems that some things do not arrive which were put in the box. I have no way of knowing whether the item was stolen by a Meest employee, the Ukrainian customs, or Ukrainian post office. For the most part, the service has worked very well and we don't have any major complaints. We never send boxes more than 35 pounds and wrap the boxes very securely. I would still recommend using Meest because my past experience has been pretty good.

  • Xe
      15th of Feb, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Looks like joeCashNow_LA failed to start a business in Russia, which means he's just a looser talking s*it about Russia as a revenge.
    Russian customs isn't a nightmare. American is. It took American customs 2 months to inspect my container, besides breaking a couple of things they also made me pay more that $3, 000 for using a private company warehouse and its equipment. It took 1 day for Russian customs to inspect my stuff, nothing was broken, charges were under $100. No bribing, no nasty american attitude.
    Western standards su*k, as well as capitalism, there has never been any democracy in the us or in the West. Unless american racists think that democracy is bombing women and children. You know nothing about Russian government, dumb a*s, and all the corruption and bribery is only true for the us and it's European puppets. Technological infrastructure and tracking do exist, the fact that that you know nothing about it shows that you never faced them in Russia. All the b/s you wrote about agencies, government or private companies is just a usual label americans put on anything they have no idea about.
    I spent 15 years in the usa and the only thing I can say after coming home I can say - thanks God I'm home. I'm not in the country of ignorant and aggressive [censored] where education is so expensive (and it still su*ks there like nowhere else) that everything and everywhere is done by non-professionals. Having all that technology in the states and still being the most ineffective in every possible field. Bureaucracy is so rampant, unprofessionalism is even worse and there's attitude everywhere.
    You definitely must appreciate the way things are in the US. Dumb, aggressive, ineffective but expensive. Sometimes I feel sorry for americans - people who were turned into a flock of embittered animals who can kill each other for a $5 piece of crap on Black Friday.
    Don't ever come to Russia. Tell ur kids not to. A country of 100% trash. Criminals and religious perverts who created that country, their descendants are exactly the same. Greedy, nasty, ignorant [censored] who look down on everybody.

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