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I like to know how they can charge me full price for a sweet tea ($1.69) when they have it on the meneu for $1.00 and advertise it on t. V. For a $1.00. I went into this today, ordered a saugage egg mcmuffin meal, with another saugage egg mcmuffin, I don't drink coffee or tea so I order a soda or sweet tea or juice. When I seen that charged me $1.69 for the sweet tea, I inquired why and told me that I order a meal, I get charged full price for the ice tea, that doesn't make sense, you would think since i'm buying the meal and the another sanwich, it would be cheaper, no it's more expensive. Let me tell you that nowhere in any mcdonalds does it say that if buy a breakfest meal that you're going to be charged full price for the sweet tea, it on the menu board for $1.00. The meal I had today was the worst meal I had in a long time. I go to mcdonalds quite abit, the englist where not even toasted good

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