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Mcdonald's In Blakeney / service poor

1 9710 Rae RdCharlotte, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 704-759-9151

During this visit, I was the first car pulling up to an empty drive thru. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscut and a large hot mocha. I paid and moved up to pick up my order. My sandwich was ready, and I was asked to move forward for my coffee. As asked, I moved forward. After 5 additional customers processed thru the drive thru and 10 minutes passed, I still had not received my coffee. I started to back back up to the window in an empty drive thru to see if they had forgotten. Instead the drive thru worker leaned out and yelled at me multiple times. I stopped and pulled forward again. Eventually someone came out and provided my coffee - no applogies for the wait or thank you for stopping. As this is morning rush hour driving, the additional time eliminates McDonald's from further consideration of a breakfast stop. I am angered enough, as this is about the third time this has happened - or someone working the drive thru did not understand either the register or english sufficiently to process my order after explaining it five times (two coffees), to stop taking my family of 5 to McDonald's. As my children are pre-school or elementary in age, you can imagine this is one of their favorite restaurants and we're typically at one branch or another once a week. This will not continue as I'm fed up with the blatent disreguard for customer time and service!! I can get thru Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts in 3 minutes or less, including when I enter the store.

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