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McDonald's / being rude and calling customer liars!

1 2 State Road Hwy 344, Edgewood, NM, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 505-286-9400

Manager was rude and called me a liar. Cashier took my order and items were missing, i.e. (medium drink, fries, and sweet & sour sauce). When I told the cashier that items were missing she told me, "no they are not". then went and got the manager. When I told the manager that items were missing he RUDELY asked for my receipt..saw that the items were not there and asked the cashier to make it right. The cashier got the cup for the medium drink and the fires. When she picked up the cup for the drink she put her fingers inside the cup. I then told the manager to get me another cup and told him what she had done. He told me "She does not do that", and asked me to show him what she did. I showed him and he said "her fingers are clean, that cup is fine". I told him no it is not and to get me a new one. He refused so I then stuck my hands back in the cup and crushed it and told him that not getting me a clean cup is against health policy in any restaurant. He finally got me another cup and then tried to charge me $1.30 for the new cup. I told him "Stick up your butt, I am not paying for something that is not my fault". I then noticed that I had not gotten my sweet & sour sauce and I asked for that. The manager then told me "We are out". I saw that they had two FULL tubes of it where the cashiers pick up the wrapped burgers under the warmers. If this is how McDonald's is ran, then you can rest assured that I will never go back! Edgewood is a small town... word gets around. With Moriarty only being 8 miles away, word will spread there too. I am now going to the papers and filing a complaint with the health board and anyone else that will hear what I have to say. I know I cannot close all the McDonald's all over the country, but the two here in Edgewood and Moriarty New Mexico will be okay by me. We need a sonic anyway!

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  • Bi
      1st of Feb, 2008

    Only losers eat at McDonald's

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  • Da
      29th of Apr, 2009

    I have been searching for 13 years trying to locate my daughter. Her mother and I had a bad relationship while she was pregnant, and left me 1 month before she had her. I couldn't find her after that. I got wind from a friend that she was giving birth to my daughter at the hospital in Albuquerque and I called there to try and work things out and see my daughter... That was the last time I ever spoke to her. She ran, hid, whatever you want to call it... For 13 years I have hired private detectives, put adds in papers, internet searches, even walked up and down every street in Moriarty trying to find them... Nothing. I didn't want to separate my daughter from her mother, but I wanted a chance to be her father... That was stripped from me because I refused to convert to Mormonism. After all these years, I found a few friends I knew there online, and one of them saw that Rebecca McClellan and our daughter had moved back to Moriarty. They could not give further information because of threats and "vandalism" upon their families.
    I do not want to get anyone hurt or put anyone in a position that could jeopardize careers, lives, or families. I just want to know if my daughter is well, how she is doing. I never wanted to get police involved and court systems, I don't want to drag our families through the mud over this. What else is there to day other than she effectively kidnapped my daughter and got away with it because we were not married. I made huge mistakes back then, and the biggest was letting my daughter go.. IT was the worst, most detrimental thing I could have ever done, and I have been praying and hoping to find her to make amends.
    I cannot bear to think I would never get the chance to be part of my daughter's life, and I know that left up to Rebecca, I never would get that chance. But I plead with you, is there anything at all you can do to give me any information about my daughter?
    This is all I know./...

    Her Mother is married to a man named Bryan Logsdon. They work, or have worked at McDonalds in Moriarty and Edgewood as managers. I have no idea what name they have registered under for my daughter. The only way I know my daughter's name, is because a friend of mine heard Rebecca call her that when she saw them. When trying to confront Rebecca, my friend was told that if she ever heard from me, that she was to tell me that Louise was not my daughter. It was a few years ago that Rebecca filed for child support and she dropped the case because it would mean that I would then have legal right to my daughter. The State would not give me any further information on that.

    I understand that you have no authority in this matter, and that I could be anybody trying to get information.. I am not going to hide my identity
    My name is Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh
    I live at 2947 W. Lemay Ave, West Valley City UT 84119. I do not have a phone directly, but I have 3 email addresses
    [protected], [protected], [protected] I am listed in MyYearbook, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and I use my full name and have pictures of myself, my wife and my 5 year old son.
    I was trying to place an add in the Moriarty Tribune to be out for this Thursday's issue, but because I just had to drop 1000 on my car repairs, I was left with no way to pay the measly 30 bucks it would have cost me to run a city wide add.
    I myself just found my biological dad after 35 years.. and have moved out here to be close to the man I never got to know.. please .. please dont let me make the same mistakes with my daughter. I repeated the sins of my father litterally, I want to end that now.
    I do not care if I have to pay child support for the rest of my life if it means I get to have her in my life.
    Please.. anything you can do

    A very hurt, and desperate father.
    Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

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