McDonaldspoor drive-up service

D Decatur, IL Review updated:

I arrived at this McDonalds Drive-Thru at 7:10 am on Sunday July 5th. I ordered a extra value breakfast sausage egg mcmuffin and medium coffee. I paid for my food and drove on up to the next one. I saw 3 or 4 employees milling around looking like they were getting off to go home. After watching for a few minutes I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was almost like three of them were pillaging the place of food. They were stuffing all sorts of breakfasts items in bags, getting cups of coffee and not even paying attention to me at the window. At one point I thought one of them was pouring my coffee but I found out it was for them. After about 7 mins and no one coming to the window and cars backing up behind me in line I started wondering what was going on. Then all three of those employees walked out the door and got in their cars with all that food and left. Finally I started knocking at the window trying to get someone to come to it. After a bit an older woman came up and looked out and yelled at someone and asked them if they knew there was someone at the window. Finally she opened it and apologized to me. I had been there almost 10 mins by then and had to get to work. She said she would get my order for me. I got it and drove away. I looked in the bag and it was a Cinnamon Bun and she had given me a large cup of coffee. I turned around and drove back and told the woman at the first window what happened. She told me to pull up to the next window and she met me there and gave me my correct order. I use to think McDonalds employees were trained to be more professional then what I saw. But maybe they have cut back on training. The others in town have really gone down hill latley too. food's ok but the service is nonexistent.


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