Mcdonaldsnot clean, and playland needs repairs

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I often patronize Mc Donalds of Batesville (at least once a week). I have a 9 yr old son which would explain as to why I am there so often. So we can safely say that I have visited there 52 times within the last year and I am very familiar with this establishment. During the last year I have watched this resturant go DOWN HILL ----FAST. The playland is suppose to have video games in it, they have been broken and not repaired for over 6 months. Numerous times (too many to keep count) I have been in the restrooms and they are nasty. Rings in the bottom of the toilet, wast paper in the floor and I honestly don't believe the employees that are in charge of cleaning knows the meaning of disinfectant cleaners-the odor and appearance can tell all!
I am honestly not a person who complains about much at all. I have worked with the public a lot, I understand how difficult it is to keep things in order and clean all the time. This is over the top though- I don't expect the same nasty toilet ring to stay in the toilet from one week to the next. I also expect that if I am going to spend at least $10.00 every time I visit this resturant because my son wants to play in playland that the toys should be in working order at least half of the time that I am there.

If you need to discuss anything with me I am very willing to help in any way possible.
Sorry had I known I could attach pictures I would've taken some for you.

My name is Kerri Sullivan
HC 89 Box 61A
Guion, Arkansas 72540



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      Jul 07, 2009

    It all goes through the system with such places as McDonalds. Unless there is a hazard to customers, the company is not going to go to every store that's becoming 'run down' as you say and fix things. Maintenance is not available every five seconds for companies and such things as video games aren't on top of the priority list.

    Understandably, the bathroom situation is disgusting. I've been in ones that are like that too but unless you're the first person in there that morning, you can't say they didn't do the right job.

    Cleaners usually clean in the morning and at night for fast food restaurants. You're a mother, I assume you know how hard it is to clean toilets completely clean, let alone if you have a lot of company for days on end. They are trying their best, at least the places I now go to (which is very rare, by the way, any fast food restaurant is disgustingly unhealthy) are at least clean.

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