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McDonalds # 21548 / poor customer service

Rw Jun 18, 2015

Review written like a txt b/c 2 many words. Today is June 18, 2015. I sent a complaint into McDonald’s Canada & have only received an e-m response from someone in an office telling me that someone will get back 2 me. My complaint was sent in before May 16 & the actual issue happened on May 5, 2015. So I have waited since the incident 44 days 4 someone 2 get back 2 me but that hasn’t happened!
The Complaint: I went 2 our usual McDonald’s Restaurant w/ my wife on May 5, 2015 for our morning coffee/tea & muffins. The restaurant location is 2330 Ottawa Street, Port Coquitlam BC V3B 7Z1 & is # 21548 the Dominion Triangle restaurant. We R regulars (or should I say were regulars) @ this location & @ McDonald’s in general so w/ that in mind most of the clerks know who we R & what we like. May 5 was not a good way 2 start the day though!
To explain further, I will start @ the beginning: There were 3 clerks working the front, one @ the register, one running the drinks & one running the food. The clerk that was supposedly doing the running of the food portion of the orders, was just standing around not serving people properly before me & certainly was not serving me at all! Her name was Kamal, @ least that was what it was on the name tag she was wearing!
While we were waiting 2 get served, I noticed that the customer @ the front of line had 2 wait 4 a large coffee while the girls were serving others, but it was a terribly long wait 4 a coffee! While I was waiting I watched the girl named Kamal, b/c we had an issue w/ her service B4. She never smiles, she smirks & she is generally quite a rude girl. I went through an issue w/ her B4 about writing our name on the receipt, where she replied ‘oh excuse me’ after I explained why I didn’t want or need my name on the receipt. I was watching Kamal serve the customer in front of me, she was piling everything on top of the receipt but she couldn’t see what else she needed & missed something. She corrected it & then stood there while the other runner was stacked up w/ drinks! I thought that she could have helped out 2 move the customer’s through quicker! This didn’t seem 2B teamwork! All through this she was not smiling or looking like she was enjoying her job!
Once we were rung thru, Kamal was still standing there not helping out & certainly not getting our muffins. Time had been ticking by & it did take an unreasonable amount of time 2 get 2 drinks & 2 muffins. So with that in mind & 4 the fact that Kamal was standing around not running the food 4 my order or any other order B4 me, I got angry! I said 2 her ‘stop standing around & get the rest of my order’! She said 7 times in a row “don’t talk 2 me that way”. All the while other customers were standing waiting 4 their orders 2 get processed she continued 2 stand there & argue w/ me. She then said that U should ‘stop talking 2 a woman (or girl) that way’! I never said anything about her as a female in any way once again she said “don’t talk 2 me that way”. All this when she should have just did her job & serve her customer’s! I was flabbergasted that she was arguing w/ a customer when she was completely in the wrong!!
Anyway I asked 2C a Manager but Kamal wouldn’t get one 4 me. So I asked a young woman in blue 2 come over here as I had a complaint. She may have been a supervisor, I do not know! I started 2 talk w/ the young woman in blue in order 2 complain, but Kamal interrupted & started 2 talk while I had been talking, which was completely rude & wrong! I told her 2B quiet so that I could make my complaint. This young woman in blue put her hands up 2 waive 2 Kamal 2 stop talking.
Kamal left & while I talked 2 this young woman about the complaint, Kamal did finally get our muffins which she should have done in the 1st place & nothing like this would have happened.
I continued telling her my complaint & I even mentioned that Kamal brought up the ‘talking 2 a girl in that way’. I promised this young woman in blue that I didn’t say anything 2 her in a derogatory way because she was a girl! I was only telling her 2 do her job because she was standing around not getting any orders ready after the previous lady’s order.
Anyway this young woman / supervisor completed my order & we left. I was not satisfied that this would go anywhere 2 the Mgmt. team so I decided 2 write in a complaint 2 make sure that there were some changes. I think that Kamal should get fired! At the very least she should go thru training again. She seems 2 me that she hates customers or working & if that is the case she needs 2 grow up & learn 2B better! Try 2 have fun @ your job, w/ the co-workers & at last but not least w/ your customer’s!
We have not been back 2 this McDonald’s, actually any of the McDonald’s Restaurants since this incident! That’s a shame because LY alone we spent approx. $4, 000 of which $1, 000 has been in the morning 4 coffee, tea & muffins alone! Tim Horton’s has been benefiting from Kamal’s BAD SERVICE & the fact that McDonald’s doesn’t care 2 talk 2 me about my complaint!

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