Mcdonaldpoor customer service


I am from Embrun, Ontario. We went to Quebec yesterday and we decided to go at Mc Donald (open for 24 hours) located at 1003 Chemic De Masson Gatineau, Quebec at around 10:30 p.m. but when we get there nobody was entertaining the customers. The worst thing was all the crews are just talking and eating fries at the corner. When we asked one of Mc Donalds crew what is happening she answered us that they are close for 10 minutes more because they are doing some cash counting(what ever it is).
After 10 minutes still no body was in the counter until we decided to leave the place. On our way out we saw one of the crew and we asked her where is the manager (named Lia) she said she is inside and she also told us that it is happening every day ( to close the Mc Donald for about 30 minutes because they are doing accounting inside). She said that they are not serving customers for 30 minutes but they are not informing the people inside the store unless the customer will ask. Mc Donald's crew should have more training on how to give better services.
We are hoping that you could give your attention to this. We are very disappointed.
If you wanna here more about this you can reach me at [protected].

Pierre Gauthier

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