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N Mar 08, 2017

Good Day

I trust you well
I am currently having issues with McCarthy Volkswagen Durban.

I purchased a brand new Polo Highline DSG. The vehicle was to be delivered to me on the 25/02/2017. The vehicle only arrived at the dealership on the 24/02/2017 and was rushed on to be delivered the next day.

The car had to be delivered with Smash n Grab and the Paint protection glaze.

*I picked up the vehicle with the paint protection not done correctly.
*Vehicle was not cleaned on inside( Sand and dusted was very visible)
*Glue marks from the plastic was still on the vehicle.

I was then asked to bring in my vehicle on Monday 27/02/2017 to have it cleaned out and also reapply the paint protection glaze.

Upon picking up my vehicle on Monday afternoon, there was visible scratches on my roof. This was now brought to the New car sales manager Angelo.

He inspected the vehicle and could see the scratches and stated that my vehicle needs to be booked in on Tuesday 28/02/2017 to have the roof polished. He assured me that this issue will be resolved and polish will be the solution.

Upon picking up my vehicle up on Tuesday afternoon, the scratches on the roof was still visible but now there were scratches on my bonnet and boot lid.

They now stated that they will have to get an outsourced repair center to get involved. My vehicle was taken on Thursday 02/03/2017 to Ross Champions. They stated that all that is required is to block and polish and my vehicle was booked for the 08/063/2017 by McCarthy VW DBN.

I was supposed to get a Loan vehicle today 08/03/2017 and also confirmation stating that this would be the last and final chance to have my vehicle repaired and that if my vehicle is damaged or painted during this process, I will not be accepting this vehicle.

I am still waiting for the loan vehicle and the confirmation letter but left my vehicle at the dealership this morning.

I have not received anything but headache from McCarthy DBN and will be forced to take this up legally.

Naheem Shaik

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