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Mc - Grc Proactive Solution / Charged for something i didn't order

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They are liar. . . , they did same to me, i received on free mailer booklet speacial offer for $19. 95 and i orderd on line, there was no choice or any fine prints to worn saying " you will automatic enrolled as a member ", i received trial order month later and guess waht, not even two week and i see charge for $45. 85 whcih was not authorizes and when i called they were giving stories, what a scam. . . Never buy from this people on line or by mail, i called my cradit card company and informed them, will see what happens. I called proactive and argues a lot finally they said they cancel my acount and will refund but guess what. . ,. Another lie. . I suppose to received refund in 3 businesss day and when i called again they sad they posted $39. 90 cradit but neither i can see it or not my cradit card company, so they give you boolsit story, such frud. . . Never ever buy anthing from this people online or mail. Or you will have nightmare.


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  25th of Feb, 2009
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I never ever placed an order with this company. I have been charged on my credit card TWICE now for something I never ordered! I have never even been to their website and they are claiming it was an internet order. I questioned them about it and they said someone must have stolen my credit card, BUT THE PROACTIVE CHARGE IS THE ONLY ONE!
How can they get away with this??
  10th of Mar, 2009
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Read the fine print!! Introduction package is followed by automatic shipments of packages every 2 months! While being away from the country travelling in the rmote places I was surprised to discover that my credit card was charged 6 times and 6 packages were delivered. Cannnot send all of them back, only 2 for last 60 days.
  10th of Mar, 2009
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grcproactive - i did not order their product
United States

i did not order this product and they keep sending it to me and charging it on my visa.
  24th of Mar, 2009
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Proactiv should be sued for their disgusting marketing practices. I was just charged this week for a Proactiv kit that was sent to my house which I did NOT order, want, or have any interest in whatsoever. I have never requested a trial, visited their website or bought any skin products on line. HOW did they get my bank account number? I too called the customer service line and was told that someone must have my information because it 'looks like I ordered it'.
These practices are more than deceptive, they are morally wrong, totally disgusting and certainly should be illegal. I'm less worried about the 25 bucks than I am about this reprehensible 'business'. This is flat out fraud.
Does anyone have advice about how to root out how they got my card number?
  6th of Jul, 2009
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I have been using proactive for about 12 weeks, I first bought it because I have had clear skin my entire life, up until about 4 or five months ago I started getting tiny pimples on my forehead cheeks and blackheads on my chin so when I saw an infomercial I was convinced and ordered it, well here I am 3 months and almost a hundred dollars later, and I now have the worst skin I have ever had in my life, I have large acne sores on my cheeks and chin, my forehead stays oily regularly and my pimples are out of control, so I am discontinuing use and letting everyone out there know that PRO ACTIVE IS A JOKE! IT DOES NOT HELP YOUR SKIN CLEAR UP! IT IS BOGUS AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!
  2nd of Aug, 2009
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I too have been ripped off by this company. I made the first mistake and through having a family emergany had to dry out my checking account. I figured they wouldnt send the product if money wasnt there to get. It's actually the only thing i have done through the internet and to have it automatically taken out of my checking. I admitt im new at this and am a newly widowed female living on a fixed income for the first time. When i went on line to check my bank account i saw where my account was overdrawn. I borrowed some money, went to the bank, talked to the manager and she was nice and understood. She took off each day that the bank charged me for the $45.85 that wasnt there that Pro Active tried to get and I was all ok with .25 cents left in my bank account because Im honest and i wanted to take care of this mess. Before I went to the bank I called Pro Actives customer service and talked with them explaining it was my mistake and that I did not want them to send that back through again since there was no funds in that accoun and as soon as I got my product i was sending it back anyways. t. I told her that at least 5 times and she assured me each time they only do it once and that after that they just send me a bill through the mail. I even asked to have the Pro Active account closed and she talked me into keeping it since i only have it set for product every 16 weeks. Well I made a big mistake again. 1 week later my account is overdrawn again becuase they lied and sent it back through before i had even recieved my product, and I told that costumer servise rep I had no money in my bank account nor would I for 3 weeks, that did again 1 week later!!! . This is a mess and Im done with them. Im closing my Pro Active Solutions account, Im getting a new bank card with a new acc number that they wont have and lets see if they do this again. This is down right theft. Im sending the product back to them tomorrow too. I can go to Walmart and get just as good stuff for cheaper and not be ripped off Clean & Clear is just as good of a product . After all this is just over a face for some pimples its not worth the hassel. Im tired of companies like this feeling like they can do whatever they want and lie to get it. They lost me as a customer big time and I had been recieving there product for 7 months, and always done right by them before. Im tried of any customer service saying just anything to just get you off the phone. Atleast if the rep would have been honest with me and just said, we cant help it but it will be sent back through, i would have atleast borrowed enough to cover that and they would have there money and I wouldnt be in the hole again..
  2nd of Aug, 2009
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I have a solution I just thought of that will back fire on Proactive . Like me they have my banking card number. Im going to change it. They will probably send the product anyway and a bill because i have done alot of research and they still send the product and send a bill in the mail. Take the product, dont open it, take a permenent marker, black out your address and leave theres, and write "return to sender", it will be charged to them...lol but make sure you put it in a postal box, not out of your own mail box going out. Call them and tell them you are recording the conversation like they say they do ( to which they dont unless it benifits themnot us the consumer) and you are cancelling the accont like you had done before but they still keep sending product. IMPORTANT: change your bank card/credit number. Might be a pain but its more of a pain dealing with them. All that happens changing your card number is you get a new one in a week. Problem solved on shady compnay practices. Whats happening to companies when they resort to shady practices to make money. Also report this as well in RIPP-OFF Report.com
  12th of Aug, 2009
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My daughter tried Proactiv but she broke out worse than without the product. She called to cancel in October and the October shipment was returned with the words CANCEL ACCOUNT written on box in permanent marker(black). In December she received another shipment and money taken from her bank account. Again product was sent back with cancel written on box. She is soldier in US Army and was deployed overseas, canceled the bank account they had on file. She is not due to come stateside before next year, so all mail is sent to my address. In February another shipment arrived and I was late returning it. Now they are turning her over to collection for $48.94 for a shipment they acknowledge they received. But it was late. They want to send more product because she has to pay the $48.94. I tried to explain that if the product causes her to breakout why would she want more of same, but it's like talking to the wall. I would like to know how many soldiers have had the same happen to them. Proactiv Solutions should be ashamed for these practices.
H Richards
  22nd of Oct, 2009
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Proactiv would always automatically charge my account. After stock piling the stuff I told them to delete my account from the system completely. I talked to a supervisor and he assured me that there was no record of me being a proactiv customer any longer. I then moved to a different town. 2 weeks after moving I got a bill for a box of proactiv! Can you believe that? They must have sent something to my old address and when it was returned to sender they forwarded to my new address. They literally hunted me down! Now they claim they are sending the bill to collections and it will effect my credit score! These people are crooks, somebody stop them!
  28th of Nov, 2009
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Proactive need to be specific as to what you are paying for or signing up for. The same thing happened to me: I called to pay a bill for my girlfriend. Two months later I see a bill on my credit card for $45.89. I called and Informed them, even to the point of arguing that no one told me that this payment would be automatically withdrawn from my credit card monthly. I argued to no avail, they did however remove my account. Don't buy from them because everything now a days seems to be a scam. I have a similar issue with verizon but thats neither here nor there. Just watch what you are getting yourself into. Proactive need to have their associates be more specific as to what you are paying for. Anyways I agree they aren't clear and I think its done purposely so that they can commit you to their product.
  17th of Dec, 2009
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reading all these comments on this page and laughing is all i can do. why is it a companies fault if u dont read the information given to you. its all there i have all the invoices notices everything. if you dont make the effort to check up on these things how is it there fault? yeah there trying to make money like lots o other companies but you guys need to stop blaming a company and take responibility for yourself.
  5th of Jan, 2010
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I too am very disappointed with this company and why they are allowed to conduct their business in this matter without a class action law suit being filed against them for their business practices is beyond me. I did purchase one of their "specials" for my daughter that was suppose to last for 60 days (againt my better judgement), but we have tried everything and it was a Christmas Present. When we placed our order, the item was listed as "in stock, " and we received the confirmation that it would ship shortly that day. The next day, I receive an e-mail from their auto-generated customer service dept. telling me that the item was "out of stock" and would ship when it was available with no estimated availability date and that I should e-mail them if I had any questions. I immediately e-mailed them back to cancel the order and any future shipments. Guess what? They never responded to my e-mail about cancelling my order and the product had suddenly become available to ship. We received the product on December 24, 2009 with the packing slip and notification that our next shipment would be shipped Jan. 18, 2010. Why would I need a shipment in less than 30 days on a product that is suppose to last 60 days? I have been trying to call the customer service numbers listed since we received our shipment December 24, 2009, and all that I get is an automated answering machine-saying to "please hold" someone will be with me shortly" - no live voices. After reading the other customer complaints, the live voices don't seem to be any better. I think the solution at this point is to call my credt card company to see how I can end this relationship with this company for good.
  18th of Feb, 2010
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GRC*PROACTIV SOLUTION - Charges I did not authorize
Diane Drobnick Jones
PO Box 144
United States
Phone: 303-838-0740

I have tried to cancel with PROACTIV Solution. I keep getting charged for the product. I have returned the product, unopened twice!!! Extremely frustrating.
  22nd of Feb, 2010
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Hi Diane,

We're sorry you've had such a frustrating experience! I work for Proactiv and I've forwarded your complaint and contact information (listed above) to our corporate customer service team. Someone will contact you soon to resolve this as quickly as possible. If there's a better way to reach you or if you have any additional questions, please email us at customerservice(at)guthy-renker.com.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

CM (Proactiv USA)
  15th of Mar, 2010
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I ordered online for 19.95 and received it in the mail with no problem. When I opened the box...the product was like an inch big!! It was a tiny tiny bottle of everything...so the next month I recieved another package in the mail. (after I was told it would re-send every 3 months, not every month) Well this package was HUGE... come to find out they sent me a 3 months supply and tried to charge my credit card 71 dollars. NOWHERE in the fine print did it say they'd be sending me this. When I called in and spoke to a representative she said "well I'm sorry something must have been left out of the fine print, We are trying to save you money in the long run. Send your product back and we'll refund the money" What a scam people! Luckily, my bank sensed it was fraud and immediately stopped them from withdrawling the money. They didn't take a thing, thank god. They tried, but my bank denied them. What a scam! I am so disgusted.
  26th of Nov, 2010
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i have the same problem too !!!
  25th of Apr, 2011
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Like the user above I have seen this post to my account and did not authorize it! -- GRC*PROACTIV SOLUTION !

I need this taken care of immediately!

  14th of May, 2011
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yess i got problem with this Proactiv solution...I want to cancel this account they keep post on my account and i did not authorize...please do cancel it...thank you...MYRNA
  11th of Aug, 2011
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I have been to victim of not one charge but 3 charges by this unknown company---I clossed my account and they are still comong in, , , , who are these people and how did they get my information>>>>>>>>>>>I never give my CC to any company unless I have checked --rechecked and re-rechecked their credentials...get my money back...total is well over 900 usd now...i CAN NOT DISPUTE THE CHARGES UNTIL THE CREDITOR APPLIES FOR THE FUNDS.WHICH LEAVES A POOR MAN ON SSA NO MONEY FOR 3 WEEKS...
  13th of Aug, 2011
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I just was charged a payment from these people, too, which I did not authorize. I am 55, and have no skin problems!

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