Maxis Communicationsunauthorized upgrade of supplementary line

A/C: [protected]

Truly disappointed for upgrading the supplementary line without serving to notice to the main line or even a simple call. As a supporting customer for more than 10 years, i really speechless when i called back the service center to maintain back the old supplementary line package and yet the officer told me that if no longer offer such a plan. I'm not the one who is being informed that you are going to upgrade my supplementary line yet i'm the one who pay for it. In this past 10 years, maxis doesn't offer any special or offer any better plan for the loyal customer, but upgraded my plan without my notice. This is the way maxis try to serve your LOYAL customer!!! Maxis is TRULY AMAZING in doing marketing with such a technique, ABSOLUTELY Perfect skill to increase your sales/profit.

May 03, 2017

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