Maxis Communicationsmaxis business fiber, nobody come to configure the router for 3 months.

new upgrade contract.
appointment been done for installation around sept 2018.
delivery boy come deliver router without installation/ configuration.
been told there'll be another guy come to install/ configure router.
waited for 1month, i complaint to my sales rep. then an arrangement been made for installation on 19th Oct (ref id:1301051) . nobody shows up. i called.. [protected] to ask PIC, she told me the correct installation date should be 22nd Oct, not 19th Oct.
22nd Oct and nobody shows up again.
i called [protected] to check, they told me installation date should be on 19th Oct, which mean the gal on the mobile phone number lied to me on 19th Oct.

25th Oct, customer service called me saying they'll deliver dect phone and i have to ask the guy to install for me.
26th Oct, the guy called me before he came and tell me that he'll only deliver the dect phone and no installation. when he reach my office, nothing has been done for installation & configuration on the router & modem. he refuse to do anything else and will bring the dect phone back since router & modem has not been configured.

the router been in my ofis for 3mths... nobody came to configure it.
i've make complaints thru maxis live chat for more than 20times... all callback with no further responds.

skmm: [protected]-MXS
Maxis Ref: C21355121/NMT/1118

Dec 03, 2018

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