Mattress Mall / Never ending scam

United States
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The store in Sawgrass Mills has signs in the windows, signs in the yard and just about everywhere claiming: Everything In The Store Must Go.

Save upto 70% OFF.

The tried to really hard to make them look like the same ones a liquidation company will use when they are liquidating a company that went out of business. The prices in the store are totally bogus and inflated well beyond what a mattress actually sells for in at a retail location. They seem to prey on the fear of loss (miss out on a great deal) to motivate customers to purchase. That would explain the bogus calls to get permission. Like the mgr can't give permission in advance. It is almost to hard to believe that this gimmick works but it must or they wouldn't keep using it. The story about the shoddy mattress sounds like they bought goods that were not the same as the floor model. If they did it knowingly it would be consumer fraud. DO YOUR PART REPORT CASES OF SUSPECTED FRAUD TO THE THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE.


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