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Matchesfashion charges you duties on clothing ordered on their website for shipment to the US. What they don't tell you, except in the fine print of the Terms & Conditions is that you are classified as an 'importer', and that you are responsible for paying local taxes to your state and city. They will remit the duties to US customs but not taxes. So the price that you see is NOT the ultimate price once you've paid your local taxes. I only found out that I had to pay taxes (not being one to read the Terms & Condition when I am shopping for clothes) when I received a HUGE tax bill from the US IRS.

In addition, according to US Customs and Border Protection, if your order > $800, you will automatically trigger additional scrutiny by customs which may lead to higher duties and a letter from the IRS for the outstanding taxes.

Matchesfashion knows this but doesn't tell you this anywhere on their website in case you limit the size of your order.

They omit this important information from their website and then refuse to take any responsibility when you get hit with a tax bill on all the clothes that you've purchased from them (whether you keep or return them).

Jan 19, 2017

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