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I had placed an order and the address was fine then when I went to check it, it had my old address on it and when I placed my order it showed my NEW address to so I had called spoke to a woman and she told me I would have to speak to a manager about the issue with the address so she said she'd transfer my call so when she did and I got hung up, so I called back again I heard someone and I said hello the call got hung up again, so I called back again this other woman answers the call explained it all to her so she said the same thing so the manager got on the phone and she tried telling me I never changed my address and I said no ma'am I changed my address and my address was changed way before I ever made an order, so she tried saying I was being rude and I said you think that is being rude and you want to know what rude is this is rude when a costumer calls and gets hung up not once but 2x thats whats rude but to inform you all you can change the address when there is NO shipping or tracking info, so that manager was rude, I know better than that I know the things you can and can't do, and how it 's being shipped, I've already got an email and went to check and it does not show any tracking info in the email I got, so now whos lying and telling the truth, well lying and being rude to a customer is wrong, so now that I know that it is going through the usps you people can change it I already know this cause I've been told you can change it or it can be undeliverable because my account has the correct address I didn't mess it up, feel free to call

Jul 19, 2018

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