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      12th of Apr, 2010

    remember the gay pages you did on me> here are yours

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      3rd of Jul, 2010

    Update On Mary T. Prantil Of Astoria New York

    I've waited so long, to both find and post this information on the Forum sites against Miss Prantil. You know, Mary T. Prantil the two bit Internet CRIMINAL Cyber Stalker, LOL. You know, the same IDIOT that just wouldn't go away while the getting was good. Who moreover felt so compiled in getting up on the internet everyday for four years attempting to scam free services out of unsuspecting online businesses and then viciously attacking and SLANDERING them just because they wouldn't let this parasite get away with conning them. Of course, she would eventually re-scam and slander the ones she did have a chance to rip off as the years unfolded as in the case of the Mike Cahill and prantil incident, of scandal.

    This report is a UPDATE to the first report that focused on revealing Prantil's Criminality, or unlawful activities against 11 to 12 people as the record reflects, and another EIGHT people that the record isn't showing at this time. I think Prantil was accusing us of stalking at one point along with her other lunatic charges such as us allegedly hacking, tax fraud, credit card fraud etc. Get a load of this charge that was just recently launched against Miss Congeniality by the N.Y Court system just yesterday : 120.50 FE (STALKING 3RD DEGREE E Felony.

    I'm sure you've all ready read our charges against her by now such as PROLONGED Telephone and email harassment, Habitual lieing, Tax Evasion, Extortion, Blackmail etc. Get a gander of her updated eight different charges on prantil provided below, YES I said 8 different charges that she's currently being held there in NY on until she can go to back to court to explain all her actions to the JUDGE'S.

    Again, yes, I said Judge's as there are five or six of them all together, Why ? because little Mary has been keeping them all very busy while being brought up on several charges of harassing others around her. Of course, mary leads a very full life without a dull moment and that's why she's been running around on the internet trying to convince everyone else that she wasn't a two bit low life criminal while all this has been going on behind the scenes.

    Running around while hiding behind one of her 33 fictitious names professing to speak the truth, telling her story in how she was the VICTIM of all those big nasty online magick casting businesses. Oh help me, help me everyone because I am the victim of being scammed, being hacked, stalked, slandered etc etc etc. Poor Little Mary. Did mary get a bad rap by the New York Court system to ?. I mean, are they lieing as well ?, perhaps their just picking on little scammer mary as well. Mary likes to hear herself talk when repeatedly saying " I didn't do anything ", " I didn't rip off anyone ", "I don't have a criminal record, blah, blah, blah. And lets not forget go ramblings about how great, or how prestigious the prantil family is LOL.

    What was it prantil says on one of her sites ? wasn't it something like " Birds Only Pick At The Best Fruit " LOL, I think in Mary's case it would be Buzzards and Crows as they like their fruit rotten. Mary does remind me of something rotten, maybe not fruit but rotten just the same. Maybe I'm thinking rotten with a side order of pound [censor] when I think of mary. Of course between bashing Jan and myself Prantil goes on to tell everyone that she's living the American dream and how Madonna is her mentor regarding her seven or eight blog pages. Please keep in mind that this is a 46 year old woman who says this along with her wanting to look like Kate moss lol.

    One minute she's a hand and hoof model, and in the same breath she's a cooperate executive on wall street. In all reality prantil was nothing but a assistant secretary working for temporary services making a meager wage far from the six figures she had boasted in making earlier on. If you visit her blog sites, you'll see this in her job description. Basically, she made the coffee, shuffled papers, received calls, greeted people at the front desk and passed messages to folks working in the various offices from time to time. Of course these jobs didn't last as the longest held job may have been a year or a little over before she was fired for misconduct.

    All in all, this is a far cry from her being a self-proclaimed Corporate Executive for HBO, CNN and Cinimax she ranted and raved about over the last three years. Really when you look over prantil's life, you can see that she's always lead a menial life with no hopes of ever going anywhere in the cooperate world. Maybe this is why she felt it so important to fabricate, or lie about everything under the sun to make a impression on others, to come off bigger then life. Of course this fantasy, illusion of distorted reality became a way of life for prantil and moreover came in handy when mary started her little slamming campaign against us on the net. Her finally tuned imaginary skills came handy when it came to lashing out at others who rubbed her the wrong way, like us lol.

    It's interesting how Miss Prantil repeatedly states on her blog pages how Jan and myself are guilty of this and that but never seems to come up with any proof to back up any of her pathetic statements or charges against us, especially when given four years to produce anything to back up the smallest statement made. Miss Prantil was taken into custody before she could remove these blog pages just for the record, I also think it's important to explain that prantil never dreamed that her criminal records would be made public record by the courts and thus directly disproving her claims of not having a criminal record of any kind.

    When she saw these criminal records posted for the first time I bet the blood just drained down to her feet while she was knocked back with surreal disbelief lol. To be on the net bashing several people and then to see your own criminal activities revealed must be a sobering feeling indeed. Mary also likes to talk about karma and how it's real, well, KARMA is real as she is now finding out. I hope that she thinks of us while sitting in her small little nut cell and how we assisted the DA in putting her there.

    I certainly hope she thinks of all the people she's ripped off and harassed over the years, she will have plenty of time to think about a lot of things in my opinion, especially about the curse we placed on her and how it will never go away, it will never be broken, it will never fade, it will be there looming over her forever. Please read her criminal reports and then go check out these links going to prantil's FANTASY pages. The links are as follows: http://maryprantil[redacted] ..

    Prantil is very direct when repeatedly stating that she has Never been arrested, Never been in jail, Never was committed into a psychiatric ward, Never used or sold drugs, Never ripped off online or land biased businesses, Never used any online spell casting services, Never went bankrupt, Always paid her taxes and on and on. Ok, well, Miss Prantil is nothing but a lieing CRIMINAL and I'm about to prove it over and over again.

    In the previous report you can see where she owes the U.S Government $ 4000.00 in federal tax & $130.00 state or county tax, not only this but this report shows the Tax Warrants out on her. Prantil does in FACT have a civil and criminal record going back 20 years, back to her childhood in California while growing up under her unethical attorney father that was Disbarred twice for drug abuse, stealing $700, 000 and lieing over and over to the court when asked about his shady activities with one or two of his Clients that he became personally involved with. The man seems to have been the lowest low life of the legal community when you read what others in the legal community have to say about him, it's all very involved and likened to a scandalous novel when reading over or through it.

    As the records show below, Prantil has been arrested several times, then incarcerated as a result for a array of charges ranging from harassment, resisting arrest on to criminal contempt etc. Mary Prantil has been committed to the state hospital in the past however she vigorously denied this, and then again here recently as you can see when you look her up on the link provided below concerning the RIKERS ISLAND JAIL facility called Rose M. Singer Center. Miss Scammer Prantil will be a guest here in this jail for the next two weeks because their afraid that she will flee justice, as she's done so many times before.

    Prantil has also been Court Ordered to submit to a in-depth psychological exam to determine her sanity and moreover her distinction between right from wrong. Mary's not crazy more so then just a out of control petty criminal who's been caught, as they will all find out at the end of the study. This Simpleton was just picked up on one out of two state Warrants and thus was taken directly to the NUT HOUSE to await the remaining hearings and sentencing that they will ultimately produce against her. seven to eight charges against this five foot and three inch 46 year old woman who starves herself down to a very thin 95 lbs is in a lot of trouble at this point. You would think that by the time you get to this point in your life it would be apparent that it's not prudent to act like a thirteen year old juvenile delinquent.

    The police and Courts have just had enough from what I understand and their tired of her games and thus they locked her up tight to be sure she wouldn't RUN, RUN, RUN away from them again, well mary should be happy now as she's finally around people of her own station, birds of a feather flock together in jail. Further down in this report it states that bail wasn't an option and that the court ordered her right into the hospital for a undetermined time for the mental evaluation. Again, Mary T. Prantil isn't Crazy even though it would seem so however, she is a two bit manipulating criminal piece of New York TRASH who really knows how to play the system. I wonder how long she can keep up her act for the doctors and courts.

    A trick she learned off her UNETHICAL ATTORNEY FATHER I'm sure. Especially, when it came to getting out of drug charges and expunging criminal records in the state of California. Mary says that she doesn't abuse drugs but that not what she told others and ourselves. I mean, doesn't everyone sit up all night long calling, emailing, maliciously harassing and stalking 16 to 20 people a night four over a four year period and for no apparent reason ? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE ?, WOW the energy that must take on a nightly basis. I have trouble sending out five emails a day for this or that lol.

    Mary says that she doesn't drink but again, we beg to differ with her lol. Mary says that she never had a spell cast with any service be they online or land based. Again, there are five or six on-line magic sites who beg to differ with this claim coming from prantil as we all have records to show service rendered to her. Prantil states that she never ripped anyone off, yet there are two or three sites who can show that prantil obtained services and then charged back, or wrote them rubber checks for their trouble. We have several on-line businesses who have been harassed by prantil who moreover kept records and recordings of her twenty to thirty calls a night.

    Well, Mary can get her head checked out while she waits for judgment day, , maybe she can manipulate her way out of the charges coming down on her. Maybe she can tell the Judge how the whole world is against her and moreover how her voices from God told her to rip off, scam and slander whomever she thought was evil. Perhaps her voices weren't from God after all and just herself talking to herself. You know, this happens a lot when people start coming apart at the seems, especially when nearing the end of their cycle of terror against others.

    We've read when little Mary started using words like scam, liar and slander while accusing others of these despicable acts yet, she was the perpetrator of all of these low caliber deceptions. Again, we hear little miss innocent proclaiming to the world: "Don't believe [redacted]s", " Ed Magedson is a criminal" yet it was Mary Prantil up on the site of [redacted]s under twenty or thirty different user names posting liable speech against the innocent in order to destroy their businesses, Not Ed Magedson. I don't care for ROR but let's give credit where credit is due. ROR may be guilty of being a opportunist site along with many other forum sites however, I've never seen any of these sites openly carry out against others what prantil has consistently carried out against the innocent.

    We hear Prantil stating that no one should believe Jan or my reports on the Internet yet, we have produced endless documentation, or piles of verifiable proof against Prantil regarding police records, police eyewitness accounts, accounts from four other magick site owners in what had transpired when prantil came calling on them for the services they offered and then rendered. We have produced verifiable records, old and current civil and criminal court records along with audio sound files catching prantil admitting that her spell work did in fact work until she messed it all up through her malicious, disruptive, hostile and over all out of control behavior due to the drug and alcohol abuse.

    Miss Prantil likes to use the word HOAX a lot however, the only hoax here was perpetrated on her end. Again, we hear the words scammer, scam, rip off artist yet, when you look back at all the evidence against this fool you can't help knowing who the real scammer, fake or con artist is, wouldn't you agree ? I know you do especially when looking over the records below. Lastly, when reading over her seven or eight blog pages that she currently has up on us, you will notice her one resounding message being (" DO NOT USE " DO NOT USE " ).

    Yes, this statement has been posted over and over again all over the Internet, posted under her thirty or more User names on about every scam site over the net. Further under about every disingenuous story that you can think of as she's attempted to pass herself off as different people in a effort to both draw sympathy and fool the public. You know, as stupid as it is prantil's reasons were for trying to destroy our business you'd think that she would have just faded away after a while, but as you can see she was still with us four years latter.

    Basically her reasons for four years of lieing and harassment was because we wouldn't take any [censor] from her, nor would we permit her in scamming us out of services. We wouldn't permit her in bossing us around or posting blatant lies about us on the Internet without confronting her with factual proof disputing all her lies for all to see. That's it, that's all it took for this scammer to repeatedly attack us for close to four years. The thing that really angers her is in that we EXPOSE her every time we get a chance, or when we see her attempting to scam private persons or businesses.

    Miss Prantil said it best when she said " Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves " SHE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HER OWN ADVICE as she gave everyone the rope to hang her high through her own evil actions against others. Internet Terrorist Mary T. Prantil will now face real justice in the courts of New York while being made to face up to everything she's ever carried out against anyone, this criminal can get three to five years from what I understand when reading over what she's been technically charged with concerning the N.Y state codes, let's hope so any way.

    I hope my faith in the Justice system can be restored once again. As I've said before, we as a Nation should be protected by our laws and thus people like prantil should be locked away under a deep, cold and dark jail in Siberia somewhere far away from the rest of us. I feel Mary T. Prantil was someone in search of the American dream but never seem to attain it on any level, and it was then that she decided to take a lesser version of it by force by resorting to the loathsome actions as stealing, conning, lieing and attempting to steal or destroy this same dream that others are so earnestly trying to attain in these despairing times. Again, Marys distorted view of the world and they way things should be carried out in life.

    It all came down to jealousy, greed and reinventing herself into something that prantil never had any real hope of becoming in reality. She fancies herself as a Comedian but how can you bring laughter to the world when your bringing so much sadness in its place through your own selfish actions ? you can't. How can the hopeless one bring love, laughter and hope to the world ?, They can't because love, hope and laughter is nonexistent within them and can't give what you have not to give.

    Prantil is a person whom feels that the American dream let her down, or left her behind and thus she decided that she should go for broke and attain this dream in any way possible even if it came at the great expense of others, even if it met breaking societal and spiritual rules across the board. In short, site policies, state laws, ethics, good morals or positive standers mean ABSOLUTY nothing to this Individual. Religion, faith and other principal's are merely things she stands behind when it's convenient for her to do so, or can be used to achieve her goals.

    Mary Prantil is someone who believes the world owes her a living in the process of achieving what she considered to be the American dream. As I've stated in other post, Miss Prantil sure has a funny way of achieving her dreams and further has very little to total disregard for the rights of others in the process. Many people all over the country have suffered emencly as a direct result of prantil's speech and actions over the last four years and back, Why ? because this person was left unchecked by the legal system for so long not to mentioned her despicable behavior being enabled by her family and others just because they were afraid to step in and do what needed to be done in committing her early on.

    Well, it looks like it all coming full circle for prantil now, and the crow has finally come home to roost for lack of better words, I believe that our work has been completed in exposing this sick but criminal personality and there's really nothing more to say other then let this be a lesson to any scammers out there who, like mary, believe that they are above the laws of the land and like to hide behind little fake names on the Internet while attacking the innocent, or ripping off the innocent. Scammers run both ways on the Internet, or can be found in the Client just as well as in a bad company is the lesson for today.

    I will say this to folks out there who like to pick on businesses: Without us you would still be growing your own [censor] to eat and making your own clothing to wear, AREN'T YOU HAPPY you have someone to do this for you ? Most Companies and or small businesses AREN'T CRIMINALS so DON'T TREAT US as such. Have some dam respect, Remember that word ? we have respect for you so be kind to us next time you see a Vender on the street or visit a web site.

    I would like to say to everyone else that has had a personal conflict with Mary to rest easy now, I don't believe this [censor] will ever be back to hassle any of us ever again, time to release it and get back to our lives, time to enjoy the peace and quiet we once had before this menace of society came knocking at our doors with all her deceptions, trickery and games of scorn. Enjoy the postings exposing this Internet criminal for what she has always been, a ignorant fool. Even though Mary had spells cast for her situation many times over she never believed in them even when they worked in her life.

    Ok, back to Miss Prantil, I wonder if she believes in the Curse we cast against her now because she didn't seem to before lol. The spell we cast against prantil in order to stop her madness against the innocent. What was that you said Mary ?, wasn't it something like God shall TRAMPLE the Dragon ? Well mary, someone did get trampled here but it wasn't my beautiful Jan or Dragon self, I think it's safe to say that you were trampled under Divinities foot as evil can't exist in the presence of divine righteousness.

    Let's hope that the state of New York continues to carry out its duty in the instance of Mary T. Prantil. Perhaps when it's all done, and when the judgments have been all passed, we as a society can been secure in that our system continues to work. Again, perhaps Mary T. Prantil will be lawfully RESTRAINED and kept away from law abiding citizens until which time she can function normally in society, if ever. If you would like to verify this on going criminal record on Miss Mary T. Prantil then please go to the address link below, be sure to click for updates as this case is still unfolding. If your not into looking up records we understand and thus the easy to access and read Queen Lilith Site is there for you at

    The Lilith site was constructed out of necessity due to the prolonged cyber attacks we've endured as a direct result of mary prantil attempting to destroy our business over the last four years. On this particular site you can view her entire criminal history along with several sound files catching her in the act of habitually lying, threatening, blackmailing, extortion etc. You will also read through the transcripts and eyewitness accounts along with transcripts of what actually transpired between her and the sites that were foolish enough to take on her cases.

    The entire purposes of this site isn't to defame, embarrass or humiliate prantil however, it is about presenting the facts in a fair and truthful way while defending ourselves against the onslaught of her endless accusations. This is a defense site that were in essence excursing our right to free speech found under the first amendment of the United States Constution.

    NYSID: 03088617J
    Age: 46
    Sex: Female
    Race: White
    Height: 5 ft 3 inches
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Nativity: New York
    Booking Information Incarceration: 2010-06-14
    Book & Case Number: 3471001054
    Facility: Rose M. Singer Center
    Arrest Date: 2010-06-14
    Arrest Number: COURT DIRECT
    Next Court Date: 2010-06-30
    Projected Release Date:
    Actual Release Date:
    Discharge Reason:
    Bail & Bond: Remanded
    Charge Information
    Docket: 2010NY022485
    Indictment: 00000 0000
    Charges: 120.50 FE (STALKING 3RD DEGREE E Felony)
    240.30 MA (AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT A Misdemeanor)
    240.30 MA (AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT A Misdemeanor)

    Docket: 2009NY002655
    Indictment: 00000 0000
    Charges: 240.30 MA (AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT A Misdemeanor)
    205.30 MA (RESISTING ARREST A Misdemeanor)

    Docket: 2009NY046033
    Indictment: 00000 0000
    Charges: 240.30 MA (AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT A Misdemeanor)
    240.30 MA (AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT A Misdemeanor)
    215.50 MA (CRIMINAL CONTEMP- 2ND A Misdemeanor)

    Ten Jails on Rikers Island
    List Part 2
    Rose M. Singer Center
    19-19 Hazen St.,
    East Elmhurst, N.Y.
    Rose M. Singer Center was opened in June 1988 as an 800-bed facility for female detainees and sentenced inmates.

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  • Fr
      27th of May, 2018

    Mary Prantil is a sociopathic stalker. She will focus her attention on you, post lies all over the internet about you, and NEVER delete any of it. If you try to communicate with her she accuses you of stalking, bullying her, etc. You want her to delete her lies, but she will just post more lies. She will stalk you, take screenshots of your family, accuse your family, even accuse your little kids of imaginary criminal acts against her.
    Mary Theresa Prantil can not be a friend, because she sees life as a competition that she needs to win. She believes she is winning when she posts lies about you and refuses to delete.
    Mary Prantil believes she is winning when she calls Child Protective Services on you, and you spend three months convincing them the whole story is a Mary Prantil fabrication.
    She feels she is winning when she demands to see your wedding pictures, and if you don’t post them online she tells the whole world you are not married.
    She ruins any possibility of love or friendship with her frantic desire to “win”.
    Mary Prantil wants REVENGE.
    Why revenge against a person she doen’t even know? Well, Mary Theresa Prantil is crazy. How can crazy be explained? She has had ONE job in her entire life, and they fired her, so now she lies about her one job. She has NEVER had a real boyfriend or relationship, because she ruins all her relationships. She posts pics of her “friend”
    at an exclusive resort, but the woman works at the resort, and is just giving her a tour day.
    She posts that she won a bikini contest, but she actually won the “ booby prize”, and why would a 54 year old woman even ENTER a bikini contest? Mary Theresa Prantil has delusions of grandeur. She actually believes she is funnier, looks better, is more popular, is more talented than everyone else.
    This woman spends her entire day and night attacking others on the internet. She refuses to speak to her victims and just continues to attack. Everyone knows how crazy she is. We have ALL had a bad experience with Mary Prantil. We ALL want her locked up. When she goes to the local grocery store all the checkers want to take their break. NOBODY wants to deal with Mary Prantil. She is the opposite of funny, and a total failure as a comic, in fact, people avoid comedy shows for fear of running into Mary Prantil.
    In conclusion, Mary Theresa Prantil is NOT
    WORKWITHABLE, and should be avoided if possible. This one will hurt you. She does not care about anyone but herself.

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  • Fr
      13th of Oct, 2018

    Mary Prantil started stalking ans harassing me in January, 2018. Now it is October, and she is still harassing me.

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