Malindo Air / refund request

Malaysia, LK

Malindo Air line,

We have purchased tickets for a group of 13 passengers to travel to Bali on the 29th Nov and to return on the 3rd Dec with Malindo Air lines from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We were informed by the ticketing agent about the airport closure thus cancellation of flights to Bali till December 31st due to the volcanic eruption.

Although they have advised the passengers for a reschedule, due to uncertainty of the situation in Bali and also the proposed period of travel to Bali is beyond the vacation/holiday season we are not in a position to accept their proposition.

In light of this recent development we request for a full refund of the airfare+taxes.

Due to this development as passengers we are in a desperate situation as we had to cancel our hotel bookings last minute subject to a penalty and also this has affected the holiday plans, arrangements made at our work places and children's schools.

Utterly disappointed about how Malindo handles the situation.

Nov 29, 2017

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