SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / failure to complete a contract for web design

207 commerce drive, Buffalo, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-874-3791

These "people" are experienced thieves. We have spent over $6000.00 to get a web site developed by them and instead got a giant headache. They have no clue how to construct an e-commerce site. They have tried using Volusion but that was too difficult for them so they switched to CS-Cart and the result is not much better. These thieves are very combative if you question their results and inexperience at accomplishing anything. When we decided to switch servers during the site construction (because they have rip-off prices to host sites) then dropped any contractual commitment they had with us declaring that we "abandoned "them when the reverse is true. How they can remain in business with their "take the money and run" attitude is a mystery. The next stop for us is Better Business Bureau to try to force these thieving clowns to refund some of our money back for a "job NOT well done."

Mar 10, 2014

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