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Phone: 61407764203

I have purchased this service and made an appointment, no one turned up at my home to complete the service and I have been unable to reach a person on the telephone nor have I had any response back when I emailed [protected]

Id like a refund please.


Regards, Patricia Eastwood

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  • Yu
      22nd of Mar, 2012

    I have also purchase a voucher from Living deals for Main Property Services Pest Control. Until now, the person never turned up.

    Once I could reach him and said the Voucher gonna expired soon, then he made an appointment and said even the voucher is expired, that was fine, because I already called him before the voucher expired.

    Then now the voucher is expired., he never showed up.

    I dont know what to do now.

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  • Bl
      25th of Mar, 2012

    I also bought the voucher from living social deals, mbooked for the pest control man to come out on the 2nd march between 1pm and 5pm, i had to take the day of work n waited all day, no one showed up and I didn't even receive a phone call. I tried to contact main property services via phone n email for days with no answer or reply. They did finally email me a week later apologising for no one contacting me and that they where unable to do any services for a week because of the storms and bad weather ( very unprofessional and the weather in my area had no storms or rainfall) have him booked in for tomorrow and fingers crossed that he shows up or I'm gonna be furious and demand a refund immediately

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  • Zz
      19th of Jun, 2012

    I also bought a voucher from Living Social, when Ben the pest control man finally was able to show up he told me my voucher for Pests didn't cover Possums and charged an extra $400. The saga has continued with him continually missing appointments and not able to solve the problem .He now says I have rats in the roof (covered by my rodent voucher). I have tried to contact him by email and mobile phone to find his phone is disconnected. I rung Living Social to request a refund and was told as the voucher had expired it was nothing to do with them . I explained that he has not fulfilled his contract by not turning up for appointments and that I have been trying to get him to solve the problem since I bought the voucher.I believe Living Social have an obligation in this matter and I will be lodging a complaint with them. If anyone hears from Main Property post his mobile number so we can all call him

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  • Ry
      21st of Jun, 2012

    I've also been stung by Main Prop Services deal with Living Social. I too made an appointment and arrangements to be home in time for the appointment in late Feb. No one showed up. In the weeks (and now months) after I sent 4 emails for zero replies. I phoned at least 10 times and never once was the call answered. On at least 5 occasions I bothered to leave a voicemail and never once did I get a response. I've tried requesting a refund from Living Social only to be told their Ts & Cs state that I had 5 days from purchase to request a refund. I've just tried phoning Ben or Main Property Services again to find the number disconnected. Very disappointed by Main Property Services and extremely disappointed with the stance Living Social have taken.

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  • Zz
      25th of Jun, 2012

    Found this on the Living Social website "The merchant is obligated to honour the voucher through the applicable expiration. If that doesn't happen, then contact us at au.[protected] and we will refund the amount you paid for your voucher in the form of a credit for future purchases (what we call "livingsocial credits"). Follow the directions at"
    Also found Main Property address Benny Lambourne. 3 Kashmira Street, Bentleigh East Vic 3165 if anyone wants to write to him

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  • Wi
      5th of Jul, 2012

    we signed up through Cudo and as yet have not had the work completed
    Had one visit and an appraisal
    Had to pay extra $400 to get rid of possums
    Also paid a further $1500 to get some insulation replaced, so have lost that as well.
    Very disappointed in Ben and MPS $1900, plus the Cudo fee and no service
    Feel free to call 0407 563 241 if any one has any suggestions

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  • Zz
      19th of Feb, 2013

    Still have possums and no sign of Benny Lambourne from Main Property -don't know how he sleeps at night ripping people off
    Did anyone ever get there money back ?I wonder if he has started up under another name

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