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MagicJack / no longer works and they can't fix it

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The magic jack never worked as suggested just by plugging into my computer. I had to start the program. After several months of use it no longer worked at all. I spent nearly 10 hours of time with there four different on site live agents ... the last one named Crissa and they could never get it to work . They finally agreed to send me a new magic jack but the frustration with their technical help was beyond belief. I have tried to contact Don Borislow the inventor at Ymax but they have no email contact on their web site just a mail address in West Palm Beach, Florida. I have recorded two of the six on line chats in my email that show the run around you get from people who don't know how to fix the technical issues with their product. I

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  • Sh
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    I have had magic jack for well over 6 months. I can only have a 34 second conversation before being disconnected.
    I cannot reach a live operator. I do not recommend Anyone purchasing this product. We had our house phone disconnected after one month because it was working so well . My parents decided to purchase it also, and they too are have the same problems.

  • La
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Magic Jack hasn't worked right from the begining. It Isn't as easy as they said to get it working and it doesn't work right when you make a phone call. Trusted people told me I sound a million miles away and most of the time all I heard was their voices echoing in my phone & I did there fix & it didn't fix the problems. I couldn't have a good conversation with any one. to me it 's a rip off and I havent found any way to talk with a magic jack representitive I want them to take backand not bill me.I am still trying to find away to get them to cancell my order.In mybook they are scamming every one.

  • Ph
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Hi all!

    I have had reasonably good communications, using magic-jack. I used it in The U.S., prior to
    relocating to The Philippines; &, I've continued to enjoy fairly good communications with it,
    here, as well. Perfect, unbroken communications? At times; but, usually, at some point in
    time, communication breaks up during conversations (just as it does, during cell-phone
    communications). Over the holidays, I experienced problems with dropping calls; &, not
    being able to reconnect right away. One thing to bear in mind, it (is) neccessary to click
    to get upgrades, (all the time); it does tend to clear up problems.

    That being said, my complaint is the communications box that pops up when you click
    on Live Person. While I can move my pointer around, inside that box, no matter what
    I try, I have never been successful (while in The Philippines) at getting the cursor to
    appear, when I click to begin keying in the communication; so, I am unable to communicate
    with a Live Person, Period!

    Also, I was hoping to obtain a listing for international rates; &, can't find any, within
    the provisions of their site. Well, in order to get any info about it, you have to fill in
    their form, with your e-mail & password. Problem is that my e-mail address has
    changed since I ordered Magic Jack; &, while they have a supposed provision to
    correct this, under forgot e-mail/password, it is the (same exact) thing! Same
    screen, same form! So, you figure; okay, I'll submit it, under my current e-mail
    address, according to their claim that they will e-mail me information; &, when
    I check my e-mail: Nothing!!! So, my frusteration is that I can not, in any way,
    shape or form, communicate with (anyone) from magic jack support, in order
    to get my questions answered!
    Thanks for your time, Philip Roberts

  • Ro
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    I used the magic jack failry well for one month. But now when i clik on the icon ared warning says to plug it in the usb. Tried in diffrerent computers and got the same result. unable to start it. Now it is seen in my computer as an ordinary drive. When trying to format ithe drive it says there is no media in it and cannot format. No help is available from them. Actually it is purchased for five years and only used for one month.

  • Mi
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    having been in tech support and IT for years i found it extremely frustrating working with their so-called support. they read from prompts, have little or no pc knowledge and if you use chat, well they don't read half what you say. i had to repeat certain things so many times i finally just copied a response and kept pasting it since they kept asking the same inane questions over and over. i even attempted to help guide them to where the problem might lie and was totally ignored. why? because all their responses to answers are pre-documented in their dbase so there is only the illusion of actual human interaction. literally ten hours of chat in 2 days time, they don't listen, can't think on their own and in the end blame the problem on your isp. i've learned my lesson, you get what you pay for. yes the product worked well for two months but considering i paid for two years i'd have done better with an overpriced cell plan.

  • Ir
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    this is my 2nd year with M.j. and I really dont use the thing everyday but for the most part it doe's seem to work for me, but again I really look at it as somewhat of a toy, we dont have a house phone everyone here use's their cell's but yes it can save on cell phone minutes (alot more then 20 dollars a yr worth) if you wanted it to...really dont think I would trust it as a everyday house phone and I dont like the idea you would have to keep your pc on 24/7...but if you look on ebay under M.J. people are selling thin clients that are pre configured so you would just have to plug in and keep it separate from your pc, ( save's on elec & ware on pc)...
    But bottom line yeah sometimes it echo's /sounds tinny/and still dont have my local area code in fl. but for 20 bucks a yr im ok with it and will renew next yr if they are still around...

  • Fr
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    for what I've paid for this service, it is well worth it, got rid of cable related phone co---magic jack is only house phone we use, (have Cell), the first year was up and the little square that is on computer screen said my service had expired--knew this was incorrect, so last week called, (today is 09-14-09), had chat with operator who didn't help much, and was disconnected. Tonight tried again, and chatted with lady named Jewel who was very knowledgeable and walked me thru the renew procress ( I had originally bought the 2nd year) as to where to put the claim code so my service would be connected again--she was very patient, and now my service is reconnected. So yes I'am happy with magic jack and will continue with them next year----(now I know how to do that) from Tampa Fl

  • Ci
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    Please be wary when buying MagicJack!! I have hated it right from the start. The connection is bad half the time, and the other half of the time I hear my echo. But... I figured I could put up with these minor inconveniences because of the money it was saving. Well, about a week and a half ago it started dropping calls. I contacted "support" and they told me to do some things and then assured me that my problem was fixed. Not so much!! I continued to drop calls, so I contacted "support" again and was on the computer with them for 6 hours!!! I chatted with 6 different people, and they all assured me that problem was fixed. Finally, at the end of my very frusterating conversation with the last "supervisor" I was told to move my phone away from the speaker, and if that didn't work than it must be my ISP provider! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, save yourself the headache! It does save you alot of money but what save in phone bills is more than made up for in what you will spend in asprin!

  • Vb
      15th of Dec, 2012
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    So all it read above is prob primarily with tech support. Don, requesting you to please improvise team and not compromise on quality. The other ends are not simply buyers but honestly are m.j interested people who bought your product looking for a savings to their hard earned money.

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