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We experienced malfunctioning A/C in a Hawaiian home rented from Luxury Retreats. As an adjustment, we requested compensation but were only given a 5% discount on future rentals. When we indicated this was inadequate and requested a 5% payment, we were refused. They say they value customer service but failed to deliver. We won't do future business with them and will discourage others from doing business with Luxury Retreats.

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  • Wa
      Sep 06, 2018

    Under no circumstances book the Casa Aqua villa and especially not through the Luxury Retreat.

    The customer service is shockingly bad. It takes ages for anybody to respond to your massages and they also extremely shady and dishonest and rude.

    Stayed at Casa aqua in May.
    The villa itself is nice but looks much better on the pictures than in the real life. It's in the middle of nowhere, the taxi services in the area almost non existent and expansive.

    The pool is not heated so it's freezing cold.

    Kitchen is poorly equipped.

    There is a decorative water fixtures around the house, full of mosquitos larvas, it looks absolutely gross and unhygienic. You can't seat outside in the evening as you will be eaten a live by hordes of mosquitos.

    In the bbq area is large hornets nest. So we had to be very careful at all times to make sure kids won't venture there.

    Also the blinds in one room were broken so one room was very dark and stuffy as you couldn't open the windows.

    We paid massive deposit and we can't get it back.

    The comunication with both Casa Aqua and Luxury Retreat is appalling.
    They are acusing us for couple of dirty marks on the sofa and rug but can't provide us with any legit cleaning services quotation.
    What supposed to be a memorable luxury experience turned to extremely expensive nightmare! Avoid at all costs!

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  • Lo
      Aug 04, 2019

    DO NOT USE LUXURY RETREATS!! Horrible customer service. They dont do anything when there is an issue. My Once in a lifetime family vacation to Italy renting a $2500 a night home - was a complete disaster. There was the smell of MOLD AND MILDEW Everywhere. It was also infested with Ants. This is Villa Sophia near Sorrento Italy. We were very tired from the travel and decided to stay one night. Then went to go for a swim and the pool was covered in Green Algae - not inviting at all :( Gross! totally disappointing and ruined family vacation - we decided to move out as we all woke up feeling sick from the strong smell of mold - and knowing how bad this is for your health we knew we must move out. They told us they cant refund us until they get OK from Villa owner - I didnt pay Villa owner I paid LR. They should stand behind their customers. I spent the rest of my vacation fighting with them about a refund... and still nothing weeks later!!! Horrible customer service. Other things - there was a grave yard on the property when you first walk in and a picture of hanging heads that freaked my daughter out. CERTAINLY NOT LUXURY or worth the money!!

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