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I am a proud lululemon owner, I have been in love with the company and it's products since I bought my first pair of yoga pants at 13. I've always felt good knowing I was purchasing quality product, with amazing quality insurance along with amazing customer service. I've never had an issue until today, I have a pair of pants, I cannot remember the style as they've been discontinued. None the less the ripped on a seam, while in the mall I happened to stop into the store and spoke with an employee who assured me that your policy for quality is that they should not rip and to bring them in and they could help me sort the issue out. Today November 22, 2018, I stopped in at the pop up shop in Willowbrook mall in Langley BC. I was greeted at the door and was at ease as I walked up to the till. I was soon made to feel unheard and dismissed by the person working on till. He questioned when I had bought the pants, and made me feel as though he didn't believe I had even bought them at lululemon. He was rude when he asked for my information. He rolled his eyes when I said I didn't remember the style and I was sure they had been discontinued, that they were around three years old. He hummed and hawed and said I'm not sure what these pants are but they are similar to this pant I can give you 60 dollars off of a pair and started to help me pick them out, when I told him that I could not afford a pair today and that I'd like it to be added to my account for the store and I would be in to use it soon, he again made me feel small as though it was an inconvenience for him to do this. I understand people have bad days. But I have never left your store feeling this unheard and belittled before. The other employees I've come into contact with from that store have shown nothing but amazing customer service but this employee left a sour taste in my mouth.

If you would like to contact me for any other details or to confirm anything I said in my statement above, please feel free to call me at +[protected] or email at juliette.[protected]

Thank you, Juliette Seymour

Nov 22, 2018

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