LuluGalWomen's tops

Normally, I check a company's return police before I order something online. For whatever reason, I was not careful about this one. I should have seen the red flags by the spelling and grammar errors in their policy. I did not realize this company is based in China until I checked the tracking notice. I wanted to cancel but they told me I could not cancel the order since it had already shipped. It came about 3 weeks later. I called the number listed on their customer service page (I use that term loosely) but no one answered. I tried the live chat and that was unavailable. I sent an email but that bounced back. I finally contacted PayPal where they offered me a couple dollars back and I keep the items. I told them this was unacceptable. Suddenly my "case" was resolved and closed on one item and I was asked to sent back the other for full refund. Two identical purchases, two different resolutions. The cost of sending the item back was more than the item was worth. I'm still negotiating with PayPal but I'm not expecting a good outcome. The clothes were poorly made and crappy quality. DO NOT order from them. I posted comments on their Facebook ads and they have now blocked me. They delete all negative comments. I want to get the word out on as many review sites as possible so others don't waste their money.

Feb 02, 2017

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