Lori PalmerTook Deposit under false pretense and refuses to return

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I first contacted Lori in October regarding a Great Dane Puppy. I was specifically looking for a breeder in Massachusetts where I live. She portrayed herself to live here, but at the time said that she was temporarily in South Carolina caring for her ailing mother. I did not end up purchasing from the litter in October but did put in a deposit for fist pick on an early 2015 litter.

In early January I checked her website and she had a new litter up (that she had not told me about) so I contacted her. I wanted to see the litter and make a pick in person. At that time she let me know that she was still in South Carolina so I could not see the puppies. Between that, and several other issues, I ended up just getting a bad feeling, which is my right as I had not signed a contract of any type. I decided to forgo my deposit ($300) and go with my gut and get a puppy from a breeder I trusted. I will admit that I was not 100% honest with her as to the reason I decided to not purchase a puppy from her, but I didn't feel that saying "I don't trust you" was appropriate.

After doing more research I did come to find that Lori does not currently live in Massachusetts, nor has she for over 18 months. She does still own a home here, but she is not residing there/There was no intention of having a litter of puppies here. When I found this out I did ask her to refund my deposit as I feel she took it under false pretense and misrepresented her location, which was a major deciding factor for me. Her response was a rant, nasty and totally unprofessional, and, although it went on tangents about a number of different issues, it never actually addressed the information she provided when she took my deposit.

I really want to be clear: I am making no comment as to her dogs, breedings, conditions or anything else. I have tried to contact her to resolve this.

I was 100% ready to give up my deposit, for my own piece of mind, until I realized that she was not truthful about what I was putting a deposit on. The $300 is not what concerns me, and I want to be clear-this is not about the money-I was willing to give that up. If any of her responses had been professional or not just plain nasty I would NEVER have posted this, but not in any of the ranting, aggressive emails that she sent did she every directly address my request for the return of my deposit. I am happy to answer questions about my experience or share her correspondences with me directly with anyone interested. Please contact me at kbliss.[protected]

Feb 11, 2015
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  • Kb
      Feb 11, 2015

    I just wanted to post these two photos, showing that it is true. One is a Google search for MA Great Dane breeder-under which Lori Palmers East Coast Danes comes up #2 and the second is HER OWN POSTING from 2012 stating that she had just moved to SC and that she would need a dog sitter several times a year. She is lying about where she lives and breeds her dogs. To what end I couldn't tell you. But if she is lying about that what else is she lying about. I'm so glad I didn't get a dog from her.

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  • Kb
      Mar 11, 2015

    I am now being harassed by Lori's partner/husband who even went so far as to send a copy of her mother's death certificate. I had provided options:1. Return my depost, 2. Provide a copy of a 2014 kennel license in MA that would show I was wrong and East Coast Danes is really in MA or 3. Change the listing information to reflect her actual address so she is not misleading anyone else. He has refused all 3 and said that he "knows better how to deal with these situations" then I do. I have asked him 3 times to stop contacting me unless he is providing one of the 3 above options-which seem pretty reasonable to me, he continues to contact me suggesting that he has tried to deal with me. They are providing fraudulent information and I have tried my best to be reasonable with him, but he does not see that having a website and providing information that is not knowingly not true and not disclosing it is fraud. I feel that, especially when buying a puppy which is emotional and exciting for a lot of people, they should not be mislead like this which is why I pursuing it.

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  • Ea
      Mar 12, 2015

    Dear Miss Kaamala, in response to your personal attacks on Lori Palmer and East Coast Danes...I have read all of your emails through you and Lori between July 2014 and February 2015 and have informed you of the following; it is YOUR choice to purchase a pup anywhere from any breeder that you wish. However you decided to back out of the sale of the puppy 2 weeks before he was to go home, after having a deposit with us for 6 months. Our deposits ARE refundable for the following reasons; if a breeding does not take or if the color/sex of puppy is not available when they are born but is NOT refundable if you change your mind which was stated to you via email PLUS in your signed and dated contract with Lori back in 2014. We had the puppy available for you, you named the puppy then decided to purchase form another breeder so therefore your deposit is not refundable. I only sent 1 email and replied to your emails twice yesterday in regards to this matter, you have not heard from me again so please leave US alone in the matter. if anyone has any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us personally at [protected] or [protected]. Any and all emails/contract in question can readily be made available for anyone's viewing...

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  • Ea
      Mar 12, 2015

    Miss Kaamla, In response to your personal attacks on Lori Palmer and East Coast Danes, I have reviewed all emails from July 2014 thru to February 2015 and have informed you of the following: It is your choice to purchase a puppy from any breeder of your choosing. You had a deposit for our litter born this year, back in July, you had your puppy picked out from this litter, even named it and 2 weeks before he was to go home, you backed out and purchased from someone else. In your contract signed last year, and even through our emails, it was made very clear in black and white that the deposit IS refundable if a breeding does not take or if there are no pups available in the litter for your choice of sex/color. It also does state that it is NOT refundable if you back out, which you did. As far as where we are located it states in one of last years emails early on in communications that we also resided in South Carolina AND Massachusetts. I was in Massachusetts and had a litter that you were interested in then backed out last minute to see them and wanted to wait until this year. Our property is still there as well as our friends and family so we frequent there every couple of months. Lori's facebook account, which you found online, does state that she is in SC, she did not fraud anyone or hide that fact at all. Fraudulent would be listing another location, which she did not. Our website is not up to date with certain pages as with everything going on in the last 18 months (Lori had a baby, she had 2 major car accidents with 6 months of PT, her mom dying of cancer and her dad in a wheelchair), our website has not gotten the attention it has needed and has been put on the back burner for a bit with our personal issues being a priority. Our website right now is in the process of being updated but it does take time to do.
    As far as harassing you, I sent you one email and replied to you twice to finalize the issue...that's it. Nothing was said in those emails to be harassing or threatening in anyway, I was trying to mitigate the situation. The only reason I looked into this and tried to reach out to you is because of your continued complaints, and comments on your own complaints. Nothing more to say...We wish you the best with your new puppy that you purchased...Edmund
    If ANYONE has any questions at all regarding this, our contracts, or any other issue, please feel free to contact us at [protected] or [protected]

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  • Da
      Apr 20, 2015

    In reference to Miss Kaamala's(sp?) deposit complaint...AND Lori Zoeller's(sp.?) Wobbler's complaint... We purchased our beloved Harlequin Great Dane from Lori and East Coast Danes in early November of 2009, after at least 2-3 years of research. Lori Palmer, if you're reading this, it was Heidi, with the heart-shaped spot on her head, who chose us that day. We changed her name to Daisy. Our sweet, AKC East Coast America's Beautiful Princess Wildflower, part of her name in reference to her mother American Beauty and father Prince. We remember very well the whole contract process, including the deposit process. We never felt "mislead". Ms. Palmer was very thorough and organized about everything. She was also very kind and helpful with any and all questions that we had concerning genetic things, care and feeding, and just general Great Dane raising. With her answers and advice we are proud and happy to say that we have raised a very "Precious Princess".
    Two months after bringing Daisy home, I found out I was pregnant. Our son was born three days and one year after Daisy was born. They have had the thrill of growing up together. Now at 4(our son) and 5 years old(Daisy), they are great companions. Our son loves his "sister", and Daisy loves her "brother". She's so gentle with him, but loves to rough-house(gently), too! She is such a part of the family, as we're a part of her "pack", and we love her dearly! She even sleeps in our bed with us. We wouldn't have it any other way :)
    Just today, while out on a trail with a family member and her two boxers(Daisy's "cousins"), our beloved Daisy collapsed, from what we thought may had been overexertion or overheating...she's very active with the two boxers and we had been out for about an hour. We called our vet immediately, in a slight panic. After about half an hour, and pouring water on her and comforting her, she rose to walk very slowly back to our vehicle, which was about 1/10 of a mile away. My husband picked her up, all 130 lbs. of her, and put her in the vehicle. We drove home, she seemed to be slowly getting better. We called the vet back and mentioned she was doing better, but they still wanted to see her asap. So we brought her and, after an abnormal EKG/ECG, were advised to let her stay overnight for more testing and observation. We were told that an x-ray showed that her heart was enlarged, that it may be heart disease. We are crushed, but also know she is in the best hands possible. We did receive a call saying that her blood work came back good, no problems there. They're doing an ultrasound tomorrow, so we'll have more news then.
    In no way at all, would we EVER even think about holding East Coast Danes responsible. They and their dogs had nothing to do with this. They(the vets) say it COULD be a genetic thing(OR NOT), but it's a predisposed genetic thing...just like Wobbler's. These things can be common in many large breed dogs, such as, but not limited to: Great Danes, Dobermans, German Shepherds, even Labrador Retrievers...just to name a few. It's not necessarily the breeders' faults; I mean, come on people!, they're not going to knowingly breed a dog that shows signs of these predispositions!! Quite frankly, it's all just God's will...or if you're not religious, just a random unfortunate thing! Every dog, and even cats, and other animals..just like humans..have a chance in life of having some sort of disorder or ailment, if you will. It's just the luck of the draw.
    Life is precious! We believe that, no matter what happens in life, we should always enjoy and CHERISH all the time that we have together. And if a loved one is having a tough time, just love them and help them as best you can. Don't go blaming others for what has always been in God's hands to begin with.
    Lori Palmer, we're so sorry to hear of your woes as of late, and also wish you congratulations and the best of times with your baby!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lori Palmer, for blessing us with one of the best unconditional loves ever, the companionship of a devoted and loyal dog.
    **Please feel free to contact me at [protected]**

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  • Th
      May 07, 2018

    I am now going through the exact same thing. I sent a deposit in January and the check was cashed soon after. I reached out to Lori in March to see what the next steps would be as I am new to this. I then emailed again and again and again and again and... made a couple of phone calls asking for information too. Everything has gone unanswered. I even went as far as to fill out another application looking for information. There is pictures on the site now that the dog is pregnant and due later this month. Still no information from her. I also asked where she was located in December of 2017 she stated fairhaven Ma. The ultrasound is from a vet in Carolina. It is a shame that business needs to be done this way. All I want is a little information or tell me to get lost and give me my deposit back. It has been 5 months

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