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For many years I have used the shades in the Natural Blond colors. I recently used Color 9 Natural Blond. When I mixed the color, I noticed that it was a dark red but didn't think much about it because I know you are always improving your products.

However, to my surprised the color turned out to be a horrible dark ash red color. It was a late Saturday and was unable to call a beauty shop. Since I was joining a new church on Sunday, I knew I had to do something fast. So I had my husband run out and buy Loreal 10Natural Blond. When I mixed this color, the dye was blond which is what the first product should have been. I have extremely thin hair and my hair is very fragile.

I have kept the product and would like to have it analyzed. I have checked the bottle labels and the labels are correct, however I am questioning if perhaps the label was put on the wrong bottle? I would also like to know if there is some place I can send this product to a chemist?

I think this is very serious and I know what it is like to lose your hair because I am a cancer survivor. This needs to be looked into and I would appreciate hearing from you.

Evelyn G. Bradley

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  • Nc
      Jun 20, 2013

    Wow what you wrote sounds like what happen to me last night. I have used Natural Blond colors from L'oreal for many years and last night when I went to do my hair with 9 NB the mixture was dark.. Almost didn't do it (and wish I hadn't), but even on the box it said "NEW" so I thought ok they changed the formula. Well today I don't know what color you would call my hair but it is not NATURAL BLOND. I am going try to redo it with 9 1/2 NB..Lightest Natural Blond. Can you tell me if you heard anything from L'oreal? I am also going to go on their site and put in a complaint.


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