Lorain County Jobs and Family Services / Child Care Caseworker

United States

I can't believe the issues I am having in this county. I just moved here less than 2 months ago and still am unable to get Jobs and Family Services to approve my child care. I have turned in my residency form and my current employment verification information. However when they sent me the forms, it stated if I were to have issued with receiving the verification information form from my previous employer, they would help. That is not the case. I mailed my previous employer the form (6 weeks ago this coming Saturday) as I was directed to and they didn't return it. I went for my food stamp & medical appointment on 4/3/11 and I signed another form and also signed an affidavit showing when and why I am terminated my employment at my previous job. My caseworker approve my food stamps and medical case but to my surprise, CHILD CARE sent me a notice stating that my case will terminate on 4/28/12 because all information wasn't received on time. So I called and spoke to a customer service rep and they show several telephone attempts made to my previous employer with no response and the 2nd paper request has not been returned. And my affidavit is shown in my file but yet it must be my vault all information hasn't been received. I AM AT MY WITTS END AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I am going to call my case worker's supervisor tomorrow and if nothing is done, I will go to the Job and Family Services Board Committee.

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