LogitechKeyboard. Service.

Product broke 3 times and worst customer service I have ever received.
Customer service Kimi was horrible.
I will never support or buy another Logitech product again.
I purchased this keyboard from apple. It cracked and they replaced it. The replacement cracked again and it was replaced. It cracked again in the same spot.
Spoke to Logitech for replacement and one was sent out. The one that was sent it did not even turn on. Tried to resolve and was told a new one would be sent out. Nothing happenened. Called in to inquire as I got an email that said my case was closed. Got a rep by the name of kimi that was very difficult to deal with. Asked to speak with a manager. After waiting 20 mins on phone I finally hung up as I realize no one cares about my case.
Sad to say because I have always supported this company.
Sad to say that one employee can put such a bad taste in someone mouth to not want to deal with that company anymore.

May 19, 2017

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