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Lobos Reality Pittsburgh PA / being attacked on lobos property and landlord retaliated

1 North Versailles, PA, United States
Contact information:

My name is Christine chew I was staying with my husband at the Birmingham apartments in north Versailles, on may 2 2017 I was attacked from behind, because people were leaving the entry way doors propped open because they would let the drug dealers in 24/7 and homeless people would sleep in the hall way, it was so terrible and dangerous, the intercom security syestem that is displayed on the wall which management said it worked but it didn't, it was to old that's what sobol said after the lease was signed, before I was attacked my husband asked for a new lock, but never got that bc sobol is so cheap and a liar, hell we didn't even have a door frame that could secure the apartment, every time I went out side I would get shoulder checked people would hit me with there shoulder on purpose, I would call my husband at work because I was starring to get scared, anyway I was attacked from behind may 2 2017 and pushed through the apartment door, the person had there arm around my neck to cover my mouth and I felt something on my back I didn't know what it was a knife gun or what so I had to do what was told we got into the apartment and the person pulled my hair hard smelling my hair twirling it pulling my hair until my head pulled back, after I called my husband he came home and he called lobos office they said to bad she can move your in a lease, no I'm sorry how is she anything I can do, instead I got threatened by sobol and he screamed at me I screamed back bc I was so humiliated hurt and embarrassed and, sobol verbally abused screaming while his attorney was listening, stupid [censor] didn't even say stop, that shows you what kind of pig he is and her to, they demanded we move out right then, the rent was paid, he's a pig it make you wonder if he abuses all women, this pig sobol of lobos reality in Pittsburgh pa made me sign a gag order bc I have pictures and everything, the pig gave me 200 dollars for being attack on his unsecured property, his [censor] of an attorney laughed and thought it was funny, sobol the pig said this will pay for your medication, I can't sleep I shower 5times a day wash my hair constantly cry all the time, and this [censor] thought it was funny, so don't rent from them this is what sobol of lobos reality thinks of women and his tenants what a man

Jun 22, 2017

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