Lobel FinancialThey TOOK MY CAR

My husband had a car loan with Lobel Finacial, He is in the military so his payments are taken out automatically as an allotment. the loan was around $270 once a month, the first issue started when they charged him twice a month. we figured screw it, its just going to help us pay it off faster we wont fight it. Now they have Crossed the line, I was in a minor accident here in Arizona and because I did not have my license on me my car was impounded due to the very strict laws in Arizona. My car was in for a minimum 30 day impoundment, it made life hell but we had to deal with it. as it was comming closer to the 30 days I called to see how much the fees where to get the car out, I was informed that my car had been taken off the lot my Lobel Finacial 8 days after impoundment. We where never notified, when I called to find my car I was told it was repossed. we have never missed a payment and they are still taking payments out of our account! No one knows where my car is now and they will give me no answers or calls back! DO NOT GO THROUGH LOBEL FINACIAL, THEY DO NOT RUN A GOOD AND HONEST LOAN COMPANY AND TREAT THERE CLIENTS LIKE CRAP, NEVER ANY CALL BACKS AND VERY RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS!


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