LivingSocial"maryland crab cakes, blue crabs, or seafood dinner"

On 4-28-17 I bought the above deal (Inv. [protected])using Paypal for payment.
On 5-10-17 I had not received my order . I contacted LivingSocial (LS) and a very helpful person assisted me. Bottom line Maryland Crab was holding my order because of a $6.00 packaging fee. I advised the LS rep that that was not in the deal. The add stated free shipping.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ramona, CAThe LS rep check and verified the add. She contacted Maryland Crab and was advised if I contacted them they would waive the $6.00. I told the LS rep I had waited 2 weeks for the order, mother's day was four days away. I canceled the order and received a credit with LS. I feel Maryland Crab is trying to glean extra money on unsuspecting customers at the expense of LS.

May 11, 2017

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